Are Fat Burners Safe and Effective for Weight Loss?

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With everyone always thinking about the way they look, the weight loss industry becomes an ever-flourishing business. Since before the pandemic, more and more people are simply looking to shed extra weight from their bodies with the use of body weight loss pills or fat burner pills. The main question however is that, do these pills and supplements work? Also, what’s inside these supplements and pills. Are there better alternatives to supplements? All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

What are fat burners?

As a general definition of fat burners, they’re dietary supplements or pills that are designed to contain either artificial or all-natural ingredients and nutrients. These ingredients that are contained within fat burners are assumed to aid people in losing extra pounds in their bodies without much effort. Unlike what many people think, fat burners are not a wonder drug that instantly burns fats and calories from the body. Instead, it aids the body to do the burning on its own. Among its other functions include increasing the metabolism rate for quicker fat burning. It also makes the gut absorb lesser fat from the intake. Fat burners also help curb or suppress appetite so the body will consume much lesser calories. While some of these claims have been proven and tested by experts, some fat burners with different ingredients may have less potent effects and may even cause negative effects to particular body conditions.

Fat burner ingredients

Here are some of the known and most popular ingredients and compounds on fat burners.


Almost all fat burners come with a specific amount of caffeine. Caffeine which is the main substance of coffee stimulates the nervous system and is found by many experts to help the body burn calories. The only consideration when it comes to caffeine in supplements such as fat burners is the amount or volume. Some fat burners contain more than the average caffeine recommended, and some may have much too little to be effective. Having too much of this substance in the body can cause insomnia, nervousness, and even a fast heart rate which can be lethal.

  • Green tea extract: Another popular ingredient for almost all kinds of medication and substance that is ingested in the body is green tea extract. Fat burners contain green tea extracts because of their unique quality of reducing the amount of fat that is being taken in the body. Furthermore, it also aids in burning calories in the body. Unfortunately, the amount of fat to be burned also depends on the amount of extract that is consumed. Taking a quick walk for a few minutes would probably provide better results than a very less amount of green tea extract.
  • Carnitine: The substance which gives a boost in the rate of metabolism and energy is carnitine. This substance is usually found on meat as well as dairy products such as cheese, milk, yogurt, cream, and so on. Furthermore, natural carnitine is also naturally produced by the kidneys and liver, and functions to improve metabolism. Unfortunately, having too much of this substance can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and other sorts of sickness.
  • Soluble fiber: There are two sorts of fibers – soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber. Both these types are beneficial to the body however soluble fibers are found to be much better at curbing or suppressing appetite. In addition, this substance can keep the body from absorbing ingested fat. Soluble fiber ingredients found on fat burners and supplements include guar gum, beta-glucans, glucomannan, and many others.

Is it safe?

Many fat burner supplements and pills are not yet approved by food and drug administrations which makes many people skeptical about this product. One question that is usually asked around this area is – is it safe? As far as the substances and all-natural ingredients are concerned, it should be effective given it comes in recommended amounts. However, the amounts of these substances in every supplement are varied thus the effects may differ as well. Furthermore, not all fat-burning supplements aren’t regulated and approved by authorities because some may pose danger to other sensitive users.

If you’re considering supplements and fat burners to shed off some extra body weight, it is always best to consult your doctor or physician. Remember that not all people are the same – each has a different substance and nutrient required to lose fat effectively. Doctors are aware of the things which the body needs and the body doesn’t. So, before deciding to invest in a supplement or fat burner, make a visit to a medical practitioner for advice and recommendation.

Burning fat naturally

If you’re looking to burn fat the natural way or without the use of supplements or medications, you can do so by eating some natural foods and substances. These fat-burning foods are as follows:

Coffee and green tea: as mentioned earlier, caffeine is a common substance of supplements. Without the need for supplements, caffeine is easily obtained through our favorite energy drink – coffee or tea. These food sources are easy to acquire and also come in a variety of flavors. While these food products give a boost in energy, it also boosts the body’s fat-burning capability.

Protein: what the body needs to effectively break down fat is energy and increased metabolism. Increasing protein intake provides the body with energy to break down unwanted calories and it also helps suppress or control appetite. Protein can be naturally found in foods such as eggs, dairy products, and meat products.

Fiber: Fiber which serves to control hunger and keep the body from absorbing fat can also be found in a variety of natural food sources. This substance can be found mostly on fruits such as strawberries, avocado, apples, bananas, carrots, and even from vegetables such as broccoli, beets, beans, and so much more.

Our final thoughts

Supplements or fat burners are designed to help the body’s capability to burn extra calories, however, the proper amounts and the right combination of substances, as well as ingredients, are yet to be verified. If you’re considering these supplements, it is always best to consult your physician to make sure you’re taking in something that would benefit rather than harm your body.




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