Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential OilFrankincense, also referred to as olibanum, originates from the Boswellia genustrees, especially Boswellia sacra as well as Boswellia carteri. The milky white sap is obtained from the tree bark, allowed to harden in a gum resin for many days, and then scraped off in tear-shaped droplets.

Boswellia trees develop in African as well as Arabian regions, which include Yemen, Oman, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Oman is the foremost recognized and most historic method to obtain frankincense, exactly where it’s been traded as well as shipped to many other locations just like the Mediterranean, India, as well as China for hundreds of years.

The highest-quality frankincense is apparent and silvery, however with a small green tinge. Brown-yellow types are the cheapest and most easily available. In Oman, the best frankincense is generally reserved for the sultan and is also hardly ever delivered out from the nation.

Frankincense is typically burned as incense, and it was charred and ground in a powder to make the heavy kohl eyeliner utilized by Egyptian women. Today, this particular resin is steam-distilled to create an aromatic essential oil with lots of benefits.

Frankincense oil features a woodsy, earthy, spicy, as well as somewhat fruity fragrance, which is calming as well as relaxing. It’s considered to be sweeter, fresher, as well as cleaner compared to frankincense resin.

Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

The health benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil could be related to its qualities just as one germ killing, anti-bacterial, astringent, carminative, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, digestive, diuretic, emenagogue, expectorant, sedative, tonic, uterine and vulnerary substance.

Frankincense Oil is obtained from the gum or resin from Frankincense or Olibanum trees, whose scientific name is Boswellia Carteri. The main elements of this essential oil usually are Alpha Pinene, Actanol, Bornyl Acetate, Linalool, Octyl Acetate, Incensole and Incensyl Acetate. Frankincense is really a popular component in cosmetics as well as incense burners for hundreds of years. It has even been located in the remains of ancient Egyptian and Anglo-Saxon civilizations. Furthermore, It really is carefully related to religious traditions as well as rites, especially in the Christian tradition.Aside from being used like a cosmetic and also as a fragrance, frankincense oil has several therapeutic utilizes, that are described below.

  1. Digestive

Struggling with indigestion because of that turkey last night? A patient of long-term indigestion as well as acidity? Fed up with those antacids? Then you need to try out Frankincense Oil instead. This particular oil has got digestive qualities with no negative effects, also it allows for digestion the way most medications should, unlike typical antacids that just control the signs and symptoms. This oil accelerates the release of digestive juices (gastric juices, bile and acids) within the stomach as well as allows for motion of food from the intestines simply by revitalizing peristaltic motion. This implies an all-around improvement within the digestion of food.

  1. Astringent

The astringent property of Frankincense Oil has numerous advantages, since it fortifies gums, hair roots, tones as well as lifts skin, contracts muscles, intestines as well as blood vessels, and therefore provides defense against premature loss of teeth and hair. This particular astringent quality also decreases the appearance of wrinkles, and also fights the losing of firmness of intestines, abdominal muscles, as well as limbs related to age. Most importantly, frankincense behaves as a coagulant, assisting to stop bleeding through wounds and cuts. This astringent property likewise helps to ease diarrhea of numerous types.

  1. Immune System

Frankincense Oil is beneficial just as one antiseptic, and also the fumes or even smoke extracted from burning it have got germ killing as well as disinfectant qualities which remove the germs within the space where the smoke filters out. It may be applied on wounds with no recognized negative effects to safeguard them from tetanus and becoming septic. It really is equally great on internal wounds as well as protects them from creating infections.

  1. Reduces delays in menstrual cycle

Frankincense essential oil has the strength to eliminate obstructions in  menstruation and decreases delays within the menstrual cycle. Additionally, it decelerates the body’s approach toward menopause. Some other symptoms related to menstruation as well as pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), like nausea, fatigue, mood swings, headaches as well as abdominal pain may also be treated by the use of frankincense essential oil. This possibly among the frankincense oil uses that not lots of people learn about.

  1. Cicatrisant

It is really an exciting property of Frankincense Oil, and also since skin health and anti-aging are such hot topics nowadays, this particular essential oil happens to be much more essential! Whenever utilized topically or even inhaled, it may helps make the scars and after marks of boils, acne and also pox onto the skin fade in a much faster rate. And also this includes the diminishing of stretchmarks, surgery marks, as well as fat cracks related to pregnancy and delivery of kids.

