The home exercise equipment you should use to lose weight

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The market is now saturated with many different variations of home exercise equipment. In the midst of the pandemic, with gyms and fitness centres closed globally, home based exercise was the only option for the health-conscious person. This has led to a massive increase in purchasing home exercise equipment still to this day. More and more people are realising that you can get the same workout without the hefty gym subscriptions.

The only issue being faced by the many is, what do I buy? Whilst the more intricate equipment is being released, targeting specific problem areas, it is hard to tell which items are worth the purchase. This article aims to help guide you into which exercise equipment will help you actually lose weight.


This is an all-time favourite for the weight loss focused buyer. The treadmill allows you to get in your steps, practise running or practise your run-based hit exercises no matter what the weather. It is a great way to start your weight loss journey and really track your progress either by time, distance or intensity.

Whilst the treadmill is a great piece of equipment, it is rather large and may take up more space than you have available. Nevertheless, if you have the space for a treadmill at home it is a great and easy way for the novice to see a noticeable difference in their weight loss journey, allowing them to take their time and workout at their own pace.

Vibration Plate

A vibration plate is an exercise machine that can send high-speed vibrations up through the muscles in your body. They are now easily purchased for in home use and have had great reviews and results by many fitness fanatics. It is noted that vibration plates must be utilised alongside a healthy diet, like all home fitness equipment. Many customers are sceptical of vibrations plates, many discussions are raised on how to use a vibration plate to lose weight. They are a great addition to your home fitness roster, especially if you are hoping to help reduce belly fat, or stubborn fat that is hard to shift. They send pulses through these areas to directly reduce them and eradicate them.

They also work to ensure that the weight stays off, in many studies those that use a vibration plate alongside a programme managed to keep it off over those that did not. There was a 1 in 5 chance that you could double your weight loss and fat retention by using a vibration plate, this makes them a great option for weight loss focused buyers.


Rowing is one of the best forms of exercise as it targets the body as a whole, especially those hard to target areas, such as the core. Rowing machines are smaller and can usually be stored in a compact position making them a great purchase for those in flats or smaller dwellings. There are many rowing-based exercises and classes that can help users get motivated to lose weight and keep active at home.

The rowing machine is a great piece of equipment, many well known brands such as Peloton have incorporated them into their own offerings. This might be a great way for users to get healthy and feel inspired as they are part of a bigger community. Whilst this may come with a bigger price tag, if this is affordable for the customer it could be a positive force to help coach them through their weight loss journey.

Stationary Bike

The stationary bike is probably one of the most favoured forms of exercise for the massive, it is an easy yet rewarding form of exercise that can target many problem areas for the users. From the likes of spin, mountain biking simulators, peloton ranges and various other home exercise equipment options, there is something that will cater to everyone.

One of the most important aspects of the stationary bike is that it is relatively safe and does not cause damage to your joints. It is highly favoured by fitness newbies and is a great motivator for those getting into their own fitness journey.

Depending on the type of stationary bike you decide to purchase will ultimately decide the cost. This means that the customer can chose their budget and stay within it, which is a nice addition to the benefits of the stationary bike.


The elliptical machine allows its users a great form of cardio exercise, whilst in the gym it is by far the most commercially used and utilised machine favoured by all for many different aspects of a person’s workout regime. This is mainly due to the user’s ability to burn a lot of calories whilst using it and their ability to develop a healthy cardio capacity by boosting their stamina.

This piece of home workout equipment is most desired due to its whole-body workout focus, you can get a full body burn with ease when using it. It is easy on user’s joints, making it favoured for a wider age range of fitness enthusiasts. Whilst it is larger than other home gym equipment options, it is still relatively easy to home in many sized houses and does not require a whole room or area devoted to it. This easy to use, balance improving machine is a great option for the experienced to the novice and should not be overlooked.


Losing weight at home, or anywhere, can be hard. It mainly requires a positive thought-process, a good balanced diet, and the correct workout regime to match your desired weight loss goals. The weight loss equipment discussed above are all great ways to lose weight at home. You should ensure you have thought about the space you have in your home, your desired outcome of the weight loss and your more favoured form of exercise before purchasing anything. Whilst there are many other home workout exercise equipment that could be considers, these five items will offer you with the best weight loss potential.




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