What Exactly is Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Who wouldn’t like to have a radiant smile, look young and attractive? Unfortunately, not everyone has perfectly white healthy teeth. If you have severe dental issues like unhealthy gums, multiple missing teeth, ongoing complaints of jaw, make an appointment with prosthodontist for a detailed consultation. After a comprehensive examination, you will learn whether you need a full mouth reconstruction (FMR).

These days, FMR is a popular treatment option in cosmetic dentistry in NYC and LA. It is important to note that full mouth construction is considered one of the hardest procedures in dentistry.

During the full mouth reconstruction, a group of professionals restore or replace missing or diseased teeth; add a denture (partial set of artificial teeth); installation of ceramic inlays and clear aligner.

These dental procedures will help you get rid of gum disease, bad breath, and toothaches.

During the recovery process, you will need to take antibiotics, eat only soft foods, and do regular dental check-ups.

The treatment process can take more than a month. On the other hand, you will be able to say goodbye to most dental problems at once.

Before you take a step, you should be aware of the fact that this dental procedure is costly – it can cost up to $150.000. Hence, most dental insurance providers cover the cost of full mouth reconstruction. So, make sure to confirm this information with your provider.

To learn more about the procedure, check out the infographic.




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