Health Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

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Health Benefits of Geranium Essential OilGeranium is really a perennial shrub along with small pink flowers as well as pointy leaves which is native to South Africa. Out of the numerous varieties of the plant, Pelargonium graveolens is definitely the source of the essential oil. The oil is traditionally used in aromatherapy and has numerous advantageous compounds.

Geranium oil is frequently compared to the rose essential oil simply because they share nearly the same therapeutic traits. In reality, geranium is regarded as the “poor man’s rose” and its oil is usually the option to the more costly rose oil.

Geranium oil is often utilized as a component in aromatherapy because of its numerous health advantages. It’s utilized as an all natural treatment to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. Utilized by the Egyptians for promoting beautiful as well as radiant skin, geranium oil is currently utilized to deal with acne, decrease inflammation, reduce anxiety as well as balance hormones. This particular sweet-smelling oil may also uplift your mood, lessen fatigue as well as encourage emotional wellness.

Geranium oil is non-toxic, nonirritant and usually non-sensitizing – and also the therapeutic qualities of include being an antidepressant, an antiseptic and wound-healing. Geranium oil can also be among the best oils for such diverse dermatological problems as oily or congested skin, eczema, and dermatitis.

Geranium oil is removed through steam distillation of stems and leaves of the geranium plant. The main components of this particular oil consist of alpha pinene, myrcene, limonene, menthone, linalool, geranyl acetate, citronellol, geraniol and geranyl butyrate.

Health Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

The health benefits of Geranium Essential Oil could be related to its properties just as one astringent, hemostatic, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, diuretic, deodorant, styptic, tonic, vermifuge as well as vulnerary agent. It is traditionally used just as one aspect in aromatherapy because of its numerous health advantages, which includes its capability to balance hormones, reduce stress as well as depression, decrease inflammation and irritation, enhance the health of the skin, relieve the effects of menopause, improve circulation, benefit dental health, enhance kidney health, and reduce blood pressure level.

1. Astringent

The main aim of an astringent is always to stimulate contractions in numerous parts of the body. Accordingly, Geranium Oil helps make the gums, muscles, intestines, skin, tissues as well as blood vessels to contract. Furthermore, this includes the contraction of abdominal muscles which provides you a better, toned look. Geranium essential oil may also avoid muscles as well as skin from sagging, along with the untimely loosening and loss of teeth by tightening up the gums.  Lastly, it may decrease the existence of wrinkles simply by tightening the facial skin, therefore delaying a few of the effects of premature aging.

2. Wrinkle Reducer

Simply because geranium oil is an astringent, it causes contractions in a number of parts of the body. It has the capacity to minimize the appearance of wrinkles since it tightens up facial skin as well as decelerates the effects of aging. Include two drops of geranium oil in your face lotion as well as use it two times a day. After a couple of weeks, you will notice the appearance of your wrinkles start to disappear.

3. Antibacterial & Antimicrobial

The strong qualities of geranium essential oil avoid bacteria or even microbes from developing on wounds as well as keeps you protected from developing infections. This boost to the defense mechanisms permits the body’s defensive cells to focus on the internal challenges as well as dangers, instead of being weakened by side-line toxins onto the skin.

4. Benefits against depression and anxiety

Geranium oil is a wonderful cure for depression. It’s also calming on the nerves as well as balances emotions. Use of the oil brings a sense of well being, and works as an antidote for depressive disorders. Geranium instills a feeling, which may be referred to as it fills color in the colorless mind and therefore, is quickly rejuvenating. This particular effect together with the feeling of well being likewise helps an individual struggling with anxiety and panic attacks.

5. Muscle Toner

Geranium oil works well for tightening as well as contracting muscles – this really is again because of its astringent qualities. It may stop your muscles {as well as|and also} skin from sagging, also it can provide you with a much more toned abdominal section. Create a massage oil by combining five drops of geranium oil along with one tablespoon of jojoba oil and massage it in your skin, concentrating on the muscles.

6. Vulnerary

Geranium Oil accelerates the healing process of wounds, cuts as well as surgical incisions. This particular property causes it to be a vulnerary. Perhaps, it really is because of its other qualities as a hemostatic, styptic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial as well as cytophylactic substance which also turn it into a vulnerary, however the end result is similar!

