Vitamins And Minerals That Help Strengthen The Teeth

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It is said that all parts of the human body are important, and rightly so too. But you sometimes can’t help but consider the idea that some parts are more crucial than others. Well, while that may not be so accurate, it is true that some parts of the body are delicate and require more frequent care compared to other parts that are more rigid.

One part of the body that requires more attention and care is the teeth. It may not seem so, but the teeth are fragile and tend to negatively react whenever it is not appropriately cared for. Also, it is so strategically positioned that it can affect most other body organs and lead to more severe problems when it goes bad.

Indeed, the teeth are a crucial part of the body that demands much attention and regular care to keep it in good shape. According to Hicksville dentist Dr. McGunnigle, failure to afford proper care for your teeth can lead to life-threatening situations like several heart conditions and diseases. In light of this, you are advised to take care of your teeth and your entire mouth constituents, including surrounding tissues and gums. This is to avoid risking any damage to your oral and general health.

Taking good care of your dental organs goes beyond just brushing twice daily. It also involves developing an ideal dental habit by eating healthy to keep your teeth nourished. This article singles out specific vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen the teeth. Read on to discover more.

Vitamins And Minerals That Support Good Oral Health

We know that vitamins and minerals are essential food classes that help strengthen various organs in the body. But do you know that some vitamins and minerals are capable of strengthening the teeth as well? Here is a list of the most popular vitamins that are exceptional for teeth growth and care.

  1. Calcium: Calcium is one of the most important nutrients that aid stronger teeth and gums. They are often ingested, and they function mainly as teeth and bones strengtheners. If you notice that your teeth are becoming weak or they get shaky easily, it may result from calcium deficiency. The best solution to this is to up your calcium intake level significantly, and it is bound to make your teeth and gums stronger and healthier.
  2. Magnesium: Magnesium is a crucial element that improves general health. But recent studies show that it is especially critical for oral health, and it helps make teeth stronger and firmly rooted to the gums. Magnesium also helps in remineralization, which is an automatic repair process that takes place in the mouth. Taking a daily minimum of 400mm of magnesium can aid this process and ensure good oral health.
  3. Vitamin C: Vitamins are naturally known to boost the functionality of different parts of the body. But vitamin C stands out among the other vitamins because of its ability to improve various body parts. The antioxidants present in vitamin C helps to fight against gum inflammation and keep the gum healthy. Thereby making the gums stronger so that the teeth can be firmly planted to them.
  4. Vitamin D: vitamin D may not be mentioned as often as other teeth strengthening vitamins and minerals, but it is equally essential. In fact, some dentists and dental experts have advised that vitamin D is critical to the teeth, and it also allows other minerals to function effectively. For example, vitamin D is responsible for absorbing, carrying, and depositing calcium to the teeth through the bones.
  5. Phosphorus: This element deals with the enamel. It is charged with protecting the enamel from infection and rebuilding it when the need arises. Lack of sufficient phosphorus in the body system can cause severe damages to the enamel, which is the protective layer of the teeth.
  6. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is absolutely necessary for general oral health. Its functions are vast and include the following.
  • Naturally rids the teeth of damaging acids by ensuring a regular flow of saliva.
  • Helps to prevent dry mouth.
  • Speeds up the production of healthy mucous that protects the gums from bruises while chewing.
  • Helps to strengthen the teeth’ enamel.


Maintaining good oral hygiene is so crucial, and the importance of caring for the teeth regularly can not be overemphasized. You can care for your teeth by brushing at least twice daily and eating healthy meals that contain teeth strengthening vitamins and minerals. Some essential dental vitamins and what they do for your teeth have been highlighted in this article.

You should also ensure to check in with your dentist regularly for professional dental check-ups.




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