Health benefits of Cucumbers


Health benefits of CucumbersThe cucumber is among the Cucurbitaceae (gourd family). The cucumber is one of the genus Cucumis that there are actually 20 to 25 varieties discovered mainly within Asia as well as Africa. Couple of Cucumis sativus (cucumber) as well as Cucumis melo (melon, muskmelon and persian melon) are generally of economic significance within North America. It is really a yearly following or even climbing vine generally together with flowers of each genders on a single plant (monoecious). Current market hybrids are made on genetically gynoecious lines (almost all female blooms).

Industrial seed a lot have got approximately 10% of the monecious range to offer adequate pollen for fruit set. European greenhouse cucumbers set fruit without having pollination (parthenocarpic). The cucumber is indigenous to the northwest of India and it has also been developed there for around 3000 years. The cucumber seemed to be recognized in France within the 9th century as well as was typical in England in 1327.

Cucumber is actually a soft, warm-season veggie. It might be consumed uncooked or even cooked or perhaps as healthy salad.

Health benefits of cucumbers

1. Rehydrates body 

Cucumbers are generally 95 % water, maintaining the entire body moisturized whilst assisting the body removes harmful toxins. Cucumbers have got the majority of the vitamins your body requires within a single day. Make sure you leave the skin on because the skin includes a fair amount of vitamin C, about 10 % of the daily-recommended allocation. You may drink or eat cucumber or even its juice throughout hot summer. It can also help in eliminating the toxins through the entire body.

2.  Skin care

Cucumber is the perfect method of obtaining silica, a trace mineral which supports our ligament with each other as well as plays a role in the toughness to them. Silica has several advantages to our overall health as well as skin. Edith M. Carlisle, Ph.D carried out research on chicks in 1970s and 1980s. Her research proven that silica found in cucumber created 100 times much more bone collagen more than those not getting nutritional silica. Furthermore, their bones exposed a sluggish, but remarkable, increase in calcium content. Silica’s contribution towards the power of our ligament is important to a younger physical appearance of your skin. Silica is additionally verified as being an inhibitor of the process of getting older in tissues. An insufficiency of silica as well as acid hyaluronic increases aging of the skin simply because connective tissues are not able to maintain water effectively. Research has shown that silica definitely seems to be part of the synthesis of proline (an important component of collagen), that is necessary in the creation of deoxycollagen. In addition, research by Carlisle demonstrates that the best functioning of “prolyl hydroxylase,” a chemical important to collagen synthesis, is dependent upon silica.

Whenever positioned on affected regions of your skin, it lowers inflammation as well as relieves signs and symptoms related to moderate sunburns. Additionally, it has got the possibility to tighten up the skin pores, lighten up dark circles beneath the eyes, decrease the physical appearance of freckles and also enhance various other skin tone problems. Its capability to cure as well as recover the skin is caused by its water content and higher amounts of anti-oxidant. Additionally it is useful in decreasing acne breakouts. Furthermore, it cures your inflamed as well as burned up red eye. These types of all-natural eye pads help in lowering the swelling as well as the fatigue within your eyes. Because of its cooling impact, it is extremely useful for all of your skin difficulties. The cleansing as well as cleaning property assists the skin significantly turning it into supple and soft. Frequent consuming of cucumber or even consuming its juice your skin will get shine also it assists you to look more youthful.

3.  Cancers

Cucumbers are recognized to consist of lariciresinol, pinoresinol, as well as secoisolariciresinol. These 3 lignans have a very powerful history of investigation in association with decreased chance of numerous cancer types, which includes cancer of the breast, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer as well as cancer of the prostate. Provides some safety against colon cancers through the elimination of harmful toxins through the stomach.

4.  Bad breaths

The phytochemcials within cucumber will certainly kill the bacteria within your mouth liable for creating foul breath. So you’re able to consume cucumber right after your meal or even any moment if you think you have to replenish the mouth.

5.  Hangover cure

Wish to stay away from a hangover or even horrible head ache? Then consume cucumber. Cucumbers consist of sufficient sugar, B vitamins as well as electrolytes to rejuvenate necessary nutrient elements your body dropped, maintaining all things in balance, preventing both a hangover as well as head ache!!

