Why do lymphatic drainage massage: what is the effect of the procedure

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Lymphatic drainage massage is a unique massage technique that has appeared relatively recently. In the middle of the 20th century, the French doctor Pascal Coche created this type of massage as a way to relieve swelling in patients after surgery. He realized that the timely process of massaging the lymphatic drainage lines allows him to get rid of this problem associated with postoperative edema.

Later, new applications of lymphatic drainage massage were found: they began to perform it with venous insufficiency, and later, in cosmetology. Lymphatic drainage massage is the safest and most effective, unique massage technology that acts on the lymph nodes and the lymph itself in our body. After all, it is worth understanding that lymph is an important part of our body, which influences person’s ability to resist disease. It “transports” all vital body fluids: water, minerals, amino acids, metabolic products.

So, lymphatic drainage massage allows you to “disperse” fluids, which helps to disappear edema and bruises. The same principle works for slimming massage: the massage specialist removes excess fluid from the body, which allows you to change the volume and weight of the body. It is believed that lymphatic drainage massage kills toxins and cellular debris, cleansing it and making the body healthier.

You can assume that you do not need a lymphatic drainage massage and that there were no toxins in the body since birth. However, if your skin is flabby or often suffers from various rashes, and cellulite exceeds a “decent” norm, then most likely this is the effect of poor outflow of fluid from the body. So, you should go for a couple of sessions of lymphatic drainage massage.

Indications for lymphatic drainage massage

As we have already said, lymphatic drainage massage is used for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes. With the help of lymphatic drainage massage, you can correct such cosmetic problems as:

  • Cellulite (especially edematous).
  • Excess fat.
  • Swelling on the face, limbs.
  • Bruises and bags under the eyes.
  • Accelerate the regeneration of body cells.
  • Laxity of the skin (sides, for example).
  • Skin wrinkles.
  • Improve and correct the contours of the figure (body).

In medicine, lymphatic drainage massage is prescribed in order to improve / correct problems such as:

  • Poor immunity.
  • Unstable psycho-emotional health.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Poor lymphatic drainage.
  • Excess intracellular fluid.

Contraindications for lymphatic drainage massage

Like any procedure, lymphatic drainage massage has a number of contraindications in its arsenal, which we would not recommend ignoring. Most of all, these contraindications relate to hardware massage, therefore, be careful. If you have the following problems in your history, then it is better not to indulge in lymphatic drainage massage:

  • Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Purulent inflammation.
  • Lymphadenitis and lymphadenopathy.
  • Burns and other damage to the skin.
  • Aggravated inflammatory processes.
  • The presence of oncological neoplasms.

Lymphatic drainage massage types

Depending on what process in the body the lymphatic drainage massage is directed to, it is divided into:

  • Superficial – activates lymphatic capillaries.
  • Projection – activates the areas where the projection of the lymph nodes occurs.
  • Deep – “wakes up” the lymph nodes, is a therapeutic massage.

Also, lymphatic drainage massage is divided into such types as:

  • Manual massage.
  • Hardware massage.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage

Manual lymphatic drainage massage is performed manually by a masseur (amazing, huh?) And lasts no less than 1 hour. Manual massage has a relaxing effect, soothes the central nervous system so that you can fall asleep during the procedure. It is as painless as possible, opens the pores of the skin, removes fluid from the body, and warms up the lymph.

First of all, the masseur relieves muscle tension and removes spasms in the body. Then he proceeds to the massage itself:

  1. Pumps lymph areas using the surge method (gentle pressure). The supraclavicular region, abdominal region, abdominal region, inguinal lymph nodes are involved here. Repeated several times to clear pathways for lymph.
  2. Then there are smooth undulating movements from the bottom up (in the direction of the blood flow). It helps to activate the capillaries and neuroreceptors.

Even if you are doing a lymphatic drainage massage in Dubai, it is very important that a specialist takes into account your individual characteristics – the speed of lymph flow, the state of subcutaneous fat, lifestyle, and the presence of bad habits. This will allow you to maximally adapt the manual impact in each specific case, which means it will enhance the effect of the massage.

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage has several varieties. It is important to note that, unlike manual massage, hardware massage takes much less time. So, hardware massage is divided into:


Pressotherapy is a massage made by applying compressed air to specific parts of the body. It is often used to reduce the volume of the arms, hips, and legs. Requires specialized equipment and professionalism of the master.

This splendor looks like special bandages on the patient’s body (for example, there will be a belt on the stomach, boots on the legs, and sleeves on the arms), which produce compression, pressure on the desired parts of the body. With the help of this pressure, the blood “acceleration” process takes place.

Microcurrent drainage

Micro-oral massage or drainage has slightly different specifics. Microcurrent affects problem areas not with the help of air, but with the help of a pulsed current, which, due to its low power, is not felt at all, while performing its direct function – the dispersal of fluid in the body.

Machine vacuum massage

Vacuum massage resembles anti-cellulite massage, producing a similar effect on the body. During the massage, specialized vessels are installed on the body, which lowers the pressure, which allows excess fluid to come out to the surface. 

Many people note the effectiveness of lymphatic drainage massage, but once again we want to emphasize that it has rather serious contraindications. Therefore, before signing up for such a session, it is better to consult with a specialist.




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