Best Testosterone Enanthate vs. Propionate: Which One is better for Muscle Building?

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Testosterone is essential in developing and maintaining a male’s masculine characteristics. Good testosterone levels, also known as T-levels, lead to strength, appropriate muscle mass, and facial or body hair growth. Unfortunately, you can suffer from low T levels due to age or health conditions, which leads to sexual dysfunction and shrinking testicles in men. It also affects women and leads to hot flashes.

Corrective testosterone therapy uses medication such as testosterone enanthate powder, which can boost the T level. Another viable option is Testosterone propionate, which can help restore the T-level. But which of the two steroids is the best? Read here to find out.

Information about Testosterone Enanthate and Propionate

Testosterone enanthate is clinically manufactured androgen and an anabolic steroid. It functions like a version of the testosterone hormone, a naturally occurring sex in males. It’s part of the medication in testosterone therapy administered if you suffer from male hypogonadism (lack of testosterone hormone). It’s also available in powder form, which you can cycle for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Also known as (TestE), you can get this steroid from leading stockists. However, for safety purposes, you must buy it from a reputable testosterone enanthate powder supplier.

Propionate is another androgen steroid medication used to treat low testosterone levels, and it works by replenishing low testosterone levels. This steroid fell out of favor with the introduction of longer-acting forms of testosterone since you have to inject it every two to three days.

Testosterone Enanthate Vs. Propionate: Which One is Better?

Of the two steroids, enanthate is better compared to propionate. For starters, enanthate requires fewer doses with a spacing of two to three weeks. Propionate’s short life is the reason behind this since the level T levels are reduced two days after injection. Due to this, it requires multi-weekly administration, which can expose you to server-side effects. However, this steroid works faster compared to other esters like enanthate.

In comparison, testosterone enanthate steroid has a favorable plasma half-life. An injection of this medication sustains T-levels in normal condition for up to 12 days. This makes it safer since you don’t have to inject it frequently. Cycling TestE powder also showed sustained and better results. Clinical studies and research have concluded that the increase in muscle strength is demonstrated after 12- to 20 weeks of cycling the powder. And depending on your cycling and stacking, your body will have a sustained testosterone level, with the maximum effects manifesting after six to 12 months. Therefore, it’s safe to say that enanthate is the best for high bone density or muscle and bone mass. It’d be best to go for a safer steroid like enanthate to treat low T levels or for bodybuilding.


Research and clinical trials have proved that testosterone enanthate powder effectively builds muscles. It does so by increasing the rate of protein synthesis while improving muscular nitrogen retention. Cycling the powder is also effective in increasing muscle recovery and strength. It can also increase libido and energy by promoting leaner body mass. Some users have reported the development of stronger bones, which can be attributed to the effect of steroids on bone mineral density.

Testosterone enanthate also helps improve verbal memory and mathematical abilities. It also has the potential to improve spatial abilities, especially in males aged 35. This steroid also effectively treats cardiovascular conditions associated with low T levels. Testosterone enanthate boosts the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. Other benefits include delayed disease processes and improved quality of life. However, these benefits only come from buying safe testosterone enanthate from reputable manufacturers.


Testosterone enanthate has various uses, such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy, antiaging, and treating breast cancer. In addition, this androgen and an anabolic steroid are efficient in treating conditions related to radiation and chemotherapy. However, it’d be best to take it in the correct dosage for efficiency.

While cycling the powder form, it’d be best to take 50 to 400 milligrams for two to four weeks if it’s for male hypogonadism. Five to 200 Mg for four to six months is ideal for delayed puberty. 50 to 200 Mg per week is suitable for Transgender hormone therapy. And if you are suffering from breast cancer, 200 to 400 Mg every two to four weeks would be appropriate.

Besides cycling, you can stack testosterone enanthate, which combines several related steroids to maximize the effectiveness of the primary steroid. Suppose you experience severe side effects like vomiting; pyramiding is the best option. This refers to gradually using the steroid as you get tolerant until you attain the dose, then reducing it.

Six to eight weeks is the ideal cycling period, followed by an equal or more significant recovery period. The break gives your body a chance to produce testosterone, adjust, and heal naturally. This period is also essential as it helps observe if there are side effects, including hair loss, high blood pressure, and skin color changes. You may also experience withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, depression, and mood swings during this period.

Best Manufacturer of Testosterone Enanthate and Propionate Powder

There are several manufacturers of these steroids. However, AAS raw is arguably the best manufacturer and testosterone enanthate powder supplier. The manufacturer adheres to all manufacturing CGMP regulations and has a reputable and trackable quality control system. These features make its steroids safe for human consumption. When placing your order, some factors to consider, apart from the manufacturing process and reputation, include delivery time and customer experience.

To place your order from a reputable company, you will contact the manufacturer and leave your contact details. A representative will call you within 12 hours and inquire about the quantity and address. From there, you will receive a quotation, payment terms, means of delivery, and tracking number. The company will deliver your order as soon as possible.

Testosterone is an essential hormone in adults, both male and female. In males, it’s responsible for the growth of spurts, deepening of the voice, and hair growth in pubic regions. The hormones are also responsible for sex drive in both sexes. Unfortunately, age or health conditions can affect the T levels. Should that happen, it would be best to administer medication or cycle powder form, such as testosterone enanthate powder. This intramuscular injection or powder stacking will restore the level of testosterone hormones.




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