6.  Aids in weight loss

Cucumbers are extremely lower in calories.  It consists of simply no fats and incredibly few calories only water, vitamins as well as minerals therefore, cucumbers are definitely the ideal accessory for any kind of green healthy salad, in addition to a excellent vegetable to eat in between foods. You can include cucumber in your meal, lunch, supper or even dinner. Cucumber includes a higher sulphur as well as silicon content. These types of minerals try to activate the kidneys to clean out uric acid, that is a throw away product. With this particular uric acid being beaten up, it energizes the elimination of fat, as well as releases fat through the cells. You may consume cucumber entire day.

7.  Digestion

Digestive problems just like ulcers, acidity, gastritis, ulcers and even can usually be treated by consuming fresh new cucumber juice every single day. The higher water content as well as soluble fiber within cucumber work well in driving away the harmful toxins through the digestive tract and therefore help digestion of food. Cucumber likewise helps to absorb food items effortlessly. Cucumber allows you to absorb the protein which contain within your foods. Every day intake of cucumbers can be considered a treatment for long-term bowel problems.

8.  Diabetes

Beta cells contained in the pancreas create the hormone insulin. Cucumber is available to get a hormone needed by the beta cells within the insulin creation. Furthermore, the Glycemic Index of cucumber can be obtained to be zero. Each food consists of important nourishment in different amounts. The existence of the nutritious carbohydrate as well as its impact on the body is calculated through the quantity Glycemic Index. The carbohydrates are mainly liable for increase in the glucose level. However the carbohydrates contained in the cucumber is definitely digestible within a diabetes patient’s stomach. That’s the reason; the Glycemic Index of this vegetable is Zero. This prevents the glucose level as soon as the consumption of this vegetable under control. A Supplement referred to as Spiny Sea Cucumber Extract Powder can be found to function in fighting Diabetes.

9.  Cholesterol

Cucumbers have got higher amounts of sterol that really help to lessen levels of cholesterol, particularly unhealthy cholesterol also referred to as LDL.

10.  Blood pressure (Reduce Hypertension)

Potassium, magnesium as well as dietary fiber contained in the cucumber might help maintain your blood pressure levels continued to be standard. This will make cucumbers great for dealing with both low blood pressure level as well as high blood pressure level. The ideal Ph. level of blood is in between 7.35 and 7.45. This will likely make our blood simply somewhat alkaline. In case the blood goes below 7.35 is becomes too acidic, which could trigger difficulties. Cucumbers juice consists of minerals which boost alkalinity or even reduce acid levels within the blood, and therefore the body. Therefore cucumber juice is an excellent blood balancer, specifically for people along with acid-related problems.

11.  Gout and arthritis

Cucumber is a wonderful method of obtaining silica, which is recognized to help, encourages joint health simply by conditioning the connective tissue. Also, they are abundant with vitamin A, B1, B6, C & D, Foliate, Calcium supplement, Magnesium, as well as Potassium. Whenever combined with carrot juice, they are able to reduce gout symptoms as well as arthritis pain simply by decreasing the uric acid amounts.

12.  Beneficial for teeth and gums

The teeth as well as gum disease, periodontal disease, particularly, may be treatable successfully together with cucumber juice. The intake of uncooked cucumber may also greatly increase the saliva and enables reduce the effects of acids as well as bases within the oral cavity. Therefore cucumber is helpful for all those struggling with illnesses of the gums and teeth, particularly in situations of pyorrhea.

13.  Treat tapeworms

Cucumber seeds are believed an all-natural treatment to remove tapeworms within the digestive tract. Powder of cucumber seeds could be consumed if someone obtained tapeworm difficulties. If you don’t have tapeworm difficulties you may consume cucumber’s seeds as well it don’t cause harm to your body but can assist to avoid worms’ troubles within your intestinal tract.

14.  Nail care

Being abundant with minerals, cucumber aids in preventing breaking of nails of the fingertips as well as toes.

15.  Stimulate hair growth

Cucumber juice encourages new hair growth because of its silicon as well as sulfur content. Hair especially requires these types of nutrition, as well as suggests consuming half a glass of 100 % pure cucumber juice or even including it within a vegetable cocktail every day for optimum healthier hair advantages. For the best outcomes, combine cucumber juice together with the juices of carrot, lettuce or even green spinach.