7. Infection Fighter

The anti-bacterial qualities present in geranium oil assist to safeguard the body from infection. Geranium oil can stop bacteria from growing onto the skin, like on the wound. To get this done, rub two drops of geranium oil on the affected area and cover it along with gauze; you are able to repeat this remedy twice daily till the wound or cut is healed.

When you use geranium oil to combat exterior infection, your immune system can concentrate on your internal functions and keep you healthier. Athlete’s foot, as an example, is really a bacterial infection that may be cured along with geranium oil. To get this done, include give drops of geranium oil to a foot bath along with warm water and sea salt; do this two times a day to find the best results.

8. Cicatrisant

Everyone wants their skin to be free of scars and after marks of fat-cracks, surgeries, boils, acne or even pox. Unfortunately, lots of people end up spending a fortune and trying all of the accessible cosmetic solutions on the market and still don’t obtain the preferred results. They might have avoided a waste of time and money had they tried Geranium Oil first. It is just a powerful cicatrisant, therefore it helps the scars along with other spots on the skin to fade as well as vanish. It facilitates blood flow just beneath the surface of skin and in addition helps encourage a uniform distribution of melanin.

9. Blood Clot Inducer

Geranium oil leads to the contraction of blood vessels and, therefore, helps you to stop blood circulation; additionally, it accelerates the development of blood clots. This can help within the healing of wounds or even incisions, also it keeps toxins from entering the body. This particular health advantages may even assist to avoid hemorrhoids. Try including one drop of geranium oil to ice cream or frozen soy milk. You may also add some oil to a teaspoon of wheat germ or flaxseeds.

10. Hemostatic

Geranium essential oil can easily stop hemorrhaging in two ways. First, just as one astringent (specifically, a styptic), it leads to the contraction of blood vessels helping to avoid blood circulation, as mentioned above. Second, like a hemostatic agent, it boosts coagulation and also the clotting of blood, that helps with the healing of wounds and also the protection against toxins from entering the bloodstream through open or unclotted wounds.

11. Urination Increaser

A boost in urination means fewer toxins within the body, and being that geranium oil is really a diuretic, it’ll encourage urination. Through urination, you release toxic chemicals, heavy metals, sugar, sodium and pollutants. Urination additionally eliminates excessive bile as well as acids through the stomach.

12. Cytophylactic

Geranium Oil encourages cell health, promotes the recycling of dead cells, as well as the regeneration of new cells. This can help within the development of the body cells along with the gametes, by making the body metabolize things effectively.

13. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Preventer

Geranium oil is proven to result in microglial cells, that release pro-inflammatory agents which fight inflammation in neural pathways – as a result avoiding the development of neuro-degenerative diseases. Geranium oil works together with the natural chemistry of the brain to avoid these scary issues that result in memory loss.

14. Diuretic

Geranium essential oil has got diuretic qualities, meaning it improves urination. Urination is among the three natural methods to eliminate toxins through the body.  The other methods are excretion as well as perspiration, but urination is easily the most effective of the three. These removed toxins are urea, uric acid, bile salts, pathogens along with other synthetic or even chemical substances, heavy metals, pollutants, as well as sugar. Moreover, every time you urinate, fats amounting to 4% of the volume of urine as well as excessive water may also be taken off the body. Urination helps the digestive process as well as prevents the development of excessive gas within the intestine. Additionally it is an ideal way of eliminating excessive acids as well as bile which is secreted by liver. Urination also decreases blood pressure level since the more you urinate, the more sodium is removed, leading to blood pressure level to fall.

15. Respiratory Infection Killer

Geranium oil can easily avoid nose as well as throat infections, since it consists of numerous chemicals which have antibiotic-like effects. Whenever used on the nose or even throat, externally, the oil features a calming effect and can decrease soreness. To take advantage of this benefit, make use of a diffuser, breathe in geranium oil twice daily, or even rub the oil in your throat and beneath your nostrils.

16. Deodorant

Geranium Oil features a very pleasant as well as uplifting aroma, similar to a mix of floral fragrances and mint. Surely you can think of what an efficient deodorant it might make. Its effects also continue for a long time and it is not tough onto the skin. Furthermore, because of its property like a mild anti-bacterial substance, it helps with removing body odor. Unlike other substances whose odors are released in breathing out, geranium oil is really a circulatory oil, meaning that it exits the body throughout sweating. Excessive physical exercise is often the time whenever body odor gets to be more obvious, yet sweating in fact produces the pleasant aroma of geranium oil following aromatherapy sessions.

