5 Everyday habits that can affect your health

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In the modern, fast-paced world it is very easy to forget about our health, both mental and physical. We are reminded of it when we get sick, but apart from that, we don’t think about it in everyday life. You might say – ‘I have health insurance for a reason’. That’s true, but sometimes the doctors can’t help you because the problem lies in simple, everyday things that you do, and have no idea that they can affect your health.

‘And what are those things?’ you may ask. Well, you are…

Not Going To Sleep Early

Imagine a situation. It’s 9 PM, you are already in bed and are ready to fall asleep. But then you get a notification on your phone. You pick it up, and suddenly 9 PM changed to 10 PM, 10 PM changed to 11 PM, etc. And that’s the first thing that negatively affects your health.

If you use artificial light at night, such as the one from the phone screen, your organism will suppress the production of melatonin, which is responsible for the regulation of sleep. Its insufficiency might result in a fragile immune system, depression, or even cancer.

Going to bed early can also affect you but in a positive way. It was shown that people who get the recommended dose of sleep tend to be more focused and productive. So leave that phone, and go to sleep – it’ll be worth it.

Not Drinking Enough / Drinking Too Much Water

You probably didn’t know that being even slightly dehydrated can result in health issues. You can, for example, get a headache, muscle pain or constipation. That’s why it’s crucial to drink the recommended dose liquids, which is 6 to 8 glasses per day. It can be water, juice, tea, etc. – the choice is up to you and your tastes.

But just like with everything, you need to know where to draw a line, as drinking too much water can also have a negative effect on your health. It can result in obesity or the feeling of being bloated and uncomfortable. And how can you know if you’re drinking too much water? Well, if in two hours you need to go to the toilet more than once then you need to slow down a nit with drinking.

Wearing Tight Jeans

This is something that mostly women do, but not only. Tight jeans look attractive, that’s true – but did you ever realize that they are also bad for your health. Is it really worth it to neglect your health for a few hours of looking attractive? Not really.

Tight jeans continuously press on your skin and nerve endings. This results in a constant feeling of discomfort, which might lead to problems with your nervous system. In more severe cases, it can block the flow of blood to your legs, and make them go numb. Definitely not worth it.

Skipping Meals

Don’t get confused – skipping breakfast once in a while because you are busy, is fine, it happens to everyone. But don’t make it a habit, because your overall health might suffer the consequences.

Skipping meals can result in your brain not functioning at 100%, as your ability to think straight is interrupted. You might feel irritated, confused, or as some say – hangry (hungry and angry for those who haven’t heard it before). It also causes your metabolism, which can result in either you gaining weight or having trouble with losing weight. 

Googling Your Health Problems

A lot of people doesn’t like going to the doctor – might be because they don’t have, or maybe they just don’t like it. So they turn to the second-best thing in their opinion – Google. Who hasn’t at least once googled a headache to find out that they have cancer? As long as you know that you shouldn’t take it seriously, everything is fine.

The problem starts when you start believing in what you read online. You might even develop something called cyberchondria. According to a dictionary, it is “unfounded anxiety concerning the state of one’s health brought on by visiting health and medical websites”. You end up visiting those websites several times a day and believing that your symptoms are getting worse with time. And all that because of you, Uncle Google. 


In some cases, it is not the big things that you, but the small everyday mistakes and habits that affect your health more than they should. It’s incredible how just by changing a few of these things, you can improve both your life and health. Think about it.




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