16.  Diuretic

Cucumbers have got gentle diuretic property most likely because of their higher water as well as potassium content, which assist in examining putting on weight and higher blood pressure. The cucumber is the greatest all-natural diuretic noted for secreting and also promoting the circulations of urine. Diuretics encourage the removal of excessive fluid through the entire body. This decreases inflammation of the hands or legs as well as helps prevent high blood pressure levels brought on by elevated blood quantity.

17.  Bone health

Cucumber consists of large amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A has numerous essential characteristics just like helping in regular bone development. Cucumber is abundant with silica, this is actually the important ingredient that helps with maintaining healthy and strong connective tissues which includes muscle tissue, ligaments, tendon, cartilage material, as well as bone fragments. The truth that cucumber is actually a extremely alkalizing veggie additionally rewards our bone health simply because, while we are within an acid state (generally from overeating meat, dairy, grains as well as consuming coffee as well as soft drinks) then our bodies discharge minerals from the bones to create up the pH of the blood, regrettably over time, this may deteriorate the bone bulk. Vitamin K in cucumber additionally assists your bone to become healthy and balanced.

18.  Development of muscle tissue

A 100g offering, about 3.5 oz, of cucumber consists of about 150mg of potassium. This particular mineral assists in metabolic features and in addition plays a part in the creation of muscle tissues. In addition, it encourages muscle mass overall flexibility.

19.  Constipation

Cucumber peel is a great method of obtaining soluble fiber which enables decrease bowel problems. Regular usage of cucumbers can be considered a treatment for long-term bowel problems. In case you are handling the situation of bowel problems consume cucumber 2 or 3 times each day right after your food.

20.  Eye health

It really is thought that cucumber works well for decreasing inflammation about the eyes or even the large under eye circles beneath your eyes. This can be world-wide treatment method that is being utilized to the optimum extent. Cucumbers would be the most fantastic as well as all-natural eye patches you will discover for yourself. The swelling as well as the fatigue within your eyes might just make you, if you undertake this within a calm style. These types of all-natural eye pads perform miracles after the lengthy days function. Due to plenty of vitamins and minerals cucumber help make your vision great.  Instead of utilizing weighty beauty makeup as well as eye care product, you’re able to do a number of sensitive efforts by making use of the cucumber paste upon eye lids.  You can get great effect as soon as the use of this stunning yummy fruit.   Your eyesight power will increase.  To be brief, the eyelids, brows as well as eyeballs could be properly protected from an infection because of the regular utilization of cucumber juice. The soreness of the eye bags (cyst) will probably be   reduced after the use of cucumber for couple of days.

21. Weight control

An increased consumption of cucumber water may additionally enable you to shed weight by reducing the quantity of calories you eat throughout every meal as well as decreasing water retention all over your body. A survey released within the July 2008 issue of the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” implies that seniors who ingested 16 oz. water a half-hour just before every meal ingested much less calories compared to those who didn’t. Even when consuming cucumber water before you eat doesn’t assist you to consume less, it may lower your weight by reduction of water retention. Katherine Zeratsky, a clinical nutritional expert at Mayo Clinic, suggests consuming a minimum of eight glasses of water every day to avoid water retention. Reduced water retention usually equals lower bodyweight.

The cucumber works just like a diuretic, that not just allows you to lose weight cells, yet water weight too. It basically helps you to eliminate excessive fluids as well as fat cells simply by wearing down the fat cells so they can be removed through the body.

Cucumbers consist of silicon as well as sulphur that really help to promote the kidneys to clean the body from the gathered uric acid, which are often the consequence of being obese. The kidneys additionally assist in breaking down fat cells to be stripped away from the body. Along with the diuretic impact, the cucumber consists of effective anti-oxidant vitamins just like vitamins A, C as well as E to aid clear away harmful toxins as well as fat cells. They assist to wash your systems in a cellular level, to eliminate pockets of fat as well as harmful toxins which have developed within your body as well as beneath your skin. Cucumbers can assist you to accomplish your weight loss goals progressively with time.

