What are the side effects of emotional trauma?

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In this world there are, unfortunately, a lot of individuals who have gone through a traumatic event. This may be those who have gone to war, survived a terrorist attack, lost a loved one tragically, or a plethora of other scenarios. When these occurrences happen, it is common for people to manifest different signs and experience a myriad of effects due to the emotional pain that they are experiencing deep inside. Trauma always happens when a person comes into contact with more stress and hurt than they can handle. One of the ways that we can help our loved ones is by getting them professional help. For instance, there are a lot of counseling centers that they can visit. You can check them out here, and assist your loved one to take back control of their life and find happiness again. To help you in this process, below we have listed some of the side effects of emotional trauma.

1. Fear

When a person has undergone a traumatic experience, one of the major emotions that they normally have in their being is fear. A horrible experience, such as rape, can cause a person to be completely withdrawn and fear going out or interacting with men. This happens a lot, as it manifests as a coping mechanism to shield themselves from going through such an experience again. For such individuals, they believe that this fear helps them be more cautious and prevent themselves from falling prey to their victims again. While it is not their fault that such a thing happened to them, unfortunately, most people blame themselves and learn to live with the fear.

2. Depression

This is another major effect that occurs when a person has undergone something deeply hurtful or terrible. A person tends to become withdrawn from friends or family and tends to keep to themselves more often. They may even ignore their friends and turn down all invitations to go out. Their performance deteriorates, be it at work, at school, or in their business and most times, they just want to lock themselves up in their rooms and stay under the covers all day. Depression, as well as fear as mentioned above, are signs that can be used to identify if a person is going through emotional trauma. They can also be effects that are experienced when your loved one has gone through a traumatic experience. Whatever the case, it is extremely important to identify that all these signs and effects are erupting from an underlying problem which is trauma. We should thus try to understand what they are going through and get them professional help.

3. Physical effects

Trauma not only affects the mental and emotional capacities of a person but the physical ones as well. They are likely to lack appetite and consequently lose a lot of weight. This poor feeding, in turn, reduces their immunity and makes them susceptible to other diseases. Also, they may have panic attacks in a triggering environment.

Trauma is not easy to deal with, which is why your loved one needs professional help. You can also encourage them to join a support group, try some exercises and stick to their medication if prescribed.




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