  1. Stress and Anxiety

Frankincense Oil is extremely efficient like a sedative, since it induces a sense of mental peace, relaxation, satisfaction as well as spirituality. Additionally, it awakens insight, enables you to more introspective as well as reduces anxiousness, anger and stress. Whenever feeling anxious or if you anticipate some kind of stressful episode, add some frankincense oil to the diffuser or even a vaporizer. Frankincense essential oil encourages deep breathing and relaxation, which could open your breathing passages and lower blood pressure level, moving your mental state back to calmness.

  1. Uterine

This particular oil is excellent for uterine health. Because it manages the creation of the estrogen hormone, it lowers the likelihood of post-menopause tumor or cyst formation within the uterus, also referred to as uterine cancer. With regards to the pre-menopause period, it keeps a woman’s uterus healthy and balanced simply by controlling proper menstrual cycles. Additionally, it treats or even manages gynecologic conditions or stressors that may result in complicated dysfunctions in a few ladies.

  1. Anti-Aging

As a Cytophylactic, Frankincense Oil encourages regeneration of healthy cells and in addition keeps the present cells and tissues healthy. Whenever you mix this particular aspect of frankincense oil with its potent astringent capabilities, you’ve got a powerful anti-aging quality which frankincense oil is usually utilized for. It may help you to eradicate sun spots, eliminate micro-wrinkles about the eyes and cheeks, and usually tone and tighten skin all over your entire body, whilst concurrently replacing old or dying cells with new, healthy ones!

  1. Oral Health

Those same germ killing qualities likewise make frankincense oil a helpful precautionary measure towards oral issues, just like bad breath, tooth pains, cavities, mouth sores, along with other infections. Search for natural oral care products which include frankincense oil if you enjoy the flavor or aroma, and wish to incorporate a powerful antiseptic within your health regimen. You may also make your own all-natural toothpaste with frankincense oil and baking soda, or perhaps a mouth wash along with water as well as peppermint oil.

  1. Respiratory Issues

It calms coughs as well as removes phlegm deposited within the respiratory tracts and also the lungs. Frankincense essential oil offers rest from bronchitis as well as blockage of nasal tract, larynx, pharynx, bronchi, and also lungs. Its antidepressant as well as anti-inflammatory qualities also aid relax the breathing passages, which could decrease the risks of asthma attacks, as well as its germ killing qualities are what give it the reputation of being an immune system booster! Additionally, it helps reduce body pain, head aches, tooth pains as well as balances the increase in body’s temperature frequently related to colds.

  1. Carminative

Frankincense oil removes gas as well as helps prevent it from developing within the body. This particular elimination of excessive gas through the intestines also provides rest from related difficulties just like stomach aches, pain within the abdominal region as well as chest, abnormal levels of sweating, uneasiness, indigestion and lots of other similar situations.

  1. Emenagogue

Frankincense essential oil decreases blocked as well as postponed menstruation as well as delays the advent of menopause. It may also help curing various other signs and symptoms related to menses and also Post Menstrual Syndrome, like pain within the abdominal region, nausea, headache, fatigue, as well as mood swings.

  1. Tonic

Overall, frankincense essential oil tones as well as enhances health and is therefore regarded as a tonic. It benefits all of the systems operating in your body, including the respiratory, digestive, nervous, as well as excretory systems, whilst raising strength simply by assisting the absorption of nutrients in the body. In addition, frankincense oil strengthens the immune system and keeps you strong and guarded for future years.

  1. Diuretic

In case you believed that Lasix and its particular variants were the only drugs that may assist you to release water through the body through urination, you were wrong. Those pharmaceutical options might be immediate, although not safe. Frankincense essential oil is really a natural and safe option. It encourages urination and enables you lose that additional water weight, in addition to fats, sodium, uric acid as well as other harmful toxins through the body, with all the added advantage of reducing blood pressure level. The best part relating to this is that frankincense essential oil is totally safe and it has no adverse negative effects.

  1. Asthmatic and Inflammatory Conditions

Frankincense oil is regarded as the beneficial essential oil for asthma. The anxiety alleviating qualities mentioned previously have got a specifically good effect on stress-triggered asthmatic symptoms, and its particular well-proven anti-spasmodic qualities are advantageous. The antiseptic as well as mild expectorant nature of the essential oil likewise helps, since asthmatics frequently develop bacterial infections within the lungs from the tendency toward shallow breathing. Various other respiratory conditions, which include laryngitis and bronchitis, could be alleviated by the anti-inflammatory effects of the oil. Continued research shows that frankincense essential oil has got the abilities to deal with other inflammation related problems, which includes phlebitis and chronic colitis. The oil could possibly be useful for just about any kind of tissue inflammation.