Cucumbers are loaded with dietary fiber that is important with regards to weight reduction, because it helps you to get the bowels operating again so that waste products could be removed. Fiber not just helps you to thoroughly clean your digestive system, however the remainder of the body too. This can help to improve your metabolism so that you can acquire more energy to assist your body to lose off fat cells by participating in physical exercise.

22.  Neural tube defects

Peeled cucumbers are usually abundant with foliate. Foliate, also referred to as folic acid, is a B-vitamin which helps avoid anemia as well as assists in the creation of DNA as well as RNA. Simply because foliate helps with cell production, the nutrient is especially essential for expecting mothers as well as babies. The advantages of folic acid are mainly recognized for assisting ladies who are attempting to have a baby as well as for pregnancy wellness. A lot of people don’t understand that the vitamin is additionally required for male reproductive health. In case a woman really wants to get pregnant she must be sure to improve the quantity of foliate she takes in a minimum of 3 months just before she first attempts to get pregnant. And also cucumber will be your great option.

23.  Useful for detoxification

Cucumber is the better fruit for detoxification mainly because it allows for removal of waste products throughout the kidneys and also prevents to purge out the waste from the skin.

Cucumber is extremely abundant in water as well as lower in a calorie that makes it an ideal fruit for detoxification. The body builds up lots of harmful toxins as well as undesirable chemicals through the food, air and also water. It is very important remove these types of toxins for appropriate working of the body. Cucumber cleanse diet is a highly effective way for getting rid of these types of toxins. The flesh of cucumber is actually made up of water, but additionally consists of caffeic acid as well as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). These types of ingredients of cucumber assist calm the problems in skin and lower inflammation.

24. Balanced Diet

A cucumber’s high-water content as well as low-calorie count turns it into a rejuvenating, guilt-free treat. Consuming cucumbers, together with a well-balanced diet, offers numerous vitamins and minerals which nurture your body as well as give rise to a healthy body. Cucumbers consist of sufficient sugar, vitamin B as well as electrolytes to rejuvenate necessary nutrient elements that the body dropped, maintaining all things in balance. Cucumber belongs to the foods, which are described as a power minimum as well as the optimum natural value. Their usage considered essential within a well-balanced diet.

25.  Mouth Freshener

Have a piece of cucumber as well as press it on the roof of the mouth together with your tongue for 15-30 seconds to remove foul breath. You won’t ever think about peppermint just as before. The bacteria within your mouth are usually killed from the chemical substances within the cucumber and also you don’t need to be worried about foul breath left!

26.  Jaundice

Cucumbers additionally assist in treating jaundice. Cucumber consists of 95% water and this will assist to get rid of the poisons from the body by way of urine.

27.  Heartburn, acid stomach, gastritis

Fresh cucumber juice can offer rest from heartburn symptoms, acid stomach, gastritis and also ulcer.

28.  Lung, stomach and chest benefits

Cucumber is advantageous in curing a variety of health problems which includes lung, stomach as well as chest difficulties, gout, arthritis as well as tapeworm.

29.  Uric acid

The water content inside of cucumber is incredibly higher (up to 90%) in order that the cucumber possesses an impact to help urination, offering to remove as well as reduce the effects of harmful toxins, serving to use away bacteria over the intestinal tract as well as bladder. Water as well as mineral content of potassium in cucumber may take away excessive uric acid as well as metabolic waste products from the kidneys. Along with persistent habit in consuming cucumber may help to remove the crystal / kidney stones, and prevent a growth of toxins. Cucumber has superb cleansing qualities, therefore eliminating gathered bad toxins from the entire body. On many occasions cucumber is been viewed as efficient remedy for arthritis because it eliminates uric acid. Assisting in urine release, cucumber has been proven as an all-natural diuretic. Cucumber is excellent for urinary bladder, kidney, liver and also pancreatic features. Cucumber juice together with carrot juice is quite powerful for rheumatic problems brought on by extreme uric acid within the body.

30.  Treats acidity

Consuming cucumber each 2 hour may handle your acidity difficulty. Cucumber juice it’s essentially alkaline by nature because of the minerals it includes. Therefore it is extremely efficient at treating acidity in individuals simply by eliminating the pH content of the body. Aside from level of acidity it also behaves as a calming agent for gastric ulcers.

