Apple pie facts, benefits and precautions

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Apple pie facts, benefits and precautions Quick Facts
Name: Apple pie facts, benefits and precautions
Origin The recipe for an apple pie which was recorded in 1381.
Calories 411 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Total Fat (55.37%)
Carbohydrate (44.23%)
Selenium (22.00%)
Sodium (21.80%)
Iron (21.75%)
Health benefits Regulates the body temperature, Chronic ailments, Assist digestion, Enhance memory, Formation of RBC
More facts about Apple pie facts, benefits and precautions
The fruit pie which uses apple as a main filling ingredient. It is dressed with ice cream and whipped cream on the top and cheddar cheese. The upper crust might be circular and pastry lattice which is interlinked with crosswise strips. The baker might bake the bottom of double crust first which helps to prevent from being soggy. It could be prepared with various types of apples including Bramley, Northern Spy, Empire, McIntosh and Granny Smith. The canned, fresh or reconstituted fruit can be used for the pie. This varies in the final texture as well as length of cooking time of the apple pie.


Romans have brought apples to England and was widely spread them to the New World. The seeds of Apple got spread to the trade routes and the trees were unable to bear enough fruit due to an inadequacy of Apis mellifera which is a European honey bee. In 1622, the honey bee was consigned to America. The trees depend on the fruit pollination. The apple tree prospered after the European bee was introduced.

When the apples reached America, the cooking of apples was nothing unfamiliar. The recipe for an apple pie which was recorded in 1381. The early recipes of apple pie were quite different from today.  It was served in a coffin pastry called which was just a filling container and does not meant for consumption.

Nutritional value

One piece of Apple pie covers 411 calories, 3.72 g of protein, 19.38 g of total fat, 1.24 g of ash and 57.5 g of carbohydrate. The same piece provides 12.1 µg of selenium, 327 mg of sodium, 1.74 mg of iron, 0.229  mg of thiamin, 0.166 mg of riboflavin, 0.287 mg of manganese, 1.906 mg of niacin, 0.045 g of tryptophan, 37 µg of folate, 0.082 mg of copper, 0.129 g of isoleucine, 3.72 g of protein, 0.15 g of valine, 0.254 g of leucine, 0.082 g of histidine, 43 mg of phosphorus, 0.102 g of threonine, 0.05 mg of vitamin B6 and 2.6 mg of Vitamin C.

Health Benefits of Apple pie

Apple pie is loaded with various nutrients, minerals, vitamins, lipids and amino acids. It is a great source of total lipid fat and carbohydrate. It is usually consumed as desserts that are packed with various health benefits. Some are discussed below:

  1. Regulates the body temperature

Iron in vital in order to regulate the temperature of the body. It promotes the absorption capacity of the body. It also stabilizes the temperature of the body which assists the functions of metabolic and enzymatic. (1)

  1. Chronic ailments

Iron assists to treat the chronic ailments such as renal failure anemia and other chronic ailments of excretory and intestinal system. It is not associated with the blood. It plays a vital role in the body process or systems such as circulatory system. (2)

  1. Assist digestion

Thiamine assists the secretion of hydrochloric acid which is vital for the digestion of food.

  1. Enhance memory

Thiamine also enhances the memory or concentration power. It assists to manage the nervous ailments such as Bell’s palsy and multiple sclerosis. Thiamine is also called morale vitamin due to its positive impact on nervous system and mental attitude.

  1. Formation of RBC

Riboflavin is vital for the development of red blood cells as well as antibodies in the human body that enhance oxygenation and circulation of organs.

  1. Enhance immunity

Vitamin B2 promotes the immunity power by supporting antibodies and fortify defense system facing infections.

  1. Eliminate free radicals

Manganese has antioxidant properties which monitors the activity of free radicals in the human body. The free radicals could damage the human cells that could lead to cancer as well as other diseases.

  1. Lowers inflammation

It is an aid for inflammation and sprain that increases the level of superoxide dismutase which is present in low amounts in the arthritis patients. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties which is essential for the arthritis patients. The addition of manganese to the diet enhances the function and synthesis of SOD that could lower the symptoms. (3)

  1. Lowers cholesterol

The consumption of 1100 mg of niacin in a day could lower the level of LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol that prevents the chances of thickening of artery walls and also atherosclerosis.

  1. Treat diabetes

Vitamin B3 is a treatment for diabetes and high level of blood sugar. Niacin helps to control the level of HBA1C in the diabetic patients.


  • The people who are allergic to apples should avoid the apple pie.

How to make    

  • The baking apples should be peeled and sliced into pieces measuring 1/4 inch thick. It should be placed in a bowl and poured 3 quarts of the boiling water over them. It assist the apple to retain the texture and shape when it is baked.
  • Cover the apples with plastic wrap and set them aside for 10 minutes to allow those enzymes to get to work.
  • The apples should be transferred to a colander and drain. It should be dried completely for about ten minutes.
  • The apples should be transferred to the large bowl and ten tbsp. of sugar should be added along with 10 tbsp. of sugar, ¼ tbsp. of salt, ¼ tbsp. of cinnamon and 2 tbsp. of cornstarch.
  • The apples should then be tossed to mix so that the sugar and cornstarch would coat them. Use two tbsp. of cornstarch. For the thicker filling, two tbsp. of more starch should be added.
  • The pie dough (one disk) should be rolled out. Then transfer it to the pie plate which should be filled with apple mixture by mounding apples in a center. The excess juices should be discarded.
  • The slices of the apple should be piled on the top of each other to make the pie plate completely fill.
  • The pie dough of second disk should be unrolled over apples by allowing the edges of pie plate to overlap by an inch on all the sides.
  • With the use of kitchen shears, trim the bottom and top pie crusts which make it overlap pie plate by ½ inch on the all sides.
  • The bottom and top should be fold together which should be tucked underneath themselves.
  • Use forefinger and thumb of one hand and forefinger of other in order to trench edges of pie.
  • Cut the five vent holes with the use of knife tips on the top of pie crust.
  • A lightly beated egg white should be brushed on the top of pie. It makes the pie crust shiny which browns when baked.
  • A tbsp. of sugar should be sprinkled over a pie in order to add a texture to finished crust.
  • The pie should be refrigerated when the oven is preheated to 425°F by placing a heavy rimmed baking sheet on the lower of middle rack. When the baking sheet is preheated the pie should be placed on it. It should be baked until it becomes light golden brown for about 20 minutes. The heat should be reduced to 375°F and continued to bake till it becomes deep golden brown for about 25 minutes. Then the pie should be removed from oven and let it be cooled and the juice becomes thicken for about two hours. Then slice it and serve. 

How to Eat         

It is dressed with ice cream or whipped cream on top with cheddar cheese.

Other Facts        

  • Bramley, Northern Spy, Empire, McIntosh and Granny Smith are the mostly used apples for making apple pie.
  • The apple pie is known to be invented in England which is the food that is 600 years old.
  • It was also known to be made in 9500 B.C. in Egypt.
  • Spices and sugar was added according to the taste.
  • It is widely popular in America and other regions of world.
  • The preparation of apple pie crust is very complicated.
  • The crust of apple pie is made by using different approaches.
  • Blackberries, apricot and strawberries are also used as filling.
  • In Swedish, cinnamon is used to add flavor in apple pie and is consumed with ice cream and custard.
  • In 1968, McDonald added an apple pie to the menu as a dessert.  






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