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In-depth information regarding health care benefits, with table of fruit nutrition facts of different fruits. Check out these benefits of your favorite fruits.

Know about the Mundu 7.7

Also known as Baniti, Gourka, Egg Tree, Mundu and Rata Fruit, it is a sub-woody plant that belongs to Clusiaceae…

Health Benefits of Barbary fig 7.5

Scientifically known as Opuntia monacantha has other common names such as Barbary fig, Cochineal Fig, Barbary Fig, Cochineal Prickly-Pear, Common…

Know about Red Durian 7.7

Durio dulcis also known as Lahong, Durian marangang (or merangang), Tutong and Red durian is a large tree belongs to…

Know about Kapok 8.5

Native to Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, Northern South America and tropical West Africa, Kapok tree is cultivated widely in Southeast…

Know about Sausage Tree 8.4

Kigelia Africana belongs to family Bignoniaceae and has extensive geographical distribution in West and Central Africa. The tree is found…

Know about the Nipa palm 8.1

Nipa palm is native to China, Bangladesh, Ryuku Islands, the Andaman, Sri Lanka, India and Nicobar Islands, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar,…

Facts about Mock Strawberry 7.7

Duchesnea indica (sometimes called Potentilla indica), known commonly by the names mock strawberry, Indian strawberry, or false strawberry, is a…

Peach Palm facts 7.7

Peach palm is a species of palm inherent to tropical forests of South and Central America and also available in…

Know about Adonidia Palm 7.2

Adonidia palm thrives well in tropical climate and is inherent to Philippines and is cultivated throughout the world’s tropic for…

Know about Kubal Madu 6.1

Kubal Madu is a vigorous climbing shrub which produces woody stems upto 60 meters long. Stems climb to the top…

Health Benefits of Conkerberry 6.2

Carissa spinarum also called Conkerberry belongs to dogbane family Apocynaceae and is widely distributed throughout tropical regions of Africa, Australia,…

Facts about Date Plum 8.7

Date plum scientifically known as Diospyros lotus is a tree species in the genus Diospyros which contains approximately 763 to…

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