Health benefits of Watermelon Juice

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Health benefits of Watermelon JuiceWatermelon, an all-time preferred fruit for snacks and meals is in reality a “vegetable”. The origin of watermelon could be traced back to earlier Egyptian civilization, that is still evident within the hieroglyphics on the wall paintings. The fruit was held in high regard and frequently placed on the tombs of numerous kings and pharaohs. Watermelon has sincerely been a role of the thirst quenching fruit in nations in the Mediterranean region because of the shortage of water within these areas. The African slaves brought watermelon seeds on the western countries and finally United States has turned out to be one of the main industrial growers of watermelon. The latest experiments demonstrate that watermelon is among the major cucurbit crops on earth accounting for around 7% of world area devoted for vegetable crops.

Watermelons can be found all year round and therefore are grown because of their fleshy, juicy as well as sweet fruit. Its natural sweetness causes it to be a tasty as well as rejuvenating dessert particularly in hot climate. Watermelons are great accessory for a salad, salsa or perhaps a cool drink. Today there are many types of watermelon along with red, pink, orange or yellow flesh. Watermelon includes a lot more than 91% of water and also almost 8% sugar.

Health benefits of Watermelon Juice

There is a multitude of health advantages from juicing watermelon.  Not only is watermelon juice completely scrumptious and refreshing to consume, it is packed with therapeutic vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals which help and strengthen the body in several ways.  Juicing fresh watermelons allows the body to absorb all of its nutrition quickly and easily.

Listed are a few popular advantages of Water Melon Juice:

1. It Improves The Blood Flow

Have you ever realized that your hands or feet get very cold without any apparent reason? Do you experience feeling that the feet start to hurt? In that case, then the it is likely that you suffer from impaired blood circulation, which isn’t only annoying, but it may also have got serious health effects over time. Research has stated that watermelon is extremely rich in a substance referred to as citrulline, an amino acid that’s transformed in another essential amino acid known as arginine upon ingestion, and that is recognized to both relax the blood vessels and also to enhance the blood circulation to the feet and hands, therefore dealing with impaired blood circulation in the fast, natural and side-effect free manner.

2. It Helps You Lose Weight

Another great advantage of watermelon juice is it may help you lose weight fast and very easily. Full of minerals, antioxidants as well as vitamins, the watermelon juice is extremely lower in calories and it’ll make you feel full much longer of time, meaning that if you don’t feel hungry, you’ll decrease your calorie intake as well as your body will begin burning the present fat supplies to obtain the energy it requires for daily schedule tasks!

3. Vitamins and Minerals

Watermelon consists of helpful amounts of minerals and vitamins. It really is loaded with vitamin C as well as beta-carotene which may be transformed in vitamin A. There’s also quite a lot of B group vitamins.

Magnesium and potassium are well symbolized in watermelon and when you blend or juice it, the seeds include zinc and iron.

4. Prevents Bone Loss

Bone loss is really a normal procedure that improves with age – however, you are able to decrease the lack of bone with the aid of watermelon juice, as well as consuming one glass each day will preserve as well as strengthen your musculo-skeletal system, because of the fact that this juice is extremely full of calcium. At the same time, calcium is ideal for preserving your eyesight and also avoiding eyesight deterioration, another normal process that boosts with age.

5. Faster Recovery from Workouts and Strenuous Activities

Watermelon juice is really a refreshing method to recover from a workout, not just due to taste, but because of an amino acid known as L-citrulline. There aren’t many fruits that may offer a good dose of L-citrulline, yet watermelon can.

This particular amino acid works within the body to eliminate lactic acid from muscles, and so helps reduce muscle soreness. Lactic acid is basically accountable for the exhaustion as well as soreness felt after any strenuous activity, to lessen the amount lactic acid within your muscles is to decrease its effects on you, making a glass of watermelon juice is the best comforter after a tough session of exercise or perhaps a long day’s work.

Essentially, watermelon juice could make you feel much less sore after your workout.There is a numerous health advantages from juicing watermelon.  Not only is watermelon juice completely delicious and refreshing to consume, it is packed with healing vitamins, antioxidants, as well as minerals which aid and strengthen the body in several ways.  Juicing fresh watermelons allows your body to soak up all its nutrition rapidly and easily.

6. Best For Heart

Arginine is yet another nutrient content of watermelon that is amino acid in nature and ideal for health of the heart. Arginine help the body to relax blood vessels of heart. Together with help of Potassium & Magnessium watermelon help our circulatory system to reduce the blodd pressure.

7. Prevent Cancer

The high amounts of lycopene perfectly found on the watermelon juice is additionally ideal for reducing your risk for various kinds of cancer, which includes colon as well as rectal cancer – it’s the lycopedne that provides watermelon pulp that beautiful red color, and also this compound can also be found in tomatoes. Additionally, research has stated that lycopene (and watermelon juice, automatically) may also considerably decrease the risk for prostate cancer. Cancer is among the deadliest diseases of the century, however your chance for developing it may be lowered by consuming watermelon juice.