17. Styptic

This particular property is almost symbolic of Hemostatic, along with one slight difference. As being a styptic means being a hemostatic owing to astringent qualities. A styptic, just like Geranium Oil, causes the blood vessels to contract and therefore decelerates or even stops the circulation of blood. This is often a problem for many people with high blood pressure as well as chance of heart diseases just like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, as well as stroke.

18. Neural Degeneration

Microglial cells are usually integral elements within the combat against neuro-degenerative diseases just like Alzheimer’s and dementia. When microglial cells are stimulated, they release pro-inflammatory factors like Nitric Oxide, that fight the inflammation within the neural pathways that may cause neural degeneration. Geranium essential oil is proven to stimulate these microglial cells, as a result, the synergistic relationship in between geranium oil and also the natural chemistry of the brain can avoid those dangerous as well as possibly deadly conditions.

19. Nerve Painkiller

Geranium oil has the ability to battle nerve pain whenever it’s used on the skin. Developing studies suggest that using rose geranium oil on the skin can considerably decrease pain which follows shingles, an ailment brought on by the herpes virus. Studies suggest that the strength of the product utilized matters, as geranium oil in the concentration of 100% seems to be about two times as efficient as a 50% concentration, so remember that when you’re shopping for geranium essential oil.

To fight nerve pain along with geranium oil, make a massage oil along with three drops of geranium oil combined with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Massage this advantageous mixture in your skin, concentrating on the areas in which you feel pain or tension.

20. Tonic

A tonic is what tones up all around health. Internally, it can make all of the systems and functions work correctly within the body by influencing endocrine glands for controlling the secretion of numerous hormones, enzymes, acids as well as bile. This leads to increased strength as well as functionality of  the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous, and excretory systems. Also, it provides tone to muscles as well as skin and may significantly enhance your overall look.

21. Anti-inflammatory Agent

Inflammation has been discovered to be related to almost every health problem, and scientists are intensely looking into long-term inflammation’s effects on health and probable precautionary medical applications. Studies have shown that geranium essential oil has got considerable possibility of the creation of novel anti-inflammatory drugs along with enhanced safety profile.

Geranium oil prevents the inflammatory responses within the skin; this can help the body to combat numerous health problems. Arthritis, as an example, is inflammation of the joints, as well as heart disease is inflammation of the arteries. Rather than taking a medication to lessen joint pain or even lower cholesterol levels, decreasing inflammation within the body is essential.

A 2013 study discovered that geranium oil is really a safer and much more efficient component for anti-inflammatory medicine. Data supports that geranium oil decreases inflammation within the body, and there are fewer negative effects from this essential oil compared to cholesterol and joint pain medications.

22. Vermifuge

This specific property is very useful for all those children (along with a limited number of adults) who are suffering from intestinal worms. Geranium Oil is really a vermifuge and may help you to get rid of this nasty problem.

23. Insect Repellant and Bug Bite Healer

Geranium oil is utilized like a natural bug repellant. To make your own personal bug repellant, blend geranium oil along with water and spray it in your body – this really is much safer compared to sprays which are full of chemical substances. You may also add baking soda to the mixture to improve the effects. Additionally, it heals insect bites as well as stops itchiness; utilize it like a massage oil on itchy or even irritated spots for relief.

24. Benefits for women

Ladies who undergo menstrual cramps can acquire relief by utilizing the oil. Cramps within the lower abdomen, thighs as well as hips are soothed. The oil will help with curbing mood swings as well as irritability that are common signs of menstruation. For ladies experiencing premenopausal symptoms, the oil is extremely advantageous in decreasing the discomfort. Mastitis is a concern in females which is seen as a infection within the breast tissues. Massaging along with geranium oil around the infected tissues can reduce infection because of its anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal qualities.

25. Good for puffy eyes

Geranium oil has got the property to cure the skin from water retention as well as swelling. Therefore it is great for puffy eyes.

Other Benefits

Geranium essential oil is extremely valuable in the management of acne, dermatitis along with other skin diseases, in addition to infections of the nose, throat along with other respiratory organs. Research has revealed it to get a positive impact on eczema, neuralgia, burns, ulcers, tonsillitis, as well as Post Menopause Syndrome (PMS). Furthermore, it’s got effective effects to uplift spirits as well as mental functioning, that makes it beneficial in the management of depression, long-term anxiety, and anger issues.

