The Role Of Counselling And Therapy In Addiction Recovery

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When it comes to addiction and its treatment, most of us do not have any concrete and proper understanding. We consider it a bad habit. However, it is actually a health condition. This health condition is managed by our CNS or central nervous system and brain. 

So, when the nervous system and brain are involved, it has to do something with our mental and emotional state as well. That is why counseling and therapy are considered crucial in addiction treatment.  

Whether it is alcohol abuse, or any prescription drug abuse, along with medical supervision and treatment, therapy is also required for a complete and long-lasting recovery. Just the way detoxification, managing withdrawal symptoms are essential, counseling also has to be done. If you are looking for a complete treatment package for your or your loved one’s addiction treatment, you should get the details from

Importance of Counselling And Therapy In Addiction Recovery

If you are considering substance abuse as only physical dependence on alcohol or drugs, you are walking on the wrong side. That is why, even after detoxification, when your body is no longer dependent, you are still at high risk for relapse. Some particular social and psychological factors can be really powerful triggers to lead to relapse. 

They are as follows. 

  • Stress, especially some particular life stress. 
  • Cues in the environment, for example, visiting any of your neighbors. 
  • Social networks, for example, spending time with those friends who are still into substance abuse. 

All these things can actually create a strong ongoing urge to use substances once again. Here, counseling and therapies assist you in escaping cravings along with learning how to manage what life throws at you. 

The Role Of Counselling And Therapy In Addiction Recovery

There are several types of therapies that treat substance abuse. On the basis of the patient and the status of the different individual types of therapies are conducted during the addiction recovery treatment

Here we will know about some of the most effective ones. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, teaches how to recognize thoughts, situations, and moods, which fire up the substance abuse cravings. Here, a therapist teaches you how to avoid all those triggers. 

You will also learn to replace negative feelings and thoughts with healthy ones, which actually help you to stay clean. The skills you will learn here are definitely going to last for your lifetime. 

That is why it is considered a powerful treatment method. However, every therapist is not trained to offer CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Contingency Management Therapy

This particular therapy provides you with positive incentives in order to stay clean. Vouchers for services and goods, or some privileges in a more rigid treatment setting that are actually really common. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Now comes DBT, or dialectical behavior therapy, which focuses on acceptance and change. This treatment process was started in the year the 1970s for treating people with suicidal tendencies. After that, DBT was also accepted for other uses as well, including substance abuse. 

While treating substance abuse, DBT emphasizes curbing substance use along with behaviors, which lead to it. It also boosts healthy behaviors, such as starting positive relationships, which can actually help a person avoid substances. 

Motivational Interviewing

During this therapy program, the therapist or counselor tries to motivate you and assist you in maintaining your absenteeism from alcohol, drugs, or other substances. In case you are prompted by a love of family, or you are actually returning to work, all these issues might become the focus of your entire treatment plan. 

Couples and Family Therapy

If you are thinking that addiction and substance abuse only affect your life, you do not actually know what your family is going through. The whole family is transformed just because of your addiction.

Successful treatment is defined when you have strong relationships with your friends and family. Different types of counseling methods and therapies also include your spouse along with other family members.

Here are the reasons why family and couple therapy is essential.

  • When it comes to changing your life, family members can really be a powerful force. 
  • When they are included in the therapy, it will make you more likely to stick with the therapy. 
  • Family members and friends can actually start to heal some of the damages your substance abuse has caused in their life. 

Studies and research also show that family therapies result in lower relapse rates, help children of addicted parents manage their situation, and increase happiness in the family. 

12-Step and Community Programs

NA or narcotics anonymous is an international network of community-based meetings. This is designed for people who are recovering from drug addiction. It is actually molded after AA or alcoholics anonymous.

It is a 12-step program along with a designed process for overcoming substance abuse or addiction. It is also an abstinence-based program. NA is opposed to the utilization of maintenance therapy in principle. 

However, many individuals and groups are now accepting more than in the past. Methadone Anonymous is a 12-step program, which acknowledges the value of methadone along with other medications, particularly in narcotic addiction recovery.

There are several other popular recovery meetings present, which include Celebrate Recovery and SMART Recovery. 

Maintenance Therapy

As we have mentioned earlier, addiction is not just a bad habit; it is a chronic illness. Individuals with addiction are likely to relapse. Once you are undergoing detoxification, you are most probably in need of lifelong treatment, which includes possibly medications and counseling. 

Get Well Soon!

If you have made the decision to quit substance abuse and addiction, you have already created a powerhouse within you to combat the darkness of addiction. You just need a little help from medical treatment and therapies to completely come out of it. 

Addiction is all about developing a dependence on some particular substances. This dependence is both physical and mental. For the physical part, you will get treated with medications. For mental dependence, counseling and therapies are a must. Improving your mental health is important. 




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