The Benefits of Vitamins and Health Supplements

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It is common practice to boost your nutrition with vitamins and health supplements to lower the chances of debilitating health issues such as osteoporosis or arthritis. Health supplements can be taken without a doctor’s prescription and come in the form of pills, capsules, powders, and liquids. 

In Australia alone, over 8.3 million people resort to vitamins and health supplements for the general upkeep of their bodies. Among these consumers, women within the age group of 35 – 64 form are the largest fraction. Truth be told, Australians favour health supplements, only next to the US, UK, and Denmark to make up for any dietary deficiencies. 

In Australian Health Survey 2013, 35 nutrients were reported to compose the more popular dietary supplements available and consumed. These included protein, dietary fibre, fatty acid components, vitamins A, C, E, B12, and B6, and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, sodium, zinc and so on.

Given that vitamins and health supplements are so popular in Australia, let us find out the benefits that they offer.

Complements your natural diet

Dietary supplements provide you with nutrients in the daily recommended dietary allowance, thus ensuring that your body receives the exact amount of nutrition it needs on a day-to-day basis. If your lifestyle does not leave enough scope for you to take an adequate amount of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, then you need to intake supplementary nutrition to fill the gap. This way, you can breathe easy and just pop a pill or take the appropriate dosage without having to worry whether you are ingesting the right portion of nutrients or not.

Helps achieve and maintain the ideal body weight

We all have a certain ideal body shape and size in mind that we want to achieve and maintain. More often than not, to do get to this idyllic body, we restrict the regular diet to achieve a calorie deficit and thus reduce body weight. The result is that our bodies then out may miss out on important vitamins and minerals needed for their general functioning. If you are keen on achieving and maintaining the right body weight while not depriving yourself of much-needed nutrition for healthy sustenance, health supplements could be your friend in need. 

Helps you age gracefully

As we grow old, our skin loses its elasticity resulting increases and folds appearing on our face and body. This happens due to the breakdown of the collagen that exists in the bones, muscles, blood and skin of the human body. Boosting your nutritional intake with collagen supplements can help you slow down these external signs of ageing. Not only that, you could fortify your bones and joints against painful osteoarthritis, build muscle mass and regulate blood pressure and sugar levels too. Buy collagen powder and supplements in Australia today and embrace a pain-free, youthful life.

Enhances energy and stamina

Balanced nutritional intake with the help of health supplements that complement your normal healthy diet will ensure that all your faculties remain at their peak performance for a long time. This means that all your body systems function optimally even when the number of candles on your birthday cake increases.

A boon for those into fitness and sports

Are you a professional sportsperson? Or, maybe you can’t do without your daily gym rigour? In each case, you are sure to swear by vitamins and health supplements. Because it is common for athletes and people who work out heavily to experience physical injury more frequently than an average man. Such injuries can make you stay away from your fitness or practice regime. This way, you are bound to lose out on the benefits of all your previous exercise sessions. Health supplements can help your body recover faster from an exercise-induced injury and thus make life easier for you.

Boosts overall health and immunity

Dietary supplements take care of your cardiovascular health, vision, hair and skin, and so on. When all your body systems are functioning at optimum levels, thanks to adequate intake of necessary vitamins and minerals, it is unlikely that you will fall prey to infections caused by low immunity. Yes, you can boost your immunity levels and be in the pink of your health with additional vitamins and health supplements that will fortify your body against any possible medical crisis. For a supplement that not only nourished your body but your mind as well, try Cacao Bliss superfood.

Reduces the risk of certain medical conditions

Dietary supplements not only fills nutritional shortfall in your body but can also reduce the risk of several medical conditions. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are mandatorily put on a supplementary course of folic acid to prevent a particular birth defect in infants called spina bifida. Again, vitamin B3 can optimise good cholesterol levels in our body, thus reducing the chances of many health complications.

Life saviour for people with special nutritional needs

Elderly people, people with chronic health conditions and on medications for long, and people on restrictive diets or suffering from nutritional deficiencies need dietary and health supplements to improve their health and quality of life. Prolonged intake of life-saving drugs to counter chronic illnesses could mean that the body needs an additional boost of dietary supplements. Toxic effects of chemotherapy drugs, for example, can be reduced by antioxidants like vitamin C and E. It is normal for cancer patients to not be able to consume as much nutritious food as required. Hence supplements could help them ease their pain. 


A word of caution! Most healthy people consuming a balanced diet don’t usually need a supplementary intake of vitamins and minerals. The concept of ‘more the better’ does not work in the case of vitamins and minerals. Our bodies absorb only as much nutrition as it requires daily. Hence, it is advisable to consult a doctor before you get on a course of dietary supplements to avoid burdening your body with medication that is not required.

If you indeed need to resort to additional nutrition, embrace the goodness of dietary supplements along with a balanced diet today and enjoy a carefree, long, and healthy life for years to come.




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