Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

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Health Benefits of Pineapple JuiceThe pineapple is undoubtedly an extremely healthy fruit to juice as well as consume.  Native to South America, the pineapple is proven to be packed with nutrition and it has a number of therapeutic advantages. Not just delicious and also refreshing to consume, pineapples include numerous vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants which encourage a powerful as well as healthy body. By juicing pineapples, you are able to boost the volume you are able to consume in one sitting this means much more nutrients within your body.  Pineapples are a fantastic source of vitamin C, B6, manganese, copper, thiamin, potassium, and calcium.

Pineapple juice is definitely the juice extorted through the pineapple fruit. Pineapple juice is a rich source of vitamins and minerals enriching the health along with nutrition due to its usage. Pineapple juice is sweet-flavored adding to its appeal. Sugar along with other additives usually are not needed to be combined in pineapple juice because of its sweetness.It is preferable that pineapple juice be extracted just from ripe pineapples for optimum health advantages. Pineapples exuding a sweet fragrance and those that are heavy in size are ripe and could be squeezed for pineapple juice. Also juice that is recently prepared is greater in nutrition when compared to the canned or even bottles varieties of pineapple juice. It is because several nutrients are lost in the processing phase. Also prevent preparing pineapple juice from unripened pineapples or even rotten pineapples. Usage of pineapple juice in fat quantities also should not be practiced as it might affect the health in a negative way.

Drinking pineapple juice is a wonderful method to enjoy the pineapple fruit as well as gain benefit from the nutrient count of the fruit. The flavor of pineapple juice could be complimented along with bitter-tasting ingredients including kale or even spinach leaves and blended for smoothies. The ready beverage could be appreciated to reap the goodness of the ingredients.

Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

Very few individuals realize that pineapple is definitely the second most preferred exotic fruit on the earth. Fresh pineapple juice has sufficient amount of vitamins, enzymes as well as minerals that are great for overall growth and development of health. It’s got numerous health advantages and may combat stomach infections, constipation, indigestion, arthritis and sinusitis. So far as its benefits are involved, the fully ripened fruit is regarded as the beneficial one. Listed below are some Health advantages of Pineapple Juice

1. Pineapple Reduces the Risk of Hypertension

Pineapple juice decreases hypertension because of sufficient presence of potassium and lesser quantity of sodium.  This proportion of potassium as well as sodium is the greatest method to fight high blood pressure levels.  A cup of pineapple juice consists of about 1 milligram of sodium and 195 milligram of potassium.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that individuals struggling with hypertension might take pineapple juice frequently. Pineapple is recognized as the fruit that has among the lowest quantity of sodium in fruits.

2. Inflammation

A few of the main advantages of pineapple juice consist of helping in lessening internal inflammations. This occurs simply because of the Bromelain which is located in the fruit which works like a natural anti inflammatory agent. Bromelain also works just as one anti inflammatory agent which will help athletes, swimmers and the ones in vigorous sports who’re susceptible to have problems with injuries. It is also utilized by people who have problems with arthritis as well as post operative swelling. This particular Bromelain that is a protein digesting enzyme is additionally present in papaya.

3. Keeps Teeth and Gum Healthy

Pineapple juice consists of large quantities of vitamin C that are very theraputic for powerful teeth.  Consuming pineapple fortifies gums therefore keep our teeth good and healthy and robust. It helps prevent plaque development by restricting the actions of bacteria, decreases the chance of periodontal diseases as well as gingivitis.

4. Weight Gain

Consuming raw pineapple juice assists the human body to help keep a healthy as well as natural water balance within their body. Thus in this manner pineapple juice advantages for men and women, particularly those struggling with problems of weight gain are numerous. Since pineapple juice is really a rich source of the vitamin C, people struggling with viral infections as well as bacterial infections are encouraged to drink it as being the pineapple juice functions as a great antioxidant and additionally assists the body to soak up iron extremely fast. Pineapple juice benefits for skin may also be different.

