Beef tallow uses and benefits

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Beef tallow Quick Facts
Name: Beef tallow
Colors White or yellowish
Calories 1849 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Total Fat (585.71%)
Vitamin E (936.93%)
Choline (29.75%)
Selenium (0.73%)
Health benefits Cholesterol level, Eradicates free radicals, Treats damage, Prevents hair damage, Maintains balance
More facts about Beef tallow
Beef tallow is the fat which is extracted from the beef which is the processed form of suet. In the room temperature, it becomes solid. Without refrigerating it could be stored for long periods. It is placed in an airtight container in order to ward off oxidation. It contains 4% of polyunsaturated fat, 42% of monounsaturated fat and 50% of saturated fat. Tallow is great for the skin as it contains vitamins such as niacin, D, A, K and E. It possesses the conjugated linoleic acid that contains the anti-inflammatory properties that helps to counteract the cancer. Palmitoleic is a nutrient which is available in tallow and possesses various antimicrobial properties.

The Beef tallow is extracted through wet or dry rendering process. The substance or edible beef tallow is white or yellowish. It is not soluble in water but could be soluble in an organic solvent. USA is regarded as the highest exporter as well as producer of beef tallow which accounts to approximately 30% of the fat and oil production globally. It was used in the ointments, soaps and lightning in early cultures.

Nutritional value

One cup of beef tallow provides 1849 calories, 205 grams of fat, 5.54 mg of Vitamin E, 163.6 mg of choline and 0.4 µg of selenium. It also contains the vitamins such as 163.6 mg of choline, 5.54 mg of Vitamin E, 1.4 µg of Vitamin D, 1.4 µg of Vitamin D3 and 57 IU of Vitamin D. The lipids such as 1.845 g of lauric acid, 7.585 g of myristic acid, 51.045 g of palmitic acid, 38.745 g of margaric acid, 8.61 g of palmitoleic acid, 73.8 g of oleic acid, 0.615 g of gadoleic acid, 6.355 g of linoleic acid, 1.23 g of linolenic acid and 223 mg of cholesterol.

Health Benefits of Beef tallow

Beef tallow is the rendered fat which provides various benefits with its use. It has high boiling point and helps to eliminate free radicals. It helps to prevent breast tumors and provides strong bones. It becomes solid at 20 degree Celsius of room temperature. It has mild odor and is usually white or light yellow in color. It is used in cooking to fry the food or added to vegetable dishes.

  1. Cholesterol level

Cholesterol is formed by the liver and is essential for the body for the functioning of nerves, cells and hormones. It helps to normalize the level of cholesterol. The oxidation of cholesterol level is harmful for the body. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which counteracts the free radicals that could lead to oxidation of cholesterol.

  1. Eradicates free radicals

The cells are break down by the free radicals in the body which are the main cause for the cancer and heart disease. It is formed naturally that could damage the body due to oxidation. Vitamin E lowers the damage of free radicals, inflammation and slows down the aging process. The studies show that it could raise the immunity by preventing the illness.

  1. Treats damage

It maintains the elasticity and moisture of the skin and acts as anti-aging properties. It lowers inflammation on the skin or body. It provides youthful skin. The intake of Vitamin E and Vitamin C helps to lower eczema and acne. It also treats sunburn that is the main cause for the skin cancer. It speeds up the regeneration of cells and effectively treats acne, scars and wrinkles.

  1. Prevents hair damage

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that lowers the hair damage.  It stimulates the scalp circulation. The oil of Vitamin E helps to maintain the skin moisture and prevents the flakey and dry scalp. The people with dull and dry hair should apply Vitamin E oil.

  1. Maintains balance

It maintains balance of nervous and endocrine system. Weight gain, PMS, allergies, anxiety, urinary tract infections and fatigue are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The hormone balances assist in the regular menstrual cycle and maintains healthy weight.

  1. Treats PMS

The supplement of Vitamin E lowers the cravings, anxiety and cramps which are associated with PMS. It lowers the severity and duration of pain and also lowers the loss of blood during periods.

  1. Eye health

Vitamin E lowers the chances of macular degeneration that could result in blindness. For the effective results, Vitamin E should be consumed with zinc, beta carotene and Vitamin C. The excessive intake of Vitamin A and Vitamin E helps to enhance the vision health.

  1. Treats Alzheimer’s

It slows down the loss of memory and Alzheimer’s disease. It lowers the independence loss. Vitamin C and Vitamin E lowers the chances of dementia.

  1. Treatments

Vitamin E lowers the effects of dialysis and radiation medical treatments. It is an antioxidant which helps to counteract the free radicals from the body. It also reduces the side effects of drugs that could lead to hair loss or lung damage.

  1. Strengthen muscles

It helps to enhance the physical endurance. It raises the energy and lowers the oxidative stress on the muscles. It strengthens the muscles and treats fatigue by enhancing the circulation of blood and strengthen the cells as well as capillary walls.

Traditional uses

  • It is used to treat dry hands, cracked and also as a moisturizer.
  • It helps to enhance the production of collagen and lower inflammation.


  • It could cause nausea and gagging with vomiting if consumed in excess amounts.
  • It leads to gain weight if consumed excessively.

How to Eat         

  • It is used to fry foods.
  • It is also used to bake cakes, breads and pastries.

Other Facts        

  • It provides energy to the human body.
  • It was used as a lubricating agent for leather, wood and metal items.
  • It is also used to make soaps, cosmetics, candles, lubricants and biofuel.






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