Why Medical Insurance for Your Parents Is Crucial?

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Healthcare is not something one can compromise on, ever. If there is a medical emergency at hand, you will have to take care of it right away. And on top of that, no matter where you are in the world, healthcare facilities can be very expensive. This is why health insurance plans are a necessity for all. The same goes for your parents as well. Having a proper health insurance plan for your parents will do a lot more benefits than we realise. It not only assures their safety but also brings you peace of mind.

Reasons to Have Medical Insurance for Your Parents

More Prone to Illnesses

Old age is said to be the time when you can finally retire and relax but it often ends up giving us some of the most unpleasant experiences in our lives. People are more prone to falling sick and getting general ailments as they age. The immune system is constantly deteriorating making the person more susceptible to catching diseases. With age, even common cold can be as bad as pneumonia. This is why medical insurance becomes an absolute necessity for your parents.

Protection from Lifestyle Diseases

A lifestyle that you led in your 20s or 30s can catch up to you in your old age. Even though it is not a given that one would develop a lung condition because they used to smoke many moons back, but the chances still exist. Some time lifestyle diseases stay suppressed till much later in life and start showing effects when the body’s immune system is weaker. If your parents are or used to be in the danger of developing any such diseases, medical insurance can help them a lot.

More than Just Health Insurance

Health insurance in Dubai for senior citizens is not just about taking care of the medical expenses when there is a disease to be treated. Almost all insurance companies constantly urge their customer to adopt healthy habits in life and arrange camps and seminars related to general health. These initiatives are beneficial for both the insurance companies and the plan holders. Plan holders aka your parents will have constant access to health-related tips, advice and more while their good health will lower the risk for insurance companies.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you will always have something or someone to rely upon in a time of need brings peace to life and relieve stress. Having medical insurance in Dubai for your parents is somewhat the same as well. You will always be worried about your parent’s well-being, yes, but you will have the financial security of opting for any necessary treatment whenever they need it if they are protected by one of the best health insurances in Dubai.

Benefits of Buying Medical Insurance for Your Parents

Health Insurance comes with its own set of unique benefits which makes it a worthwhile investment for your parents. Below are some of the benefits you can look forward to when buying medical insurance for your parents:

Cover for Pre-Existing Conditions

One of the greatest things about medical insurance in Dubai is that all health insurance plans are mandated to cover pre-existing diseases. There can be a waiting period ranging from 6 months to 2 years but the coverage is assured. The important thing here is that you need to declare all the pre-existing conditions beforehand to get the cover. There can be a slight increase in the premium if you declare pre-existing diseases. But this also means assured coverage in the time of need.

Easy Access to Healthcare

Having a healthcare insurance plan in the UAE as a resident would make accessing healthcare facilities a lot easier. Everyone other than the citizens of the UAE majorly relies on the private healthcare system to receive quality medical facilities. Private healthcare can be expensive and hard to get without upfront monetary support, given the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Medical insurance makes sure that you face negligible problems and get medical attention for your parents right when you need it.

Financial Backup

Medical insurance in Dubai is a rather established field. All the insurance companies have ideally set up networks where hospitals and other medical facilities accept the insurance for cashless treatment. Cashless or direct treatment will mean that you won’t have to spend thousands of Dirhams on hospital bills and medicines to get good treatment for your parents. This is why having health insurance in Dubai for your parents can be a good financial backup.

Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know all the possible reasons for which a health insurance plan in Dubai is crucial for your parents, let’s cover some things that you should take care of to buy the best health insurance in Dubai for your parents:

Coverage: You will have more than enough options in front of you when choosing medical insurance in Dubai for your parents. Make sure that the coverage of the plan you choose is apt as per the requirement of the moment as well as the future. You can always change the plan at renewal but it is still best to choose as seemingly best health insurance in Dubai possible.

Age: If your parents are yet to cross the 60-year mark, you will have to buy a normal individual dependent plan for them. This can be a good thing as it will give you time to scout different senior citizen plans available in the UAE. For folks over 60-65 years of age, you will be buying one of the special plans made for senior citizens. They are designed specially to meet every need of old age.

Network Medical Facilities: Make sure that the medical insurance plan that you have chosen has a widespread network of hospitals and clinics. Also, see that there are enough options of medical facilities near your residence that are a part of the insurance company’s and your plan’s network.

Insurance Cost: See that there are no unrequired services added to your plan which increases the premium. Double-check all the fees and costs and make sure you find a balance between affordable and well-equipped insurance plans to find the perfect fit for your parents and yourself.

Waiting Period: Try and choose a plan which has a shorter waiting period for covers like pre-existing diseases.


Health insurance is more of a necessity than a luxury now and it is even more so for parents. They have a right to enjoy their retirement years after having worked their whole life and worrying about falling ill should not stop that. This is why proper medical insurance in Dubai is crucial to parents. To make things better, it doesn’t just help your parents relax ideally but also a better quality of life for you. Less stress about your parents’ health will ultimately be good for the whole family. So, make sure you have done your part and found the right insurance plan to give your parents proper healthcare facilities.




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