8. Prevents The Formation Of Kidney Stones

Another extremely advantageous health advantage related to watermelon juice is always that it keeps your kidneys strong and fully functional – as stated before, watermelon juice mainly includes water, that is ideal for cleaning your kidneys as well as eliminating all of the uric acid and also the ammonia that has a tendency to build up within the kidneys. This can be the most common reason for kidney stones, which can lead to severe long-term problems if you don’t look after them. Why choose a surgery to eliminate your kidney stones when you are able effortlessly avoid their formation or perhaps dissolve them with some watermelon juice?

9. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Research has also said that watermelon juice is extremely full of lycopene, a substance that is well known and appreciated for its outstanding natural anti-inflammatory qualities. One glass of watermelon juice each day will defend against any inflammation that occurs within the body, and can keep auto immune disorders in order.

10. Digestion

Studies suggest that watermelon may also help in clearing up your colon. Since it consists of fibre content, additionally it is great for digestion.

11. Hydration

In summer season, never miss watermelon juice since it assists in keeping the body hydrated. The fluid content of watermelon quenches your thirst and in addition helps prevent dehydration.

12. Prevent Infections

High amount of Beta-carotene are available in watermelon that really help body of a human to combat against viral infections by boosting general health as well as well-being. It offers approx. 570 mg of Vitamin A, if you eat 100 gram of watermelon flesh. This vitamin is really a natural anti-oxidant and increase immunity in addition to improve vision in kids.

13. Help To Loose Weight

If you’re one of those who challenges to keep their calory intake low then watermelon is life saviour for you. Watermelons offers really low calories. Approximately. 30 calories you’re going to get for every 100 gram of watermelon flesh you consume.

Watermelon fill your stomach and provides you sense of fulfillment whilst keeping the calories low.

14. Help to Improve Fertility in Male

With multiple anti-oxidant and vitamins, watermelon is effective in improving fertility in males. One study suggest that watermelon can enhance fertility by improving structure & count of sperms.

15. Slow Down Pre-mature Ageing

The most important factor that decide how long you’ll look young as well as charming is ‘Ageing’ process. The slow ageing process keeps you beautiful and young looking even in your old age. Nature gifted watermelon along with multiple anti-oxidant, vitamins, minerals and fibers. All of these content of watermelon slow downs the entire process of ageing by combating oxygen-free radical in skin and boost immunity to combat against any possible infection Water and fibest in watermeon help with keeping gut clean which results into healthy skin.

16. Improve Vision & Health Of Eye

As we discussed just before 100 gram of watermelon flesh is enough to offer 20% of daily requirement of the body for vitamin A.

Vitamin-A is solely work upon health of eyes and improve vision, particularly in kids. It will help in avoiding pigmentation of retina.

17. Boost Immunity

With all Vitamins as well as anti-oxidant watermelon boost our immunity and safe-guard us from infections. Anti-oxidant in watermelon helps prevent cell damages and help the body to build up new connective tissues.

18. It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is really a serious as well as potentially fatal problem – it affects huge numbers of people all across the globe, so why resort to blood pressure reducing drugs when you are able effortlessly keep the hypertension under control with a glass of watermelon juice every single day? The secret is based on the high quantity of potassium present in this particular natural juice, that is recognized for normalizing the blood pressure, and then for decreasing the chance of cardiac arrest, and all sorts of adjacent risks related to hypertension (which includes stroke and heart disease).

19. Prevents Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis And Osteoarthritis

These are three of the most common as well as feared conditions of the 21st century, and even though they aren’t always fatal, they are able to take their toll in your day to day activities, particularly the osteoarthritis and also the rheumatoid arthritis, since they both limit your mobility. Watermelon is extremely full of antioxidants along with other essential compounds which are ideal for preventing these three conditions, and to avoid them from worsening in case you already have problems with any of them.

20. Help You Lower Your Blood Cholesterol Levels

The second most dangerous situation after high blood pressure levels is high cholesterol, which could block your arteries and lead to long-term heart disease. Once more, the regular usage of watermelon juice will help you get a low cholesterol and low fat diet, that will definitely benefit you in the long run. There are many supplements and drugs available on the market that have the same effect, yet watermelon juice is evenly effective and it doesn’t have any hazardous negative effects either.

How to Make Watermelon Juice

To begin, scrub the outside of the watermelon you want to use for juicing with a scrubbing brush as well as apple cider vinegar to remove any sprays or waxes.

Cut off a portion of the watermelon to juice, perhaps a quarter of a large you might be sufficient for just two people. Sizes differ greatly though so opt for your own judgment, remembering watermelon is over 90% water.

Chop up the watermelon, including the green skin and rind, into strips just thin enough to fit in your juicer feed. The rind is filled with most of the beneficial nutrition detailed above so well worth which includes in juicing. Together with the sweetness of the red center you won’t taste it within your watermelon juice.

Once you’ve chopped your watermelon into strips that may compliment your juicer, just turn it on as well as gradually feed them through.

A good masticating juicer  is far superior to make watermelon juice (and just about every other type of freshly made juices too, particularly green juices). Cheap centrifugal juices will normally possess a damp pulp right after juicing, but a masticating juicer gets almost all of the goodness in your glass.

As soon as you’ve finished, consume your watermelon juice instantly for the best taste and also the most health benefits.  hope you enjoy it. Your body will certainly.






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