Smile Sciences Review: Does It Really Work?

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When you think about having your teeth whitened, the most common notion is that this procedure is done by an experienced cosmetic dentist. This was the case until home remedies such as Smile Sciences came into being. Smile Sciences has become an alternative means for people to whiten their teeth at home, which can benefit those who may be afraid to take a trip to the dentist.

In 2011, Smile Sciences was introduced to the world. Since then, it has made its way in people’s homes, gaining even more traction because of its vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and safe products. But since this concept is still very new, some people may still be on the fence about it. Does it really work? Or is it just a fad?

To set the record straight, yes, Smile Sciences does work. It’s a product that’s going to be worth every penny spent. To convince you even further, read through this comprehensive Smile Sciences review below.

How Does Smile Sciences Work?

As mentioned, Smile Sciences is a teeth-whitening procedure that can be done at home. One factor that makes Smile Sciences so popular and effective is the fact that it sells a variety of products. This gives buyers the option to decide and select which of the available products work best to their liking. You don’t have to confine yourself only to one product when you’re not even comfortable using it.

Examples of products available for sale under Smile Sciences are the following:

  • Jumbo-sized teeth-whitening pen
  • Original teeth-whitening kit
  • Gel-infused charcoal whitening strips
  • Eco toothbrush and charcoal paste
  • LED blue light

Each of the products mentioned above has its respective means of application. Generally, however, these can be done by following the instructions on the packaging. They’re easy to follow through.

How Do You Use Smile Sciences Products?

If you’re thinking of buying any of the Smile Sciences products, it’s worth reading the company’s answers to frequently asked questions. That way, you’ll learn how to use the products effectively, which will affect the results you’re expecting.

Here are some of these:

  • For the pen’s effectivity to be maximized, wear it only up to 20 minutes each day. A pen works to last 10 days with continuous usage.
  • The best application for maximum teeth whitening involves the following steps:
  • Put a small drop of gel on the upper and lower part of the mouth trays.
  • Push your upper lip with your fingers in order to gently apply pressure on the upper mouth tray. Do the same for the lower mouth tray.
  • Wear the tray for around half an hour.
  • For faster results, place the LED light in front of the trays.
  • Once done, rinse your mouth.
  • Clean your tray with lukewarm water and store it in a dry place.
  • Repeat daily until the desired result is achieved.

Is Smile Sciences For Everyone?

Smile Sciences can be for everyone, but a wide range of its demographics are more focused on younger generations or millennials. This is due to the fact that this population is more concerned about the aesthetics of their teeth. If you’ve got dental issues, Smile Sciences products are safe to use.

Having fake teeth is also not uncommon nowadays. Many have gotten implants and other plastic teeth. For these patients, their concern involves whether or not an at-home whitening kit is going to damage their fake tooth. Smile Sciences products don’t. Generally, whatever the brightness or color of the artificial tooth stays the same. This means that while your fake tooth may not brighten as much (because it’s already white and bright to begin with), using Smile Sciences products also won’t destroy it.

Smile Sciences Products’ Effectivity, Broken Down

In general, Smile Sciences products are all effective. But because they have many different kinds of whitening products for sale, some information on them can help choose which products suit you best.

  • Whitening Toothpaste: These can be the cheapest and easiest to use. You can swap your regular toothpaste for this one. It also works for sensitive teeth. With daily use, results can start coming in a week.
  • Teeth-Whitening Strips Kit: This may take much of your time, as you need to leave it on for at least half an hour. For full effects, you’ll need to keep using the product for at least three weeks. Read more about some of the best teeth whitening strips recommended by dentists.
  • Teeth-Whitening Pens: These pens won’t give drastic results because of their lower hydrogen peroxide level. But this also makes it a perfect choice for those with sensitive teeth. It’s also an excellent on-the-go solution for stains that may surface after drinking coffee or red wine.

Possible Downsides Of Smile Sciences Products

Now that you know it works very well, there are just a few things to note about Smile Sciences products. While most have no complaints, many may have an aversion to the taste of the gel. However, that’s not so different from the gel used when going to the dentist either. This is also a more welcome alternative than being over-reliant on the traditional form of whitening that uses baking soda. But despite its taste, Smile Sciences products are easy and painless to apply, which outweighs the unpleasant flavor.


Ever since Smile Sciences was launched, it has reached tremendous success. In comparison with more traditional forms of teeth whitening, Smile Sciences is a more affordable option. Plus, it’s also a less painful and less daunting procedure. If you fear going to the dentist, you now have an option for a home remedy that’s easy to use and has excellent results.




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