Banana pepper facts and health benefits

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Banana pepper Quick Facts
Name: Banana pepper
Scientific Name: Capsicum anuum
Origin South America
Colors Pale yellow to green to yellow (Fruit)
Shapes Narrow, long, taper, curve shaped, resembles banana; Length:4-6 inches (Fruit)
Taste Mild, tangy
Calories 33 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Vitamin C (113.89%)
Vitamin B6 (34.08%)
Copper (13.00%)
Total dietary Fiber (11.05%)
Vitamin K (9.83%)
Health benefits Absorbs minerals, Reduce gout, Prevent Arthritis, Promotes mood, Blood vessel disease
More facts about Banana pepper
Banana pepper (also known as Yellow wax pepper, Banana Supreme, Banana chili, Inferno, Biscayne, Aruba, Anaheim, Cubanelle, the AAS winners Carmen, Hungarian Wax, Ooty Chile, Giant Marconi and Gypsy) is a type of chili pepper which is originated from South America. This cultivar produces the fruit in different colors including green, red, bright yellow and orange. Banana pepper is five times milder than Jalapeno pepper.

The plant of Banana pepper grows up to 1 to 2 feet high and does well in warm climates with well-drained soil. Fruits are narrow, long, tapering with curve shaped or resembles banana which is about 4-6 inches long. The fruits are pale yellow to green to yellow in color. It is of mild and tangy taste, having a range of 0–500 Scoville units.

Nutritional Value

Banana peppers are sweet and hot which is high in vitamin content, fiber and also low in calories. Banana peppers are good amount of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and folate which are essential for maintaining heart health and reduce the chances of certain cancers. Banana pepper helps to maintain health of our bones, tendons, blood vessels and ligaments. It acts as an antioxidant to eradicate cancer.

Due to the low amount of fat, calories and sodium, Banana peppers are considered as the great weight loss diets. They possess an adequate amount of dietary fiber, potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Banana peppers are added in the light salads to make them more filling.

Health Benefits of Banana pepper

Banana pepper is low in fat and calories which makes it a favorable diet. It also promotes the blood pressure, digestion and blood circulation. The presence of Vitamin C and Vitamin A strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

  1. Absorbs minerals

The body must absorb the nutrients to function the body properly. The digestive system should be able to take the nutrients from the food that we consume and absorb it to the bloodstream. When the cells absorb the nutrients and vitamins, the body would be able to reduce the inflammation and progress of disease. The intake of Vitamin C with iron increases the absorption of iron in the children and adults.

  1. Reduce gout

Vitamin C is correlated in reducing the chances of Gout which afflicts a big toe. The big toe becomes inflamed, painful and stiff which outcome the excess uric acid that leads to forming crystals in joints. The study shows that the intake of 1000-1499 mg of Vitamin C helps to reduce the chances of gout by 31% in comparison to those who did not consume the supplements.

  1. Prevent Arthritis

The low presence of Vitamin B6 is related to increase the chances of rheumatoid arthritis. The studies shows that the arthritis patients needs more amount of Vitamin B6 in comparison to the healthy ones because they experience the continuous joint pain and muscle aches which is caused due to the chronic inflammation. Vitamin B6 helps to control the aches and pain in the joints and muscles caused due to the arthritis.

  1. Promotes mood

The research shows that Vitamin B6 has a vital impact on the production of both GABA neurotransmitters and serotonin in the brain. These neurotransmitters help to control the mood and prevent pain, depression, anxiety and fatigue. Vitamin B6 is related to increase the mood and prevent the mood disorders. Vitamin B6 involves in the production of hormones and effectively treats the brain diseases and mood disorders. The research shows that the intake of Vitamin B6 helps to reduce the pain, uplifts the mood; avoid lack of energy as well as concentration.

  1. Blood vessel disease

Vitamin B6 is required to regulate the homocysteine levels in the blood which is accomplished from the consumption of protein sources such as meat. The high amount of homocysteine levels in the blood is associated with an inflammation and development of blood vessel disease and heart disease which may lead to heart attack.

The homocysteine levels builds in the absence of Vitamin B6 which damages the linings of blood vessel. This can lead to the harmful buildup of plaque that contributes to stroke or heart attack. The intake of Vitamin B6 with folate helps to reduce the homocysteine levels and repairs the damage. Vitamin B6 helps to manage the level of cholesterol and blood pressure which helps to prevent the heart disease.

  1. Eliminates free radicals

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which prevents the damage caused by free radicals, pollutants and toxic chemicals. The buildup of free radicals contributes to the growth of health ailments such as arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Free radicals form when the body breaks down the food or when exposed to tobacco, smoke and radiation.

  1. Brain health

The study shows that the inadequate amount of copper impacts on the brain pathways such as galactose and dopamine. It is essential for maintaining energy, mood, outlook and focus. The low amount of copper results in fatigue, low metabolic activity, concentration problem and poor mood. Copper helps to utilize the antioxidants such as vitamin C, ascorbate oxidase, superoxide and tyroinase. These helps to eradicate the free radical damage and slows down the process of ageing that leads to cancer, signs of aging and neuro degenerative disease.

  1. Thyroid functions

Copper is essential for the thyroid function because it combines with the minerals such as calcium, potassium and zinc which helps to balance the thyroid activities and prevent hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. As the relationship between trace minerals is complicated, the rise in one should be balanced by other. Due to the excessive presence of deficiency of these minerals in the body, one could suffer from thyroid. This can contribute to the weight loss or gain, fatigue, change in appetite and body temperature.

  1. Assist digestion

Both fibers are essential for digestion. Insoluble fiber is essential because it provides bulk to a stool. Insoluble fiber also speeds up the time required to pass the waste from the digestive tract which helps to prevent from indigestion, constipation and bloating. Soluble fiber helps to absorb the water to convert into a viscous and gelatinous substance that assists in digestion. One should drink ample amounts of water when having a fiber rich diet.

  1. Prevent heart ailments

The research shows that there is negative relation between the intake of insoluble fiber and diastolic, systolic, triglycerides, blood pressure and cholesterol level. Additionally, soluble fibers help to lower bad cholesterol level by preventing the cholesterol absorption. The studies show that the diet rich in fiber lowers the chances of heart disease, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.





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