Health benefits of Asafoetida Powder

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Health benefits of Asafoetida PowderAsafoetida Powder have been renowned for its therapeutic value as well as utilized in number of herbal treatments for a number of illnesses. Asafoetida is definitely the native of Iran and part of the Ferula species of plants. It is utilized in numerous Indian dishes since it is a source of pungent flavor.

Asafoetida word originates from the Persian word “asa” and also the Latin,” foetida” that roughly results in Fetid smelling resin. Its different titles are devil’s dung, stinking gum, asant, food of the gods and lots of other names in various languages. It features a pungent and unpleasant smell, within the raw form however when cooked, it increases the taste as well as flavor of the recipe. A pinch of asafoetida is included with food preparations composed of potatoes, lentils, peas, etc. It may cause serious diarrhea as well as vomiting when it’s consumed raw. Asafoetida can be found in three forms like tears, mass as well as paste. Tears is the finest form of resin and therefore are rounded or even flattened in shape, 5 to 30 mm in diameter and dull yellow or grayish in color. The common commercial form is Mass asafetida. It includes tears converted into a more or less uniform mass generally combined with fragments of root, earth etc. The paste form also includes extraneous matter.

Health benefits of Asafoetida Powder

Asafoetida is a great anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-oxidant agent which will help in reducing various stomach associated problems together with aiding in the whole process of digestion. It may also assist in avoiding cancer as well as sexually transmitted diseases. The element of asafoetida, usually utilized is the gum resin that is obtained from its roots, offered it is at least 4 years old. This particular gum is extracted, generally, in the summer months simply by cutting away the stem of the plant and making effective slices from the roots, where the gum stays accumulated.

Listed below are some Health benefits of Asafoetida Powder:

1. Asthma and Bronchitis

With the aid of the asafoetida powder agitated nerves because of the symptoms of bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough could be calm down due to its anti-microbial property. Take a teaspoon of asafoetida powder and blend it with 2 tsp honey, 1 tsp betel leaf juice along with a quarter spoon of white onion juice. Whenever you are troubled by  the signs of such illnesses, consume this medical combination.

2. Repellant

The pungent smell keeps away insects which includes flies and mosquitoes. Numerous have used asafoetida around their yards and gardens to avert stray dogs, cats, and rabbits. The odor might also repel individuals so best not be used on a first date.

3. Toothache

Asafoetida likewise helps to cure toothache. Make a combination of powdered asafoetida and lemon juice. Dab a cotton swab within the solution and put it on the cavity of aching tooth. The pain appeared to decrease by the great degree.

4. Stomach Disorders

Stomach disorders may also be successfully healed through this herb. It is among the best treatments obtainable for flatulence and most digestive powders include large quantity of asafoetida in them. In case of flatulence as well as distension of the stomach, asafoetida ought to be mixed in hot water along with a pad of cloth steeped in it can be utilized for compressing the abdomen.

5. Spasms

It is utilized to reduce spasms within the bowel due to its antispasmodic property. Asafoetida assists children and adults struggling with internal worms and various types of internal parasites. Also, problems like long-term fatigue, candidiasis as well as weakness of the digestive system. Asafoetida may also deal with the cases of nervous disorders in kids.

6. Hysteria

The herb is a superb medication for hysteria. Hysterical attacks could be avoided by breathing in of this gum. A mixture created by 2 grams of the gum along with 120 ml of water is really a valuable enema per rectum for treating hysteria, whenever oral dosage not recommended.

7. Children’s Disorders

Using this type of herb, nervous disorders of children may also be treated. Europeans think that a small piece of this gum, hung around a child’s neck, would protect it from numerous illnesses, particularly germs which can be responsive to the pungent odor.

8. Opium

Those who are dependent on opium may be treatable with this particular herb that serves as an antidote. The sedating quality of asafoetida causes it to be a highly effective treatment for high blood pressure levels. The oil extracted from this plant is recognized to reduce the levels of total cholesterol in your body.

9. Women’s Ailments

Many gynaecological difficulties in females just like sterility, unwanted abortion, pre-mature labor, abnormally painful, difficult and excessive menstruation and leucorrhoea are handled by this herb. About 12 centigrams of gum fried in ghee combined with 120 grams of goat’s fresh milk along with a tablespoon of honey, needs to be provided 3 times daily for the month. It increases the secretion of progesterone hormone. Asafoetida is usually very theraputic for ladies after childbirth due to its anti flatulent and digestive properties.

10. Impotency

The herb is additionally utilized in the management of impotency. About 6 centigrams of asafoetida ought to be fried in ghee and combined with honey along with a teaspoon of fresh latex of banyan tree. Before sunrise this mix ought to be taken once daily for 40 days. Additionally it is regarded as a particular medication for spermatorrhoea and early ejaculation.

Side effects of Asafoetida Powder

The uncooked asafoetida herb is known to cause symptoms like nausea and vomiting in various patients.The continual utilisation of the herbal remedies created from the asafoetida over can cause irritation within the throat, it can result in the accumulation of gas within the abdominal region, it may cause diarrhea, and it will also result in the growth and development of a definite burning sensation while urinating in patients.Women that are pregnant should avoid using this herb in all forms throughout the term of pregnancy as you possibly can side effects can disturb the pregnancy.

The herb is known to cause miscarriage, and it’s also commonly known as to affect the periodicity of the menstrual cycle.





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