The Truth About Tooth Replacement with Implants

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Dental implants are now widely perceived as an important element in cosmetic dentistry. The level of technology used to make these today has significantly improved the prospects of successfully taking care of problems such as missing teeth. On the other side, as we’ve already said, there’s a cosmetic part of the story. Regardless of where you live, you can find competent dentists and dental implants Austin offices are among the best in the country. 

They offer many possibilities, and solving patients’ problems has never been more efficient. However, even though this treatment has become so common these days, it is more than clear that there are numerous unknowns. Therefore, we want to discuss dental implants in greater detail and bust some myths about this method.

What Are Dental Implants?

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Among the biggest misconceptions about dental implants, you will find that they are a relatively new method. But diving deeper into the topic, you will see that this is not entirely true. They have been around for decades, but modern technology has made them significantly more efficient than before.

A dental implant consists of three major parts:

  1. Implant: The implant is the most important part. It is a small titanium post that mimics the root of the tooth. Mimicking the root ensures that the jawbone will not deteriorate, which happens when the tooth is missing.
  2. Abutment: The next part is known as the abutment. It is a small addition that helps hold the implant and the crown together. It serves as an additional layer that will make the implant as solid as it needs. Otherwise, the patient might experience discomfort.
  3. Crown: Finally, the crown is a direct replacement of the tooth. The technician will work on its structure to complement the other teeth in an array. At the same time, the color tone will be the same as with other teeth, which prevents any discoloration.

How Are They Applied?

Reading about dental implants is a straightforward procedure. But, of course, its complexity will depend on the case’s complexity and the additional method that needs to be applied. Sometimes, the process can last up to a couple of months. The process itself consists of a couple of major segments.


The first and most important segment is consultation. It is the initial segment, where all the technicians will examine the jaw and teeth and see whether the patient is a candidate for this procedure. But, of course, this is not the right treatment for cases out there, and that’s why consultation is essential.

The main obstacle for an individual to get this treatment is being underage. Therefore, teenagers must wait until they are old enough and their jawbone has grown to the proper level. The bone structure is essential since the underdeveloped cannot sustain the implants.

Bone Grafting

After consultation, the technician will determine the appropriate method. A dental bone graft becomes a must in cases where the patient’s bone structure has started deteriorating. By doing that, the professional will ensure that the bone is strong enough. 

The enhancement is conducted using a synthetic material or bone from another area of your body. Of course, a bone graft is not the only pre-surgery procedure. However, there are many cases where surgery becomes a must. For instance, removing decaying teeth and replacing them with other implants is possible.


The main reason the dentist will check whether the jawbone is strong enough before conducting the procedure is the healing process. During this process, the jaw starts to heal around the implant and fuse with it so it can stand firmly. Remember, we’ve already said that it is essential for bone health to be the highest possible.

The lengthiness of the recovery will depend on numerous aspects. Sometimes the process can last months. But when it is over, the screw is fused right into the location of the missing teeth, and it is ready to hold the replacement properly. The bone will surround it, and you will have your old smile back in no time.

The Replacement

Since each case determines what kind of treatment patients will get, there are a couple of possible outcomes. In some cases, the patient will get the bridge, sometimes dentures. The dentist will determine the best approach after closely examining the jawbone and the missing teeth.

Also, the technician will determine the material and what kind of color is needed to complement the natural color of the teeth. The result of this process is nothing short of exceptional. No one will ever notice that you have replacement teeth, no matter how careful they look.

What are the Commonest Myths?

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There is numerous myth about dental implants. We will share some of the commonest ones.

They are Only for Seniors

While it is true that tooth loss is much more common among older people, that doesn’t mean that the younger generation is immune to this problem. When you look at some statistics, you will see that, in Australia, adults aged between 35 and 54 miss 3.6 teeth on average. The same study shows that those older than 75 lack around 13.

The study does not address young children because they are yet to grow, making this surgery impossible. The reason for this misconception is that people mostly mistake dental implants for other methods, which are almost exclusively for the older generation.

It is Extremely Painful

The procedure of implementing dental implants is painful, as is any surgery. However, there is a widespread myth about it being extremely painful. Expecting no pain is not reasonable, but saying it is extremely painful is an over-exaggeration. Anesthesia is a part of the procedure, so that the pain will be minimal.

After the procedure is complete, we advise you to use some painkillers to ensure that there is no aftermath after the anesthesia wears off. The dentist will provide you with a couple of points you must follow during the healing period. But generally, everything should return to normal in a couple of days

They are Expensive

The final myth we want to debunk is that dental implants are expensive. Of course, the amount the patient will need to pay for the procedure is not cheap. Still, when you calculate the costs associated with other methods, you will see that dental implants are significantly cheaper.

Think about it, implants can last quite a long time with proper maintenance. There are numerous examples where they last for a lifetime. The only part that needs replacement from time to time is the crowns. They tend to wear off after some time. Still, replacing these is not something you should be concerned about.

In Conclusion

Understanding all the relevant points about dental implants is essential before you undergo this procedure. Here, we’ve highlighted the most important aspects patients need to be aware of.




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