  1. Anti-cancerous benefits

Probably the most encouraging advantages of frankincense oil is its capability to ruin cancer cells as well as strengthen the immune system. In vitro studies done with cancer cells show clear evidence that frankincense oil can eliminate cancer cells whilst distinguishing bad human cells from good ones. It’s been utilized to deal with breast as well as colon cancer in addition to leukemia.

  1. Treating migraines with frankincense essential oil

If you are currently suffering from a migraine, then frankincense oil might help relieve the pain as well as discomfort. As before, you can place drops on the roof of the mouth or perhaps your temples. Alternatively you may use an oil burner to release the spicy aroma of the frankincense oil. Lie down in the quiet, dark room as well as carefully breathe in the aroma.

Suggested and Possible Frankincense Uses

The following are possible uses seen in or on Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide To The Therapeutic Uses Of Essential Oils, Aromatic Science, PubMed.Gov, in addition to through anecdotal experience along with other resources. Use them to inspire your own ideas, experiment, and see what works for you.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Diffuse through the room, or put on a shirt collar or even pillow. Massage in the feet and toes or use within a full body massage, and massage on the back of the neck every day.


Breathe in directly or even through steam (like a bowl of hot water). Massage in the reflex points of the feet.


Massage frankincense essential oil in the joints as well as diffuse or even breathe in through steam daily. Consider layering along with something similar to White Fir.

Asthma Relief

Additionally, you are able to rub frankincense essential oil in your chest or even throat, with respect to the type of infection. Rubbing the essential oil in your chest is an excellent asthma treatment.


Breathe in frankincense essential oil whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. Diffuse within the room. Massage in the feet.

Brain (Aging)

Use every day both aromatically as well as topically: massaged in the feet or body, inhaled or diffused, included with bathwater, etc.

Brain Injury

Follow the same instructions above: Brain (Aging)


Diffuse through the home, add to the shirt collar, and massage in the chest. Or add a drop on the hands and also breathe in directly.


Make use of this topically on the reflex points of the feet or even body, and aromatically in any manner. But additionally think about adding 1 drop to unsweetened beverage and consuming during the day. Also look into a Cellular Complex Blend


Massage in the hands, as well as feet, in addition to over the entire body to help keep the muscles from atrophy.


Add a drop to steaming water (not boiling), place a towel above your head, and inhale till the steam stops. Massage it in the feet and toes too. (When my husband was in a car accident we placed a drop under his tongue and his oncoming symptoms were gone in 20 minutes!)


Diffuse through the entire home, include a dab to the shirt collar, or even massage behind the ears.


Add a drop to steaming water, place a towel over your head as well as breathe in till the steam stops. Also massage in the chest and balls of the feet. Consider A Respiratory Combination Too.


Add a drop to steaming water, place a towel over your head, and breathe in till the steam stops. Massage in the pads of feet and also the toes.


Massage in the reflex points of the feet, or try a hot compress or even including numerous drops to a bath.

Genital Warts

Include a dab to the wart many times a day till it disappears. You may want to consider diluted Oregano Oil or Lemon.


Breathe in via steam and massage 2 drops into each one of the feet and hands every day. Massage within the liver daily.

Immune System Support

Great throughout cold and flu season. Diffuse throughout the home and massage 1-2 drops in the feet daily, when needed.

Improve Vision

Massage in the reflex points of the feet (toes) and hands (tips of fingers).

Infected Wounds

Inhale from steam, add a drop to warm water as well as soak the infected area, make a spray utilizing distilled water and many drops of frankincense essential oil, and diffuse from the home for overall health.


Massage frankincense essential oil in the inflicted area, being careful to move toward the heart. For common inflammation, massage in the soles of the feet or think about a drop underneath the tongue.

Relieve itching

A single drop used on the affected area brings instant relief.

Liver Cirrhosis

Massage oil of frankincense within the liver, in addition to into the outside of the right foot. Aromatic uses may also be beneficial.

Clear up cystic acne 

Dab one drop on persistent spots of cystic acne morning and night. In accordance with my friend Wendy at Mom’s Essential Oils, this treatment cleared things up for her son in only 2 or 3 uses!

Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Inhale 1-2 drops via steam daily. Massage in the overall body, always moving toward the heart. Massage over the soles of the feet daily.

Meditation and Prayer

Diffuse from the room, rub on hands, feet and also over head.


Inhale 1-2 drops via steam when needed. Diffuse whilst study or working. Massage in the toes and base of the toes.

Mental Fatigue

Add to your bath water at the conclusion of a long day, massage into the scalp or even throughout your chest, or even diffuse as desired.

