Health benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil

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Health benefits of Black Pepper Essential OilThe essential oil which is obtained from black pepper is known as black pepper essential oil. The oil has got all of the primary ingredients of black pepper, together with the extra advantage that it’s volatile and could be utilized in aromatherapy.

Black pepper oil is mainly created in India, Singapore, as well as Malaysia; the origin of the plant is additionally considered to be in the same countries, extending to China, Indonesia, as well as Madagascar.

Health benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil

The health benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oil could be related to its properties like a digestive, diaphoretic, carminative, aperient, antispasmodic, antirheumatic, antiarthritic, anti-bacterial, as well as antioxidant compound.

Black Pepper is recognized as a condiment or perhaps a spice which is common as well as popular around the world. It is thoroughly utilized in cookery uses. It tastes hot and it has an appealing aroma. Black pepper is definitely the dried fruit of the pepper plant, whose scientific name is Piper Nigrum.

In the distant past, it absolutely was regarded as sacred and it was even utilized as a form of currency. It absolutely was so valuable it has been exchanged for gold and it was probably the most prized trade items exported from India to the rest of the world. It absolutely was regarded as more useful than gold.The key elements of its essential oil are Limonene, Pinene, Myrcene, Phellandrene, Beta Caryophyllene, Beta Bisabolene, Sabinene, Linalol, Pinocarveol, Alpha Termineol, Camphene and Alpha Terpenene. Aside from those, black pepper is additionally abundant with minerals and vitamins just like Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Vitamin-K, Beta Carotene, Phosphorus, Potassium and Selenium. Let’s explore much more about the number of remarkable health advantages which black pepper essential oil has in store for us!

Listed below are some health advantages of Black Pepper Essential oil:

1. Carminative

Black Pepper Oil is carminative so it helps eliminate gases as well as prohibit additional gas formation within the stomach as well as in the intestines. It may also help hinder bacteria that are responsible for the development of gas.

2. Antirheumatic & Anti-arthritic

These are two of the best qualities of black pepper oil. It really is warming, revitalizing as well as enhances circulation, therefore providing instant relief for rheumatism and arthritis, especially throughout the winter once the symptoms are aggravated the most. Additionally it is great at getting rid of toxins just like uric acid from the blood, therefore benefiting individuals struggling with chronic rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

3. Aperient

Black pepper oil has got mild purgative qualities, however it is safe for the system, unlike various other purgatives just like Castor Oil. It helps clean the intestines and at the same time, cures infections within the digestive and also the excretory system.

4. Antispasmodic

It is an effective antispasmodic and provides good relief in case there is cramps, muscles pulls, spasms, or convulsions.

5. Diaphoretic & Diuretic

Black pepper oil, whenever consumed, raises sweating as well as urination. Both these qualities perform a crucial role within the elimination of toxins through the body, clearing of the pores on the skin, and disinfecting the body. Sweating as well as urinating help remove extra water and fat through the body, therefore dropping pounds, reducing blood pressure and making the body very relaxed. These properties may also be ideal for reducing inflammation.

6. Antioxidant

This is another advantageous property of black pepper oil. It safeguards the body from damages made by oxidants (free radicals) and also helps you to restore those damages which have recently been done. Additionally, it delays adverse affects of aging like vision loss, macular degeneration, wrinkling of the skin, degeneration and loosening of the muscles, lack of mobility within the joints, nervous disorders, and memory loss.

7. Antibacterial

It’s got good anti-bacterial qualities that you could enjoy with no adverse side effects. It is extremely great at curing bacterial infections within the mouth, colon, digestive system, as well as urinary tract. In addition, it disinfects food that it is included with and protects them from bacterial infections for very long periods.

8. Digestive

Black pepper is extremely therapeutic for digestion since it energizes the whole digestive system, through the salivary glands in the mouth towards the large intestine, which includes promoting secretion of digestive juices just like acids and bile in the stomach to facilitate digestion. Black pepper could be safely utilized as a spice for food for those who are on a bland diet or are otherwise forbidden to have chilies. People struggling with ulcer of the mouth or even digestive system, jaundice, or perhaps severe acidity need to avoid consuming chili peppers. Black pepper is really a delicious and healthy alternative.

9. Stomach pains

If you suffer from stomach pains, food poisoning or other digestive problem, you are able to combine black pepper ethereal oil with a carrier oil (e.g. olive oil or jojoba oil) and rub the mix in your stomach.Whenever massaging this particular part of the body remember that you ought to massage in the clockwise motion. Both the massage and also the black pepper essential oil need to relieve your previously mentioned stomach problems. This volatile oil likewise helps eliminate gasses and suppresses their formation within the intestines as well as in the stomach.