5. Pineapple Juice Improves Digestion

The enzyme bromelain contained in Pineapple is advantageous in digestion and be sure neutralization of acids. Bromelain breaks down protein into simpler form and encourages digestion. It manages pancreas secretion to assist in digestion procedure. Apart from natural digestion aids, bromelain promotes healing of wounds, decrease pain in arthritis. Bromelain will help with management of indigestion and serves as anti-inflammatory agent.

6. Natural antioxidant

Vitamin C is really a natural anti-oxidant and pineapple juice is filled with Vitamin C, as a result consuming this juice might help enhance your body’s immune system.

7. Bromelain’s Benefits

Pineapple juice consists of bromelain enzyme that is valuable in avoiding of cough and colds in addition to has various other therapeutic values. Fibrin which is known as clotting of blood gets broken down into simpler form by bromelain. Bromelain works well for enhancement of breathing by thinning mucous within the respiratory region. Taking bromelain appropriately helps you to lessen pain in arthritis.  It can also be valuable in inflammatory conditions just like acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea. Additionally it is utilized as immunity booster. Bromelain enzyme has got anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting as well as anti-cancerous compound.

8. Relief from Morning Sickness

Studies have shown that consuming a healthy dosage of pineapple each morning is often an efficient rest from the effects of morning sickness. To enjoy exactly the same advantages, the same results can be performed using a glass of pineapple juice. It has always been a folk remedy, yet science implies that the morning sickness reducing effects could be related to pineapple juice’s higher vitamin B6 content, a known cure for pregnancy associated stomach distress. To obtain the most from pineapple for this function, consume a glass of juice first thing each morning.

9. Intestinal Disorders

The raw pineapple juice can be found to assist in the stimulation of one’s kidneys as well as in reducing one’s intestinal disorders. A few of the other main pineapple juice health advantages consist of its diuretic qualities. The raw extracted pineapple juice is additionally beneficial like a cure for those struggling with intestinal worms. This particular Bromelain has additionally been discovered beneficial in dealing with those struggling with hemorrhoids, in addition to colitis.

10. Pineapple Good for Heart Health

Pineapple juice enhances blood flow, great for heart health and guarantees smooth blood circulation within the circulatory system. Pineapple juice also includes bromelain which makes blood thinner that decreases the likelihood of heart attack, stroke along with other heart diseases.  Antioxidants in vitamin C also reduce the potential risks of heart diseases simply by fighting free radicals.  Vitamin C also helps prevent atherosclerosis. It acts just like as anti-coagulant.

11. Energy booster

Vitamin B6, that balances your body’s blood sugar, as well as thiamine, that is a member of the B group of vitamins, both are found in pineapple juice, and also the thiamine helps you to transform carbohydrates into energy, that also increases your body’s defense mechanisms.

12. Pineapple Strengthens Bones

Pineapple is great to maintain healthy and strong bones because of presence of manganese. A cupful of pineapple juice consists of about 73 % of manganese for every day requirement of the body. Pineapple helps you to grow bones in the younger stage whilst strengthening in the older stage.  The juice consists of vitamin C and solves the problems related to gums. Rather than strengthening of bones, manganese is also beneficial in healing wounds, blood sugar regulation, boosts immunity and also keeps the skin healthy.

13. Kidney health

Potassium, which will help to enhance your body’s kidney function, is additionally found in pineapple juice.

14. Contributes to Eye Health

Along with immune boosting vitamin C, pineapples may also be full of vitamin A that plays a role in improved eye health and combats the progress of macular degeneration that is associated with the age-related lack of vision among the elderly. Studies suggest that doubling up on the dosage might have great effects-an Archives of Ophthalmology research implies that 3 or more servings of pineapple each day can help to eliminate the chance of macular degeneration by 36% versus people who consume half as much.

15. Pineapple Juice for Diabetes

Pineapple juice consists of vitamin B6 – a vitamin not normally present in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin B6 assists the body to manage blood glucose levels. In addition, it plays a role in a much better defense mechanisms. Diabetics need to therefore reap the benefits of the pineapple juice.

