11 Practical and Natural Ways That Can Help Repel Mosquitoes At Home 

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Now that summer is fast approaching, days of barbecue picnics and hanging around the bonfire are finally here. More opportunities to bond with your family and friends, host outdoor dinner dates, and let the children run around the backyard. Aside from these exciting activities, summer means one other thing  that is the possibility of mosquito infestation.

If you are already alarmed that your home can potentially be housing mosquitoes and other insects, it is time to do a routine inspection. There is nothing that you should be worried about as long as you are equipped with the knowledge on how to repel these bad boys, Good thing you have come across this article. We will share below 11 easy ways that you can do at home to protect yourself and your family from being bitten by mosquitoes.

Mosquito infestation 

As most of us know, mosquitoes typically lay eggs on standing water that is usually less than a foot high. It means that if you have containers around the house that has been holding still water for weeks now, they are likely to host hundreds of newly laid larvae. 

The summer season or the warm months are when these pests are usually the most active. They lay eggs faster and fly around more often to hunt their victims. During an infestation, mosquitoes remain active even during the daytime. There is no other way to distinguish your home has a mosquito infestation but to see if you are being bitten frequently or seen more of them flying around your area.

Ways to effectively repel mosquitoes 

To help you with mosquito control and repellant, here are some proven effective ways that you can do to prevent yourself from mosquito bites.

1. Remove any stagnant or standing water around your home.

Standing water less than one foot high is where these mosquitoes lay their eggs. Check your pots or maybe any type of container that has been sitting outside the house for a long time as they may obtain still water that is a potential site for mosquito infestation. Moist areas, like in the basement and bathroom, also attract mosquitoes. Remove all still water and keep all areas dry.

2. Install screen windows.

If you plan to stay indoor to avoid mosquito bites, make sure that your home can keep these insects outside. Install screens on your windows and doors that can prevent mosquitoes from coming inside — especially during the warm months where you want them open to let the breeze in.

3. Wear long light-colored clothes at night.

Mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to people wearing dark clothes as the dark colors absorb heat. To avoid the bites, wear light-colored clothes, especially at night. At the same time, minimize exposed skin by wearing pants and long sleeves.

4. Clothes made out of woven fabrics are also advisable.

Compared with cotton, t-shirts that are made out of woven fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex provide better protection from mosquito bites.

5. Use personal products that do not attract mosquitoes.

The scent of your deodorant or cologne also affects your likelihood of getting bitten by a mosquito. They are usually attracted to floral aromas, so you might want to veer away from that for a while. The smell of your sweat also invites them. Lavender, lemon eucalyptus, tea tree, and citronella are some of the natural scents that repel mosquitoes. Citronella oil is what mosquitoes hate the most. Fortunately, there are now soaps and lotions that contain this scent and work as a natural repellent.

6. Apply mosquito repellent lotion.

A kid-friendly method to shoo away mosquitoes is by applying mosquito repellent lotion to your and your children’s skin. You can easily buy these types of creams at the drugstore or supermarket.

7. Use mosquito nets while sleeping.

For another layer of protection, especially when you let your guard down during sleep, mosquito nets are consistently effective in repelling mosquitoes. You do not need to worry about it matching your aesthetic as you can easily find one that suits the interior of your room and can serve as additional decor.

8. Turn on an electric fan.

Whether you are staying inside or outside, bring out your electric fan and turn it on. It can help blow mosquitoes away from the crowd. Plus, it provides more air during warm days and nights.

9. Surround your home with mosquito repellent plants.

There are plants that can serve as an extra mosquito repellent to protect your home and chase these insects away. Some examples of these plants are lavender, rosemary, marigold, scented geraniums, citronella grass, and lemongrass.

10. Conduct general cleaning inside and outside regularly.

Conduct a yearly inspection of your home to see if there are areas that have acquired moisture. Check every dark corner inside and outside and see if your pots have standing water in them. Do a general cleaning and landscaping of your garden. Cut out the grass and remove dead plants or fallen branches, as decayed trees are also potential mosquito breeding grounds. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness as much as possible to not attract any more pests besides mosquitoes.

11. Spray a natural mosquito repellent around your home.

The best and most efficient way to eradicate mosquitoes and their breathing grounds are through fogging or misting. For natural mosquito control, use repellent made out of organic products. Natural mosquito repellents are good for humans, animals, as well as plants.

Choosing the best natural mosquito repellant 

When choosing the best natural mosquito repellent, there are different factors to consider. First of all, it is essential that the product is tried and tested by a reputable testing agency. If you have a company in mind where you will buy the repellent, contact them about their product’s accreditation. You have to ensure their credibility and the quality of their services. Usually, those who sell natural mosquito repellents can also apply the product or the misting for you. As much as possible, you should aim for a mosquito control company that provides a service proven to be 100% effective.


You need to make sure your home is not infested with mosquitoes, and your family is away from being bitten. Although not all, a lot of types of mosquitoes carry around germs and diseases, which can be fatal. Doing these measures, we have mentioned above, will help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Remember always to maintain the cleanliness of your home and yard to avoid any type of pests and insects swarming near you and infect you with diseases. Extra precaution is always valuable, especially if your and your family’s health is on the line.





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