31.  Prevents water retention

Cucumber consists of caffeic as well as ascorbic acids that avoid water retention. Cucumbers will often be utilized topically to boost skin performance. Natural ascorbic acid as well as caffeic acid inside the cucumber behaves to avoid water retention within the skin. This decreases puffiness beneath the eyes and enables the skin recover through burning from the sun, swelling, as well as dermatitis.

Cucumbers may also be extremely effective whenever consumed and also utilized topically for eliminating undesirable dimply skin. Cucumbers work to attract out excessive body fluids as well as tighten up collagen that has the result of natural cellulite lowering. Just consume a few cucumbers, juice it, and/or put the cucumber around the areas of water retention.

32.  Renal Disorder

Regular consumption of cucumber may push off kidney problem. Additionally, it reduces down the degree of uric acid too. Cucumbers demonstrated an advantage to assist relieve the trouble of the bladder as well as kidneys. Water found in cucumber assists kidney function with the start of a process of urination. In reality, cucumber is the better natural diuretics.

History of Cucumber

The cucumber is considered to be indigenous to India, as well as proof shows that it’s been grown in Western Asia for 3,000 years. The cucumber is additionally posted on the list of food items of ancient Ur as well as the legend of Gilgamesh explains people consuming cucumbers. Several resources additionally suggest that it absolutely was manufactured in historical Thrace, and it’s undoubtedly a part of contemporary food within Bulgaria as well as Turkey, regions of which can make up that ancient state. Through India, it distribute to Greece (in which it had been referred to as “vilwos”) and also Italy (in which the Romans were particularly keen on the crop), and later on directly into China.

The fresh fruit is described within the Holy bible (Numbers 11:5) as previously being readily obtainable in Egypt, even to the captive Israelites: We can remember the fish, which often we did consume in Egypt freely/the cucumbers, as well as the melons, along with the leeks, plus the onions, and the garlic herb.

The Israelites later on came to grow the cucumber by themselves, as well as Isaiah 1:8 quickly describe the technique of agriculture – The Daughter of Zion is left/like a shelter within a vineyard/like a hut within a area of melons/like a town beneath siege. The shelter was to the individual who kept the birds aside, as well as safeguarded the garden from thieves.

Roman Empire

The Roman Emperor Tiberius experienced the cucumber in his kitchen table every day throughout summer as well as winter season. The Romans evidently utilized unnatural techniques (exactly like the greenhouse system) of developing to make it readily available for his dining room table every single day of the season. They might be wheeled out in carts to sit down under the sun every day, then taken in to make sure they’re comfortable, saved beneath frames or even in cucumber houses hard along with oiled fabric generally known as “specularia”.

Pliny the Elder explains the Italian fruit as really small, most likely just like a gherkin, explaining it as an outrageous cucumber significantly small compared to the grown one. Pliny additionally explains the preparing of the medicine generally known as “elaterium”, although several scholars think that he represents Cucumis silvestris asininus, a variety distinctive from the most popular cucumber. Pliny furthermore writes about a number of other kinds of cucumber, like the Cultivated Cucumber, as well as treatments through the different kinds (9 from the grown, 5 from the “anguine”, as well as 26 from the “wild”. The Romans are noted to have utilized cucumbers to deal with scorpion attacks, poor vision, and also to frighten away mice. Spouses wanting for the kids used them all around their waists. These were likewise taken by the midwives, as well as discarded as soon as the child came into this world.

In the Middle Ages

Charlemagne had cucumbers cultivated within his home gardens in ninth-century France. These were evidently launched into England during the early 1300s, dropped, after that reintroduced around 250 years later on.

In the UK

During the 1600s many individuals within England created a detest of clean, raw veggies. They believed that in case the veggies are not cooked properly they were simply no much better than food for pets. The cucumber obtained the nickname of “cowcumber” and also whenever more fresh vegetables obtained level of popularity the cucumber stayed unpopular for a long time due to the unlucky play name.

Whilst cucumbers have been grown for hundreds of years, they weren’t enhanced as well as hybridized till the later 1800s. Types which are well-known nowadays originate from these types of hybrids. There are numerous types of cucumber to select from. They vary from tiny cucumbers created for fairly sweet pickles to huge cucumbers more than 2 feet lengthy.

