Why You Should Never Go For DIY Detox Or Cleanses: Experts Answer

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The grasp of any substance is very strong, but once in a while, we are faced with this choice of cleansing ourselves. In times like this, our willpower can overcome the grasp of addiction.

But, there are difficulties that come along. One of them is the fear of judgment. We are so engrossed with guilt that we tend to forget that there are closed ones and organizations that are always ready to help.

The thought of being shamed for their action is the biggest fear that a patient feels, and this leads to making some hasty decisions. With the idea of hiding their recovery journey from everyone, individuals start making DIY Detoxification without taking any medical help.

There are so many dangerous problems that can come with DIY Detoxification, and the fact that it might not work is just the first one. So here are the reasons why you should never go for DIY detox or Cleansers.

What Is DIY Detoxification & How It Harms You

DIY Detoxification is not the same as outpatient detox programs because, in those scenarios, you still have medical assistance; you are simply staying at home rather than going to the detoxification facility.

Although, experts have consistently suggested that an inpatient detoxification center is the best method of recovery when a patient deals with severe addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Ascendant provides a New Jersey detox service which is known for its efficient detoxifying program.

Now, during DIY Detoxification, you simply make a detox solution by searching the internet. Without any consultation, you buy medicines that have promised Detoxification from any substance.

This method has posed to be the most dangerous, and here is the reason why.

1. There Is No Supervision

When patients are making or buying detox solutions, there is no export supervision or advice that is given. Instead, they simply trust some words over the internet and come to the conclusion that it might help them.

There are endless problems for a patient who is going through depression, anxiety, and insomnia from withdrawal to name a few. They do not have the proper knowledge or the medical methods through which a withdrawal symptom can be fought.

They might also not know the proper ways of consumption, doses or amount, etc. All they know is the name of the medicine which is presumed to work. Some medicines meant for Detoxification can be extremely harmful as they have all the properties of drugs and should be given in very controlled doses.

Without supervision, there are chances of patients getting addicted to a new substance.

2. Withdrawal

At first, when a patient decides to go through the journey of recovery, their enthusiasm can make them believe that they can do it on their own. However, the withdrawal step can pose difficulty to that willpower.

When your body starts craving these substances, it will physically send you signals in terms of vigorous shivering, nausea, panic attacks, etc. At this time, there is a high chance of patients relapsing if the correct amount of detoxification element is not given.

Unfortunately, this is something very common among the people who have tried DIY Detoxification. When the withdrawal symptoms start, they give up when they cannot handle their body properly.

3. Taking The Wrong Medication

No medication should ever be bought without the proper prescription given. No matter what the medication is. Some medicines in the market claim to suppress the urges of a substance, but they have their particular doses and prescribed time of consumption.

But people suffering from addiction sometimes get so desperate after going through all the withdrawal symptoms that they buy these medications. If your body is already coping with substance addiction, giving it more foreign drugs is like giving it more ammunition for all the severe withdrawal symptoms.

Needless to say, you can even consume the wrong medicine, which can have a drastic effect on your system. Some of the common effects that people suffer from after taking the wrong detox medication in incorrect doses are extreme vomiting, splitting headache, loss of body weight because of the loss of appetite. 

These might not sound like serious physical issues, but they can lead to some serious health problems if they continue for weeks.

4. You Are Not Prepared

When you take help from an inpatient or an outpatient detoxification center, they will sit down with you and ask questions about your addiction. This assessment helps them get a better idea about the level and intensity of your addiction. After which, they create a plan which is exclusive to you.

They will prepare you for withdrawal and control any relapses. Plus, along with the medicine, they will give you very healthy and efficient alternatives that will help you reduce the urges to go back to your old addiction.

But, when you are doing everything on your own, you are not prepared. You just have this want to heal yourself, which is not wrong, but your body and mind are still very vulnerable, which can cause mental issues. 

Some of the common mental conditions that patients have endured are hopelessness from the lack of improvement, paranoia, panic attacks due to anxiety, and hallucinations in severe cases.

5. Lack Of Improvement

When you are in a detoxification center, your improvement is constantly chartered by the experts. These improvements are then shown to you or any other patient, which leads to their motivation. This motivation is something that will help you move towards the journey of recovery.

However, with DIY Detoxification, patients have very little chance of improving. This lack of improvement causes them to feel hopeless and less motivated. Additionally, this also increases the chance of relapse.

Final Note

There are some addictions that can be done in the house with the help of family members and friends. But when it comes to severe substance addiction like synthetic drugs and alcohol, they will need certain medication.

These medications and supervisions can only be provided by the experts because they have seen and gathered enough knowledge about them. So, you will get much better results and quick recovery from the extensive care and therapy you receive from these centers than at home.




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