10. Muscle pains and stiffness

In case you work out (even only once in a while), you actually know what does it mean to suffer from muscle aches. Sometimes the muscles hurt as hell also it appears like you cannot even move them. That is the moment whenever black pepper essential oil comes handy. Whenever your muscles hurt, this means that you’ve lactic acid build up within your muscles. So as to reduce the pain, these toxins have to be released in the blood stream, exactly where they may be neutralized. Black pepper oil helps that process. You need to simply massage this oil (combined with a carrier oil of course) in the muscles that create you the pain.

11. Increased circulation

Black pepper encourages blood circulation. Essential oil created from this plant has got similar qualities. Because of that it’s considered a hot oil. To improve blood circulation you can use it in combined massage oil or even dilute it in bath. Elevated blood flow helps with getting rid of muscle pains, as I’ve mentioned earlier. It may also help in stagnant circumstances like rheumatism or arthritis. If you suffer cold feet or hands, this particular oil need to bring warmth to them. Black pepper volatile oil can easily utilized as aphrodisiac, similarly as black pepper itself.

12. Minor health issues

When it gets cold outside, black pepper essential oil (that has antiseptic properties) ought to be much of a help to you. If you suffer by nasal congestion or coughs, it is time to offer this ethereal oil a try. If you get the chills from the flu, black pepper oil should help you either. In case there is a runny nose or even coughs you are able to dilute a few drops of the oil in hot water and breathe in the vapor. In case there is chills it is probably easier to rub black pepper oil combined with a carrier oil in your body. Due to anti-inflammatory qualities of the oil, you may also utilize it to avoid any conditions of gums and teeth.

13. Increases alertness

Black pepper volatile oil may be used in vapor therapy to encourage awareness, attention as well as concentration. Additionally, it cuts down on the tension as well as stress. These qualities could be particularly beneficial if you have lots of tasks to complete and also have to stay concentrated till you’re completed with them. Just in case you were wondering – black pepper essential oil doesn’t smell like black pepper. It features a fairly soft, woody fragrance.

14. Disinfects the body

Black pepper ethereal oil, whenever consumed, encourages both urination as well as sweating. Those processes are important with regards to eliminating toxins from your body. Elevated sweating also needs to assist you with clearing pores in skin. The mentioned properties assist you with losing additional water and some fat, which in turn causes blood pressure to reduce.

Ayurvedic benefits of Black Pepper essential oils

  • To ease mental stress, vaporize 3 drops of Black Pepper, and 3 drops of Mandarin.
  • To warm emotions, bathe along with 2 drops of Black Pepper, and 2 drops of Rose Absolute.
  • To ease stiff muscles, use 2 drops of Black Pepper, 2 Drops of West Indian Bay, and 6 drops of Spike Lavender.
  • To encourage digestion, use 2 drops of Black Pepper, 4 drops of ginger, and 4 drops of Bergamot mint.
  • For muscle pain and stiffness blend together 4 drops of black pepper essential oil, 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, and 2 drops of rosemary essential oil and 4 drops of lavender essential. Mix this particular blend with a carrier oil such as almond oil and rub it in the affected area as frequently when needed.
  • For rest from constipation add 1 drop of black pepper essential oil, 1 drop of lavender essential oil and 1 drop of sweet marjoram essential oil to 15 ml carrier oil such as grapeseed.
  • Gently rub over lower back and after that within the lower abdomen in clockwise circular motion.
  • To reduce feelings of nausea, put 1-2 drops of black pepper essential oil on the tissue or cotton ball as well as inhale for some minutes.
  • Black pepper essential oil is especially full of numerous helpful vitamins and minerals. These include Vitamin A and K, calcium, Potassium and Selenium that really help to keep healthy and well developed bones, control blood pressure, assisted in the formation of nails, follicles and teeth in addition to encourage enhanced brain function.

Suggested and Possible Uses of Black Pepper Essential Oil

Addictions (Tobacco)

Inhale from the bottle as desired, diffuse during the day, or add to a pendant to keep nearby while quitting smoking.


Dilute and massage 1-2 drops in the area of concern up to 1-2 times a day.

Appetite (increase)

Dilute and massage 1 drop over the abdomen as desired, or use aromatically many times a day.

Cellular Oxygenation

Inhale from the bottle diffuse through the entire room, or use in other aromatic ways to increase oxygen to the brain.


Dilute 1-2 drops of black pepper oil and massage in the soles of the feet as needed.

Circulation (increase)

Dilute and massage over the area of concern, or use aromatically to improve oxygen to the brain.


Dilute 1-2 drops and massage in the soles of the feet or over any area of concern.


Dilute 1-2 drops of black pepper essential oil and massage in the clockwise rotation over the abdomen.


Inhale from the bottle, diffuse through the room, massage 1-2 diluted drops over the chest and throat, or consider gargling in several ounces of water.


Dilute 1-2 drops of black pepper essential oil and massage in the counter-clockwise rotation over the abdomen.

Digestive Support (General)

Dilute 1-2 drops of black pepper essential oil and massage in the clockwise rotation within the abdomen as desired.