16. Pineapple Combats Arthritis and Joint Pain

Consuming a glass of pineapple juice can easily significantly assist to alleviate the signs as well as symptoms of arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory in nature. Pineapple juice decreases pain to old age those who are initially struggling with arthritis. Juice of pineapple also gives rest from muscle pain. Consuming of the fruit fortifies bones. The existence of bromelain enzyme is recognized as to lessen inflammation and swelling.

17. Women

The pineapple juice benefits for ladies will also be high. Pineapple juice can be obtained to contain Bromelain that are extremely effective in aiding women along with menstrual disorders. For ladies struggling with uncomfortable or even painful periods, it is considered that consuming pineapple juice can offer relief for a time. A number of the other pineapple juice benefits for women include the decrease in extreme water build up within the body particularly while pregnant or menstruation.

18. Sore Throat

The use if pineapple juice for colds in addition to pineapple juice for asthma is also renowned. Pineapple juice for sinusitis treatment is also common since the juice is full of Bromelain which is an essential element with regards to dealing with the problem. The existence of bromelain helps make the usage of pineapple juice for cough also probable. Pineapple juice for sore throat is yet another extremely helpful cure. The juice will help with the digestion of proteins. For people who are attempting to enhance and increase their immunity levels, then consuming pineapple juice is usually recommended due to the higher amounts of vitamin C it includes. Vitamin C is additionally excellent just as one antioxidant.

19. Skin Care

Pineapple juice for skin care in addition to pineapple juice for acne treatment is simply a few of the other advantages of this drink. Pineapple juice is actually a rich source of Vitamin C. This particular vitamin C present in pineapple juice is additionally valuable in fixing damaged tissues as well as in helping to keep the lymphatic system working healthily. The enzymes which are present in pineapple juice also assist to promote the fast healing of hurts as well as wounds. Among the other advantages of consuming pineapple juice is it works well for the functionality of collagen and in addition amino acids both of which are necessary to assist in the repairing of tissues and cells. Collagen is that important element which will help in providing skin with the elasticity it requires. If the collagen was not there, the human skin would begin to wrinkle as well as wilt up fast leading to it to age much faster than it would within the existence of collagen. Therefore for all those who would like to keep their skin looking young and delightful, it is suggested that they consume pineapple juice regularly.

20. Weight Loss Aid

When on a weight loss diet, foods that offer a sense of satiety with no high calorie count quickly become staples. Pineapple juice fits the bill on both counts; it has a feeling of fullness and energy without being a high calorie drink. This really is due in part to the fact that, just like many exotic fruits, pineapple has lots of water content and as discussed earlier has elevated levels of fibre.

A recipe for the pineapple based weight reduction aid tincture is as follows: cut a fresh pineapple into chunks. Process the chunks together with a meat grinder or perhaps a food processor (don’t turn it all the way into mush). Put in a pint of vodka and keep mixture within the fridge for 7 days. Fifteen minutes before you eat, take one teaspoon to assist with weight loss and continue when needed.

21. Promotes Oral Health

If you wish to make certain good health of the teeth and stop the regular trips to the dentist then add pineapple juice in your diet. Pineapple juice consists of large quantities of vitamin C that really help in strengthening the gums as well as keeping the teeth healthy and robust. Vitamin C will help with avoiding plaque formation and decreases the chance of periodontal diseases as well as gingivitis since they reduce bacterial activities.

22. Prevents Blood Clots

Pineapple is really a natural source of anti-coagulant, that is beneficial in avoiding blood clotting. With this thought, people who have problems with bleeding disorders, or even people who are susceptible to blood clots might need to consume pineapples or even drink pineapple juice frequently. In this way, they are able to achieve good results on the health.

23. Enhance Fertility

Are you aware that among the top advantages of pineapple juice for ladies affect their reproductive systems? The antioxidants within the pineapple juice increases their fertility, and getting rid of the free radicals within the body will double down on the reproduction-boost provided by the tropical fruit.

