Cooking Hacks to Become a Better Chef in Minutes

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Not everyone loves cooking. It can be a chore to make food if you don’t enjoy it, which means you probably don’t spend the time to try to become a better chef! Taking some time to learn just a few techniques can help you improve your cooking and, in turn, how good your food tastes. If you spend just 30 minutes learning a few things and maybe investing in a couple of appliances for your kitchen, you may find that you actually start enjoying your time in the kitchen.

Invest in a good thermometer.

One thing that most amateur chefs don’t have is a good thermometer, and people generally use their senses and a bit of guesswork to decide if their food is cooked. According to experts at, by picking up a good thermometer, you’ll never have overcooked food again. Try a digital thermometer, which means you don’t have to poke anything inside your food and to avoid an additional item to clean once you’re done!

Take notes of recipes you enjoy.

One of the best ways to make cooking and preparing food more enjoyable is to create your own cookbook with recipes you enjoyed. After a full day of working, the last thing you want to do is to start thinking about what to cook. If you have a list of all the recipes you’ve tried and enjoyed, then you can simply look at this at the start of the week. Choose two or three and cook them in bulk. Every time you try something new and enjoy it, add it onto the list, and soon, you’ll have 20 recipes you can cook quickly and easily. If you’re really struggling for time, then another option is to try a takeaway such as the KFC menu on This isn’t a solution for every night, but can be useful in a pinch!

Buy good knives and keep them sharp.

If you’re coming to chopping your onions and find yourself struggling, then it’s either time to get new knives or have your current ones sharpened. Good knives are a slight investment, but it will be worth it when you’re dicing your vegetables with ease. An at-home sharpener will help keep the blade nice and sharp and means you won’t have to repurchase another knife for years. You can also get your knives professionally sharpened once a year to really keep the blade as sharp as the day you bought it.

Use chicken thighs rather than breast.

One of the most common purchases when you do the weekly food shop is a pack of chicken breast, and they are used in tons of recipes. A simple upgrade is to switch from chicken breast to chicken thighs, which are cheaper and taste better than chicken breast as the meat is closer to the bone. Get a family pack, and you’ll have more than enough meat for the week.




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