Ayurvedic benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

  • For cold sores, place 1 drop on a cotton swab and dab affected area.
  • For frostbite, massage area along with approximately 5 drops of oil.
  • To balance mood, place 2-3 drops in the diffuser, or even put on a cotton ball or even handkerchief and breathe in deeply 2-3 times.
  • A bath made out of 8-10 drops of oil may help reduce headache, premenstrual syndrome, stress, as well as tension.
  • For cellulite, premenstrual syndrome, as well as menopause, combine 20 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on body. For cellulite, massage on affected areas. For premenstrual syndrome or PMS and menopause, massage on abdomen and back, paying additional attention to the lower back region.
  • As a mosquito repellent, make use of 5 drops in a diffuser. May also be combined with citronella for the stronger repellent.
  • For tension and stress that disrupts an excellent night’s rest, put 4 drops on tissue or cotton ball and put inside pillow case.
  • For skin problems (i.e. acne, athlete’s foot, chillblains, dandruff, eczema, etc.), put 2-3 drops on the cotton ball and dab affected region.
  • To help relieve tension and stress, use 2-3 drops in the diffuser or lamp ring. May also use 2-3 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil for the relaxing massage.
  • For respiratory difficulties, use 5 drops in the vaporizer.
  • To relieve a sore throat and also to aid in fighting tonsillitis, use 2-5 drops in the steam inhalation.
  • As an aphrodisiac, make use of 8-10 drops of oil in the bath or make use of 2-3 drops in the diffuser or lamp ring.

How to Make Geranium Oil

Geranium essential oil is removed by means of steam distillation of the plant’s stems and leaves. When made out of young, green leaves, geranium oil appears with a lemon scent. However, if obtained from older leaves which have changed their color, the oil have a powerful rose fragrance.

While geranium oil will come in stores, you’ll be able to make a homemade variety. There are many guides available on the internet, but here’s one

What You Need

  • Geranium leaves
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Carrier oil like jojoba oil
  • Large jar with lid
  • Small jars or bottles with lids
  • Strainer
  • Cheesecloth


  1. Remove the leaves from the geranium plant (more leaves mean more oil produced).
  2. Remove pests, dirt, along with other debris through the leaves by cleaning them in cold water.
  3. Dry the leaves simply by gently patting them with a cloth or even paper towel.
  4. Using the mortar and pestle, ground the leaves till they’re totally mashed as well as pulpy. Leave the crushed leaves for some hours.
  5. Afterward, transfer the ground leaves on the large jar. Pour a few of the carrier oil – sufficient to cover the leaves. Then, seal the jar and put it in the cool, dry spot. Put aside for 2 weeks.
  6. Once the two weeks are up, look into the scent of the oil. You might increase the ground leaves to help make the scent stronger and set aside for an additional week. If the fragrance is simply too strong, simply include some oil to dilute the finished product.
  7. To store, pour the geranium oil in the small sterilized jars or bottles by way of a strainer lined with a cheesecloth. This can separate the crushed leaves through the oil. As soon as the oil have been transferred, seal the bottles/jars and store them in a cool, dry place.

Side Effects of Geranium Oil

Geranium essential oil has been around in use for hundreds of years just as one herbal cure for the signs and symptoms of menstruation as well as menopause. Geraniums consist of terpines, that are an all natural substance which bugs don’t like, therefore it is also utilized as an all natural insect repellent. Reports of geranium side effects are extremely rare and not extensively recorded. Many experts caution towards utilizing geranium oil in case you are pregnant or even nursing, when it’s advisable to be cautious.

Skin Irritations

Geranium oil is regarded as non-irritating, yet, in accordance with the experts at and, individuals with very sensitive skin have got reported a few difficulty with pure geranium oil. Perform a small test patch just before utilizing it on the larger area.


Geranium is really a natural diuretic. This means that it will help the body to remove excessive water. In case you are taking geranium oil internally, don’t combine it with almost every other natural diuretic like green tea, and be sure that you simply drink no less than 32 ounces of water each day.

Antispasmodic Effects

Geranium oil is considered to soothe the stomach, bowels as well as intestines, assisting to stop cramping. While pregnant, the uterus normally contracts as well as expands since it grows to accommodate the fetus. While there is no scientific data to assist the concept that the antispasmodic effects of geranium oil might pose a significant risk while pregnant, it is usually better to be safe and just stay away from geranium oil when you are pregnant.





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