The minerals in pineapple juice-zinc, copper, beta-carotene, folate, and others-will help both men and women to have healthy reproductive systems. For individuals attempting to have children, consuming more pineapple juice can enhance your likelihood of conception.

24. Immunity Booster

Just like other tropical fruits, pineapples are full of vitamin C, an immune boosting nutrient also present in large quantity in orange juice. A healthy defense mechanisms enhances your body’s capability to combat common sickness, infections, along with other types of illness. Additionally, Vitamin C can be a powerful antioxidant, or perhaps a nutrient that can help safeguard your body through the accelerating damage of free radicals, age, as well as normal body deterioration. A diet which is full of antioxidants can help prevent some types of cardiovascular disease amongst other health benefits.

Brief History and Origin of the Pineapple

Native to South America, Ananas Comosus, and (scientific name for the pineapple) is considered to have originated from Brazil, through which it eventually spread to Paraguay, The Caribbean Islands, Central America and Mexico, where the Mayas and Aztecs are thought to have grown this fruit. It absolutely was Christopher Columbus, who, in 1493, first shipped this fruit to Europe, and also the Europeans cultivated it in hot houses. Due to its scarcity as well as difficulty in growing, the pineapple was limited to members of European royal families, the rich, noble and also the elite. It absolutely was James Dole who made this fruit inexpensive and well-liked by the common folk together with his vast pineapple plantations in Hawaii.

Recipe of Pineapple Juice

1. Pineapple Juice recipe with Cucumber 

Pineapple Juice recipe with Cucumber






  • 1 cup of pineapple
  • ½ cucumber


  1. Chop the peel off the pineapple.
  2. Wash the cucumber – peel if waxed.
  3. Slice the fruit to match your juicer.
  4. Juice and enjoy.

2. Pineapple and carrot Juice 

Pineapple and carrot Juice







  • 1 to 2 cups of pineapple
  • 2 large carrots, or equivalent.


  1. Slice off an ample slice of pineapple, cut off its skin, and chop to suit your juice.
  2. Wash the carrots, and chop to fit your juicer. For the best results in a masticating juicer slice the pineapple into long chunky strips, and chop the carrot up nice and small.
  3. Juice and enjoy.

3. Pineapple and Celery Juice

Pineapple and Celery Juice







  • 2 cups of pineapple
  • 4 sticks of celery


  1. Peel the pineapple, and slice to match your juicer.
  2. Wash the celery.
  3. Juice and enjoy.

4. Pineapple, Papaya, Cabbage and Ginger Juice

Pineapple, Papaya, Cabbage and Ginger Juice






  • A quarter of a large pineapple.
  • A quarter of a large papaya.
  • A quarter of a medium cabbage.
  • Half an inch of fresh ginger rhizome.


  1. Juice the softer papaya first, followed by the ginger and cabbage and finally the pineapple.
  2. Mix and drink immediately for the most health advantages.

5. Red Cabbage and Pineapple Juice

Cabbage Pineapple Juice







  • 1/4 medium size red cabbage
  • 1/4 ripe pineapple peeled and cut into big pieces


  1. Juice cabbage and pineapple. Stir.
  2. Makes 1 serving (16oz)
  3. Enjoy!

Side Effects of consuming Pineapple Juice

Despite its lots of benefits, there are some negative effects to consuming pineapple juice too.

  • Never consume an unripe pineapple since it is incredibly toxic and harmful for humans.
  • Do not drink an excessive amount of it as it might result in diarrhea, extreme menstrual bleeding, skin rashes and vomiting.
  • Pregnant women have to be cautious whenever consuming pineapple juice; it is best to seek advice from a doctor or even drink really small amounts as it can certainly result in uterine contractions that may cause an a miscarriage or premature labor.
  • Some people can also be hypersensitive to pineapples. The signs and symptoms to look for incorporate a swollen tongue, lips and inner cheeks, trouble in breathing, hives or rashes. If this occurs, instantly talk to your doctor who’ll administer the right medication.
  • In certain instances pineapple could interact with some specific medications, hence talk to your doctor about this also.






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