Emotional Support

Diffuse, inhale from the bottle, or dilute 1 drop and rub within the heart center as desired.


Inhale from the bottle or consider massaging into the soles of the feet daily.

Flatulence (Gas)

Use 1-2 drops of black pepper and massage in a clockwise rotation over the abdomen.


Massage 1-2 drops of essential oil in the reflex points of the feet 1-3 times a day.


Use aromatically, like diffusing or even massaging within the heart center as needed.

Immune System

Use as indicated when you are not feeling well, or massage a diluted mixture in the soles of the feet daily as desired.


Dilute 1 drop of oil with several drops of carrier oil and gently massage over the area of concern.

Peritonsillar abscess

Consider gargling with 1 drop of black pepper and 1 drop of lemon or perhaps an immunity combine several times each day.


Inhale from the bottle diffuse through the room, or use within other aromatic methods to increase oxygen to the brain.


Think about using aromatically throughout a journaling process. Massage 1 drop over the heart center (dilute for sensitive skin).


Dilute with raw coconut oil (start with 1 drop to a teaspoon or more of coconut oil) and apply a small dab to the area. Also consider using clove.


Add 1 drop to the palms of the hand, cup over the nose and mouth, and breathe slowly for 30 seconds or more.

Viral Infections

Massage 1-2 drops of black pepper within the area of concern as desired (dilute for sensitive skin) or massage in the reflex points of the feet.


Massage 1-2 drops of essential oil within the abdomen, to the reflex points of the feet, or even inhale from the bottle when needed.


Dilute 1-2 drops of black pepper oil and massage in the soles of the feet as needed.

Lower Back Pain

Put onto hot compress and apply to the lower back

Fallen Arches

Dilute in 2 tsp of oil and massage the instep towards the heel of the foot

Increased Physical Perfrmance

Dilute in 2 tsp of oil for a massage oil or use 2 drops in a bath

Arm Strain

Dilute in 2 tbsps of oil for a massage oil, use 3 times a day for 2 days

Neck Strain

Dilute in 2 tbsps of oil for a massage oil, use 3 times a day

Heart Care – Increase Circulation

Dilute in 2 tbsps of oil for massage or add 5 drops in bath

Increased Concentration

Blend Basil, cardamom, ginger, black pepper in equal proportions, use within a diffuser.

Osteoarthritis Massage Oil

Dilute in 2 tbsps of oil and use as massage.

Osteoarthritis Bath Oil

Mix 5 drops of black pepper, 15 drops of rosemary. 8 drops of marjoram. Makes enough for 7 baths.


Dilute in 2 tbsps of oil. Massage in the clockwise direction over the stomach, then within the hips and lower back, and down the spine to simply above the anus. Do this 3 times a day.

Method to extract Black Pepper Essential Oil

Generally, the steam distillation technique is utilized to extract essential oils. For black pepper, however, even though the same process may be used, nowadays the carbon dioxide distillation process is utilized.

There are two methods for doing CO2 distillation. One is to use liquid CO2 as the solvent which will dilute the essential oils from the pepper pods and let them to be extracted. The other is to use the vapor of CO2 and accomplish exactly the same purpose. The only real difference in the methods is that within the first process, liquid CO2 is utilized while in the second; CO2 in its gaseous form is used.

Once the oils are extracted from the pepper, the CO2 is allowed to dissipate leaving the pure oil behind.

Method to Use  Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper essential oil is utilized in aromatherapy to activate the spirits and provide rise to the positive emotional state. It’s also effective for stimulating the memory and relieving mental exhaustion.

Black pepper oil may be used by means of burners and vaporizers. In vapor therapy it may be useful for conditions like chills and colds. It can be diluted in the warm bath for muscle aches, gout, arthritis as well as rheumatism, since it helps with blood circulation.It may be combined with other oil to form massage oil and may even be combined in base cream to offer relief for the above conditions. Black pepper oil mixes well with that of rosemary, marjoram, frankincense, sandalwood and lavender.

A Few Words of Caution

There’s nothing to be inherently fearful of with regards to black pepper oil, with the exception that if used in vast amounts, it may result in  uneasiness, unrest, vomiting, loose motions, irritation as well as inflammation of the intestines, sleeplessness, overheating, as well as smelling highly of pepper. However, there’s nothing serious about these symptoms. That being said, keep pepper out from the eyes and nose, as it might result in irritation, sneezing, as well as burning of the eyes.

Black pepper oil warnings and cautions

If taken internally in too large a dosage, black pepper essential oil may cause kidney damage, so make sure to always consult an authorized aromatherapist before ingesting any amount of the powerful oil.Due to its powerful warmth, black pepper oil used by itself may cause surface skin burns, however when it is effectively blended and utilized in lower doses, it really is non-toxic and a completely safe cure for numerous common ailments.

It should therefore be combined with a carrier oil; sweet almond oil is fantastic for this.






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