Do Healthy People have a Better Relationship with Others?

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As they say, it is easy to build a relationship than maintain one. Forming a relationship and maintaining a relationship are two completely distinct ideas. Numerous factors that may or may not be in your control will parlay into how successful your relationship is with others.

But, the factors that you have control over, should always be worked upon in order to give yourself the best chance of excelling in maintaining your relationships with others. Among them is your health.

Yes, your health can be a detriment or accelerator of wellness when it comes to your personal relationships. When you stay better, the people whom you are in a relationship with will stay better. 

It is no secret that when we are physically and mentally fit, we tend to be more productive. It not only helps in our professional and academic life but also contributes to our personal life.

What Does Being Healthy Mean?

The idea of what being healthy is can differ from individual to individual.

Being healthy is more than just being free of ailments and diseases. It is more than having a small waist or chiselled abs. It is more than having the ability to run a community marathon once a year. It is about each fibre in your body bouncing with sheer joy.

We are living an extremely competitive and busy life. Naturally, not everyone can devote the same number of hours or amount of energy to gyms and yoga classes. But not actively choosing to contribute to a healthy lifestyle is inexcusable.

Even if you can’t hit the gym or attend CrossFit or Zumba classes like our peers, you can still do minimal exercises in the comfort of your home. You can always have a healthy diet. You can frame out a better sleeping schedule. You can choose to avoid drama and negative energies as much as possible.

The sky is the limit here and we understand that sometimes things can be easier said than done. However, each of your actions counts, no matter how small they are. It is never going to be easy in the beginning and it is never too late to start.

You have to find your own path. No one can help you better the way you can. It is very much akin to the well-run machinery of a vehicle. The initial efforts are the hardest but once the wheels get going, the subsequent actions will seem effortless. You will find the rhythm and flow with it with ease.

People who choose to stay active regularly have a better mindset and surround themselves with positive people and positive energy. This is why fitness-oriented people prefer dating from a pool of people who share the same mindset.

And although the gyms in your area are a great way to socialise and find potential dates, sometimes it is not enough. Fortunately, a number of fitness dating sites are available these days that help in connecting people who have an interest in physical and mental fitness. 

Negative Implications of Bad Health on Relationships

We, humans, are social animals. We tend to feed off each other’s energy. The influence that we have on our partner can stem from how well we are doing physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is why taking care of ourselves is crucial because if we can’t take care of our own health, how can we contribute to the flourishment of our relationship?

Having a dim, dark, sick, pessimistic, and unhealthy attitude can devastate your relationship. Just think about it. When we have a fever or a headache, our patience level seems to run low. We tend to get irritated easily.

When we don’t get a full night’s sleep or when we are hungry, we tend to get drowsy or moody. We lash on to people, taking our anger out in the wrong arenas. As such, this builds a negative aura around us and people tend to keep their distance.

No matter how much understanding your loved ones are, after a point of time, even they will get sick of you and your attitude. Your negative demeanour will not fly with them. And slowly, you will notice that you are losing the people in your life.

This, in turn, would bear more negative implications towards you and would result in anxiety, stress, and depression, among others. So, as you see, your bad health can have a snowball effect leading to chaotic and unpleasant results.

The Connection between Fitness and Success Relationships

There is definitely a direct correlation between being fit and having a successful relationship. The fitter and healthier you lead your life, the more chances of you having a positive relationship with your significant other are. This stems from various reasons, primary among them being the follows:

Breaks the Monotone

If you and your partner are of the belief of having an active fit life, both of you can engage in various physical activities together.

These can be anything from a Pilates class together to swimming together. There is nothing like breaking the sweat with your partner.

Manages Your Stress Level

When you have a healthy lifestyle, you make yourself less vulnerable to mental and emotional stress. Your coping mechanism flourishes and you are able to deal with anxiety in a better way.

Physical exercises help in increasing your heart rate, which, in turn, releases endorphins to your body that help in lowering your stress.

Gives You Mental Clarity

Whatever path you choose to stay healthy – be it exercise, yoga, swimming, running, cycling, eating/cooking healthy – it invariably becomes part of your “me time”. It becomes sacred to you and it gives you the ability to completely immerse yourself in your own world.

And since it helps in freshening your mind, it gives you a lot of clarity, which, in turn, helps you tackle life decisions, including those in your relationships, in a better way.

Adds Accountability

Being responsible is a key factor in sustaining a relationship and we all know that responsibility arises from taking accountability.  The commitment you make to yourself when you decide to live a healthy lifestyle compels you to do better.

For instance, if you decide that you will do 30 push-ups or run 2 miles every day without fail, you won’t give in to mindless excuses. This will slowly and gradually reflect on how you handle your relationship. You will become more accountable towards your duties in a relationship which ultimately will contribute towards having a healthy relationship.

As you see, being healthy not only helps you but also your relationship. So, take action, be responsible for your health, and make positive changes in your relationships. Interestingly enough, you will find that all three of them are interconnected with each other.




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