Miscarriage (After)

Add to a warm bath, massage the abdomen and round the ankles and also over the feet. Diffuse from the room. And allow yourself stillness, care, as well as weakness.


Use a dab straight to the mole many times a day. Consider also utilizing Sandalwood Essential Oil.


Massage in the pads of the feet and throughout the chest. Steam inhalation or even diffusing can also be advantageous when it does not aggravate the situation. Take a look at Oregano Oil And MRSA too.

Multiple Sclerosis

Use within the human body throughout gentle massage. Apply to the soles of the feet daily. Diffuse or even inhale via steam daily. Think about a drop underneath the tongue.

Nasal Polyp

Inhale directly via steam (adding 1 drop to the pot of hot – not boiling – water) and massage in the base of the toes daily.

Parkinson’s Disease

Inhale instantly via steam daily or twice daily. Likewise use throughout entire body massage and add to the soles of the feet or back of the neck daily.


(We still need the plague??) Diffuse through the room, breathe in directly (particularly via steam for extended amounts of time), and apply topically to the reflex points of the feet. Think about a drop under the tongue.

Postpartum Depression

Add several drops to bathwater or perhaps a foot bath, rub into hair or receive during a foot massage as often as possible. Also use aromatically in any way you like. Also look into Essential Oils For Depression.

Scarring (Prevention)

Add a drop to wounds or use throughout your daily facial cleansing to avoid acne scarring. It could be useful for decreasing the appearance of scars whenever utilized daily.

Reduce swelling from insect bites

A single drop dabbed on an insect bite will decrease the swelling and prevent the itching.

Tumor (Lipoma)

Add 2 drops of frankincense essential oil to the pot of steaming water, place a towel over your head as well as breathe in till the water stops steaming. Try this at least every day. Massage in the reflex points of the feet and in addition utilize throughout body massage, always working toward the heart.


Consider internally in capsules or even food, as explained above. Softly massage within the area and in the reflex points of the feet.

Virus of Nerves

Massage over entire body, usually moving toward the heart. Massage in the reflex points of the feet. Add to a warm bath.

Remove musty odors

Place a couple drops in a small dish of water and also the room will take on the much fresher smell.

Restless leg syndrome

Apply 2 drops Frankincense along with carrier oil to the bottom of every foot and massage every night to ease restless leg syndrome.


Apply frankincense essential oil straight to the wart daily. Also think about Lemon or Oregano.


Gently massage frankincense essential oil in the skin in upwards circular motions every day.

Strengthen your immune system

Dab 1-3 drops on the bottoms of the feet, and enjoy the increase in immunity.

Lessen the appearance of stretch marks

Twice daily, dab a few drops in your stretch marks to heal the skin and help them fade away. This works best if you do it once each morning and once at night.

Alleviate sun spots

1-2 drops of frankincense essential oil (not diluted) used straight to sun-damaged areas of skin twice each day can help the spots fade.

Improve your concentration

Apply 1-2 drops of frankincense essential oil to the back of the neck as well as your temples to boost concentration.

Heal blisters faster

Ideal for hiking trips! Applying frankincense essential oil (diluted with a carrier oil) straight to a blister 3-5 times a day may help speed the healing.

Tend to Tight Chest

Frankincense used on the chest can help calm the tightness.

Breast Wellness

Rubbing 2-3 drops of (undiluted) frankincense essential oil directly on the breast and lower abdomen daily helps support your girls.

Heal brittle fingernails

1-3 drops of frankincense essential oil, used on the base of the fingernails and also over the nail, assists recover nails.

How to Make Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is manufactured by steam-distilling the raw resin. When purchasing frankincense oil, make certain you only select 100 % pure essential oil of the highest quality.

Also, do not confuse frankincense essential oil with fragrance oil. Essential oils come from plants, whilst fragrance oils are generally artificially created and frequently include synthetic chemicals. Even though they smell good and therefore are typically more affordable, fragrance oils do not give you the therapeutic advantages of organic essential oils.

Potential dangers of frankincense Oil

Whenever utilized appropriately, frankincense oil need to pose virtually no threat on one’s health and wellbeing; however, frankincense shouldn’t be consumed or even ingested. It really is for external use only, don’t drink it!

To enjoy the advantages, people can easily use a frankincense incense / aromatherapy method. Additionally, a safe quantity of frankincense oil can be applied straight to the skin. Through trans-dermal absorption, the body will be able to take in the healing powers of frankincense without needing to actually ingest any of the compounds.To make sure that one is not allergic to the oil, simply apply a modest amount of the oil to the tiny part of the skin. Wait around Twenty four hours to make sure that your skin just isn’t inflammed or even changed.





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