Just like various other members of the gourd family, cucumbers are relatively simple to cultivate as well as are generally versatile to the majority of developing areas. They could be developed like a vast plant or even developed on the trellis in even most compact back garden. Cucumbers are usually consumed raw in salads or even pickled, yet there are numerous less popular recipes along with cooked cucumbers. Sweet or even dill pickles, relishes, gravies, as well as desserts can be produced.

Types of cucumber

There are numerous kinds of cucumber identified all over the world here are several popular kinds.

Armenian Cucumbers

Armenian CucumbersArmenian cucumbers are generally lengthy, slim, as well as somewhat variegated in darker as well as light colors of light green or even a yellowish-green. These are fantastically crispy and therefore are tasty just sliced up as well as consumed uncooked. They have got extremely delicate seeds along with a lean skin, demanding neither seeding nor ripping for consuming. They aren’t beneficial to pickling.

English Cucumbers

English CucumbersEnglish cucumbers (a.k.a. hot house cucumbers) are usually very long, slim, which has a green skin. They are usually available covered with plastic-type material in grocery stores, however, you will find unwrapped ones at growers marketplaces (in spite of their alias, these types of cucumbers will not require a warm house or even plastic wrap to cultivate). This particular cucumber contains a moderate, nearly non-existent taste, and is also valued due to the slim skin as well as minimum seeds. Just like Armenian cucumbers, English cucumbers are ideal sliced up as well as raw and aren’t perfect for pickling.

Garden Cucumbers

Garden CucumbersThese are the most popular cucumbers in North America. These are comparatively even complexioned as well as dark green. Cucumbers available in supermarkets are generally shined up to assist them maintain humidity, which can be a part of why these cucumbers are likely to require peeling. Un-waxed types can be obtained (especially at producers’ marketplaces), however you might still wish to peel off them when the skin is thicker or even sour.

Kirby Cucumbers

Kirby CucumbersKirby cucumbers are usually small as well as rough. They’ve got a range of skin color from yellow to dark green. Kirbys are usually nice as well as crispy for eating uncooked, yet delicious enough to be ideal for pickling as well.


Lemon Cucumbers

Lemon CucumbersYellow-colored, spherical, the dimensions of an ample fist. Yep, these types of cucumbers appear like lemons (significantly, that’s a image of cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, not really lemons). These are sweet, without having that nasty side that a majority of cucumbers have got, thin skins, minimum gentle seeds, as well as tasty. They’re delicious raw, however create tasty pickles as well.

Persian Cucumbers

Persian CucumbersPersian cucumbers are extremely much like English cucumbers. These are smaller, along with rough skin, yet possess a moderate taste as well as skinny skin.



Nutritional value of cucumber

Nutrient        Unit    Value per 100.0g


Water            g          95.23

Energy           kcal     15

Protein          g          0.65

Total lipid (fat)        g          0.11

Carbohydrate, by difference      g          3.63

Fiber, total dietary g          0.5

Sugars, total            g          1.67


Calcium, Ca  mg      16

Iron, Fe         mg      0.28

Magnesium, Mg     mg      13

Phosphorus, P         mg      24

Potassium, K            mg      147

Sodium, Na  mg      2

Zinc, Zn         mg      0.20


Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid     mg      2.8

Thiamin         mg      0.027

Riboflavin     mg      0.033

Niacin            mg      0.098

Vitamin B-6  mg      0.040

Folate, DFE   mcg_DFE      7

Vitamin B-12           µg       0.00

Vitamin A, RAE        mcg_RAE      5

Vitamin A, IU           IU        105

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)     mg      0.03

Vitamin D (D2 + D3)          µg       0.0

Vitamin D     IU        0

Vitamin K (phylloquinone)          µg       16.4


Fatty acids, total saturated          g          0.037

Fatty acids, total monounsaturated     g          0.005

Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated        g          0.032

Cholesterol   mg      0


Caffeine        mg      0

How to store cucumber

Place cucumber in the middle of a paper towel, cover it within a paper towel after that place covered cucumbers within a veggie plastic bag right now place it within your refrigerator.

Ways to eat Cucumber

  1. Sliced, simple or even with a bit of salt. You can include chili powder or even paste of green chili.
  2. In pasta healthy salad
  3. In snacks
  4. Produce juice as well as consume it.