3 Pros and Cons of Water Flossing VS String Flossing

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Good oral hygiene is very important because it helps prevent dental diseases such as cavities, bleeding of gum and smelly breath. There is no huge difference between flossing and brushing your teeth, this is because all these are ways of taking care of your teeth. There are two common ways of flossing which are water flossing and string flossing. Both of these ways are effective in cleaning teeth.  Water flossing is the use of water to floss while string flossing is using of a special string to remove plaque from the teeth. Let’s look at the comparison of these two methods with their advantages and disadvantages according to Dental Dorks.

Water Flossing Pros

  1. Water flossing is quite simple and highly effective as all you need is a special tool which shoots jets of water in the teeth. The high pressure helps remove the plaque from the teeth.
  2. Works well with braces, water flossing does not affect braces. This is because the high-pressure water does not affect the integrity of the braces. The water can navigate around the braces removing any stuck particles.
  3. Water flossing works well for with dental problems because it helps reduce bleeding.

Water flossing cons

  1.    Expensive: the water flosser is usually very expensive both in the purchase and its maintenance. This is because the head has to be replaced after 3 months
  2.    Ineffective: Water flossing is not as highly effective. This is because the high jets of water do not remove the plaque and it is only 90% effective.
  3.    It messy: A first time user who does not have experience may turn the practice quite messy.

String flossing pros

  1.    Effective: String flossing is considered one of the most effective types of flossing. This is because the use of string effective removes plaque and other food particles trapped in the teeth.
  2.    Flexible: String flossing is quite flexible because it is able to navigate easily in different areas of the mouth and the teeth in general.
  3.    Easy to Use: String flossing is very easy to use. This is because it does not require any special skills. One the string is between the teeth all that is required is the up and down movement.

String flossing cos

  1. Appel: the biggest issue with string flossing is that it does not have the same appeal that other kinds of flossers have. The use of string is seen as something which is outdated.
  2.    Tedious for old people, the string flosser can be very tedious especially for old people. This is because most of them when they are old they may have trembling hands making it hard for them to hold the string steady.
  3.    Takes time, the use of string flossing takes a lot of time. This is because one has to go from one tooth to the next.  Going through all the teeth can take a considerable amount of time which most people do not have.





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