What are cardiac problems? Treatments and surgery options

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Cardiac problems are one of the most prevalent issues amongst people these days. Such problems are particularly those conditions that have a detrimental impact on your heart. Diseases such as heart rhythm problem, congenital defects and coronary artery disease are to name the few. Narrowed block vessels, heart stroke and chest pains can also come under the same category.

In order to be an expert at figuring out when you contract the disease, it is imperative that you do courses such as ACLS online recertification. Not only medical doctors and other professionals are recommended to undertake such courses but lay people must also do it in order to address emergency heart issues.

Nevertheless, this article will highlight some of the treatment and surgery options for you to get a better idea.


There are many tests that you can go through in order to determine the kind of heart disease you may have. Irrespective of the disease you have, most medical professionals will ask you to go through a physical examination. There are different kinds of test. Holter monitoring is one of the most commons one in which a device is being worn by a patient to record ECG. It will detect any irregularities pertaining to heart rhythm. Stress tests are also carried out by many medical professionals. This tests specifically pertains to raising the heart rate with medicine or different physical exercises. During such test, the heart regularities are examined. Echocardiogram is another examination that you can go through. A lot of people prefer this examination since it is not at all invasive. It entails ultrasound of the chest. This will ultimately show in depth images of your heart and how it functions. The structure is detailed for the doctors to figure out any potential issues.


Treatments for heart disease vary depending on the condition. For example, heart infections are normally treated by antibiotics. However, the most preferred way by doctors is to treat it naturally. Lifestyle changes can have a major positive impact. For instance, you should eat low fat food or focus more on physical fitness through exercising on regular basis. You should also consider limiting the alcohol consumption along with giving up on smoking habits. Natural treatments can have a major impact on your health. Medications are also recommended by many doctors depending on what the condition is. Prescriptions may be tendered by doctors to control the heart diseases. The type of heart disease will determine the type of medication that you will get. Furthermore, medical surgeries and procedures are also available in the industry. Specific procedures and surgeries are advised by some doctors. The extent of damage that has been suffered by the heart will further decide what kind of surgeries must be performed.

The bottom line

Above is an overview of different treatments and diagnosis of heart issues. However, there is a lot more detailed writings on the subject. You may also consult with professionals to get a better idea.


There are several cardiartic problems; few are the examples below:

Heart failure:

In simple words, under this type of cardiac problem, the heart finds it difficult to do its job (i.e. pump the blood) which results in heart failure. Here we do not mean that the heart loses its complete ability to pump the blood, but to some extent, it becomes very difficult to function properly; further leading to death in some cases too.

As per doctors, heart failure can be a result of un-paid attention to coronary heart disease which might have not been treated properly.

For heart failure; doctors suggest giving medications to the patient which is often believed to be a better and safe way to treat the patients. Although surgeries aren’t too risky the danger stakes are high. However, technology has given the solution to every problem. Also, medicines cannot treat every type of heart failure. For this reason, surgeries are important.

There are several surgeries which can be done in order to rescue heart failure:

Heart valves can be replaced or repaired.

Utilizing the device Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators or ICD,

Cardiac resynchronization therapy also called CRT or biventricular pacing

Replace the diseased heart with a healthy heart also called heart transplant

Ventricular assist devices or VADs

Aortic stenosis

Under this situation, the pulmonary valve is thicker as compared to a normal situation. Due to the thickness, it becomes difficult for the valves to pump the blood. The valves don’t open easily. This creates the problem for the pulmonary valves to pump blood starting from the ventricle to the pulmonary artery.

Being specific about aortic stenosis, the aortic valve opens in a narrow way. The narrow opening causes hurdles in the blood flow. The blood has to flow from the left ventricle and reach the aorta. But due to aortic stenosis, the narrow passway doesn’t let the blood go in the flow.

The symptoms of this disease could be a severe pin in the heart. The pain begins from the left arm and further makes its way to the heart. The pain can be very severe too. The person finds it difficult to breathe. The heart palpitation rate gets higher and higher.

Other symptoms can include:

  • Nausea,
  • A choking sensation,
  • Ankles can be swollen,
  • Irregular heartbeat patterns,
  • Stomach pain,
  • Pain in the arm, back, leg or jaw,
  • Overwhelming tiredness also called fatigue,
  • Sweating

In such cases, it is advised to immediately go for help. If you feel any symptoms; call the ambulance.

Balloon valvuloplasty is the process that the doctor uses to convert the narrow pulmonary valve into the standard size by using a tube which is thin, and longer in the size. This process can be used to treat children, and elders; both.

Under this process, a doctor inserts the long and thin tube also called a catheter. After performing the specific steps, he inflates the balloon that further helps in making the narrow valve expand. When the valve is expanded, the doctor deflates the balloon and pulls it out.


There are several other heart diseases too which can be lethal. In case if you feel any symptoms, it is highly advised to contact a doctor as soon as possible.




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