Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf Oil

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Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf OilAre you stressed with lots of common health conditions and not able to do much about it? Then most likely betel leaf oil is the greatest solution for you. Among the earliest known herbs, the betel leaf, features a royal patronage within the cultural heritage of India, Nepal and several other South East Asian countries. Botanically referred to as Piper betel, this particular plant is a member of the pepper family Piperaceae. The heart shaped betel leaf has numerous health advantages.

The betel leaf is most widely used in India. It is utilized for all sorts of occasions as well as events since it comes with an excellent connotation. Gnawing Betel leaves along with araca nut have been a historical tradition which is still common throughout India.

The Betel Leaf essential oil has became popular in the past few years. The therapeutic benefits of the betel leaf can be found within the oil too. Steam distillation is probably the most typical ways of oil extraction from betel leaf. The young leaf provides the maximum yield. The colour of the extracted oil varies from yellow to bright brown. The oil smells quite sharp as well as tastes nasty.

Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf Oil

These are also known as the golden green of India. Betel leaf is probably the oldest plant leaves which have a noble as well as traditional significance. Its numerous advantages have discovered their place in the Ayurveda and also this leaf is commonly chewed by individuals in India. The oil is obtained from the betel leaves through the procedure for steam distillation and is also put to a variety of health and medicinal uses. This particular oil features a powerful bitter taste as well as aroma and is also noted for its stimulant, carminative, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial as well as digestive qualities.

The Various Uses And Benefits Of Betel Leaf Oil Are:

1. Reduces Inflammation

This particular oil has got healing as well as curative qualities, is abundant with vitamin C and could be utilized to decrease all sorts of pain as well as inflammations just like a back pain, headaches, as well as joint pains within the body.

2. Aids Digestion

Betel leaf oil has got digestive as well as carminative qualities to heal and safeguard the intestinal as well as stomach functions. Massage the abdomen using a combination of 2 drops of betel leaf oil, 2 drops of peppermint oil and 2 ml sesame oil. This can supply the stomach relief from acidity, heartburn, along with other stomach problems.

3. Treats Loss Of Appetite

This oil could be massaged on the stomach and, in addition, be inhaled to encourage the gasses and juices within the stomach for digestion as well as treat constipation. Appetite is therefore restored as well as worms within the stomach just like hookworms and tapeworms, which could diminish appetite, may also be efficiently treated by using this oil.

4. Respiratory Disorders

Betel leaf oil is incredibly effective against a cough, cold, congestion, and bronchial problems. Whilst doing steam inhalation, 2 drops of betel leaf oil could be included with the inhalation to accelerate the effects of the vapors. Mix mustard oil to betel leaf oil as well as massage within the chest to relieve the congestion. Because of its expectorant qualities, the phlegm loosens up and also the chest feels lighter. The nose and throat may also be massaged with this particular oil mix to get rest from throat as well as nasal troubles.

5. Refreshes Breath

After a heavy meal this is a common practice to chew betel leaves in India. The oil too has got similar qualities and may help refresh the breath after heavy meals or on consuming garlic or food items using a strong odor. Gargling ought to be done using a cup of warm water in which 2 drops of betel leaf oil have been included. The anti-bacterial qualities of betel will certainly banish all bacteria and germs from the mouth as well as restore fresh breathe.

6. Gum Problems

Tooth decay, swollen as well as bleeding gums all can be handled utilizing betel leaf oil. Gargling along with warm water in which few drops of betel leaf oil are added might help to fight against germs and prevent the building of plaque. Betel leaf oil has got powerful qualities that avoid the development of bacteria that cause dental troubles as well as tooth decay.

7. Vocal Chord Troubles

Singers frequently gargle using a concoction of warm water as well as betel leaf oil to soothe their throats and reduce the inflammation within the larynx restore the voice.

8. Skin Infections

This particular oil has got anti-bacterial, anti-fungal as well as antiseptic properties to fight germs and infections. Skin allergies and infections like athlete’s foot, ringworms and common ailments like pimples may be treatable by making use of betel leaf oil. Add 2 drops of betel leaf oil, 2 drops of peppermint oil, 1 drop turmeric oil, to 2 ml of coconut oil and apply this combination to the affected area to deal with wounds, infections as well as microbe allergies on the skin.

9. Arthritis And Joints Pains

The analgesic as well as numbing qualities of betel leaf oil assist in minimizing the body as well as joint pains. For individuals struggling with arthritis as well as muscle spasms, a nice betel oil massage is effective.Massage the affected area along with 2 drops betel leaf oil in 1.5 ml of coconut oil. 4-5 drops of betel leaf oil could be included with the cold or hot compress to obtain instant relief.

10. Refresh The Mind And Body

To deal with lethargy or muscle and body spasms, massage the body along with betel leaf oil, included with a base oil, or add few drops of it on the bath water to help ease as well as calm tensed as well as tired muscles. Also, its anti-microbial qualities works well for keeping germs away and its cooling nature relaxes the mind.

11. Reproductive Problems

The reproductive ailments both in men and women may be treatable utilizing betel leaf oil, because of its aphrodisiac properties.

12. Diabetes

Even patients of diabetes may benefit immensely through betel leaf oil, because of its anti-diabetic properties.

13. Rheumatic Conditions And Pain

The betel leaf oil assists offer relief in cases of rheumatic pains and conditions. The numbing, analgesic property of the oil offers rest from various signs of the problem.

14. Relief From Back Pain And Muscular Tensions

Massaging the lower back with betel leaf oil along with a carrier oil helps you to ease the pain. Additionally, it offers rest from muscular tensions, redness, and swelling. It may also help treat headaches.

15. Stops Earache

If you suffer from from earaches, then betel leaf oil is a great treatment. Mix betel leaf oil and coconut oil and put two drops in the ear. You’ll find relief soon.






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