11 Mother’s Day Gifts That Promote Mental Wellness 

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Image credit: www.pexels.com/@daria

Although we don’t need an excuse to celebrate how much we love our Moms, Mother’s Day is a great reminder to do just that. Since our Moms have been a consistent source of happiness and wellness in our lives, it’s crucial that we support her goals for a successful and joyous life. Check out the following 11 gifts that promote mental wellness for the long and short term.

1. A Flower Subscription Box Service from Bouq Co.

Flowers are considered a cliche Mother’s Day gift, so you may immediately overlook the joy florals and plants can bring into her life. A Rutgers and The State University of New Jersey study found that flowers have an immediate effect on happiness, a long-term positive effect on mood, and are capable of creating intimate connections. Same day flower delivery through a subscription box service will make that joy instantaneous and everlasting.

2. Yoga Mat from Manduka

Yoga is all the rage these days for its accessibility and relaxation component. Most of our Moms aren’t as active as they used to be, but it can be challenging to get into a regular workout routine if they have a preexisting injury or health issue. Yoga is a great way to start getting back into shape because it’s low intensity and involves a lot of stretching. If you want to help your Mom get back into the gym, suggest signing up for a weekly yoga class for the both of you!

3. Wireless Headphones from The House of Marley

Research shows the benefits of music therapy for various health conditions, including trauma, depression, and schizophrenia, to name a few. Music acts as a medium for processing grief, emotional distress, and shame, but it’s also useful as a calming agent for dysregulation and anxiety. With that in mind, purchase wireless headphones for your music-loving Mom. While you’re at it, buy her a Spotify subscription, so she has access to an extensive library of songs.

4. Spa Set From LATHER

Self-care is an essential aspect of mental wellness because if you look good, you feel good! Beauty brand LATHER is the perfect place to buy fragrance-free, natural products that don’t hurt the wallet or the skin and face. Their Lavender & Eucalyptus Foot Care kit is incredibly popular as it is designed to exfoliate and soften both soles and toes. Choose from a selection of products for the hair, body, and face but browse their wellness section for other essentials.

5. Aroma Breeze From Saje

Saje is a wellness brand that offers plenty of natural products like essential oil diffusers, candles, deodorants, and sunscreen. One of their most popular essential oil diffusers is the Aroma Breeze which releases a little bit of oil every time you press a button. Lavender has specific calming properties, so choose this oil instead of a synthetic smell. Avoid giving an essential oil diffuser as a gift if your Mom owns pets because they’re toxic to animals.

6. Mattress and Bed Sheet Set From Nectar

Hardworking Moms need a good night’s sleep, but sometimes our parents forget how important changing their bedding or mattress can be to promote rest. Buy a new mattress and bed sheet set from Nectar for the most optimal sleep each night, plus their 365-day free trial will lessen the stress of the large purchase. Self-care and mental wellness start at getting 8 hours of sleep per night because everything from our mood to our appetite can be affected by a poor schedule. 

7. Journal and Pen Set from One Line a Day

Being creative can reduce stress and make us feel more joy about everyday happenings. Art for art’s sake is never a bad practice, but if your Mom requires a bit more structure in her day, encourage a journaling habit. Journaling can be especially worthwhile for our mental health because it allows us to explore our thoughts in a healthy environment that’s private and gratifying. Although bullet journals continue to be all the rage, they can be challenging to set up. The One Line A Day is easy to incorporate and doesn’t require significant start-up time.

8. Donating to Any Mom Related Charity, Like EMC

Donating money to a good cause under your Mother’s name can be the perfect way to elicit joy long-term. For example, every Mother Counts or EMC is an international charity that strives to make pregnancy and childhood safe for every Mother across the world. Other charities, like Carry the Future and Good + Foundation, are similar but are more community-based. If you want to donate to a local Mom network that impacts your community, research in your area.

9. Pay for Her Necessities, like Groceries or Babysitting

Money worries can have a significant effect on your health. Financial stress can lead to weight fluctuations, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and social withdrawal. If you notice your Mom is battling with poor financial health or she’s spoken to you directly, offer to pay for a month of groceries, her mortgage, utilities, or child care bills. Not only is this a nice gesture, but paying off some of your Mom’s debt can greatly improve her overall happiness and mental wellness.

10. Spend Time With Each Other: BBQ, Movie Night, Coffee Date

Sometimes the best gift you can give to your loved ones is quality time. Quality time is one of the 5 love languages coined by Gary Chapman, and plenty of people require physical proximity with a person to feel gratified. There are plenty of options to choose from: beach days, biking trips, hiking, a day in the city, dinner, a movie, or a coffee date are all great fun!

11. Pay for a Months Worth of Therapy Sessions – Seriously

Mental health is essential; that’s why you’re on this blog post to begin with. There’s only so much a single gift can do for your Mom if she is showing signs of depression or anxiety. Our Moms may need us in their time of need, but nothing beats a qualified therapist’s advice. Always speak to your Mom before giving this gift because you may upset her. However, sometimes you’ll need to have this conversation for the betterment of your Mom’s mental health.




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