Health Benefits of Wearing Insoles for People With Abnormal Feet

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What pops in your head when you hear the term ‘insoles’? You might be among the many people with the weirdest myths about these shoe accessories. Some think that they are way softer than standard shoe pads to the point of feeling like cushions. Still, others believe that insoles offer you instant support. The most outstanding myth, however, is that they are only for people with foot problems.

Today, you will learn why a pair of supination inserts are essential and can often be a cheaper option to buying dedicated supination shoes. It’s time for you to distinguish between hearsay and what insoles can do for you. Let us begin by looking at the benefits they offer:

1. Foot Arch Support

This is one of the biggest advantages, especially for those with supination. People with supination will often find that their ankles roll outward. Supination insoles will mitigate the negative effects of this outward roll. With Protalus insoles, your feet will move in a healthy gait cycle.

Foot curvature is essential in absorbing shock, especially during vigorous activity. Therefore, insoles will help ensure that you are safe from impact shocks as well by acting as a cushioning layer between your feet and the floor.

2. They Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain among people with abnormal feet is quite common. This is because, every time the ankles roll unnaturally, there is a stressful movement. The result is Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, and even back pains. Others come from posterior tibial weakness, bunions (hallux valgus), and Achilles tendinitis.

Besides supporting proper movements, insoles distribute foot pressure evenly. For this reason, they assist in alleviating these pains.

3. They Minimize Back Aches

As earlier stated, supination (or even flat feet)  may result in backaches. In simple terms, supination results in an imbalance in the body, adjusting your gravity center. In effect, your upper body realigns too. The jerky leg movements perpetuate the impact on your back, causing the pain.

This is why doctors check the shape of your feet if you are continually experiencing lumbago. With a pair of insoles, you can put that pain to rest. They will help your feet to strengthen its arch and move in the right manner.

4. Insoles Offer Healthy Body Movements

Your feet determine how your upper body moves. If you have supination, you will likely have improper body movements than those with a neutral arch. For starters, your feet tend to bend outwards every time you stand up. Because of this, thigh and shin bones twist outwards as you walk. For this reason, your lower body tries to compensate for the bend by curving inward as you walk.

Insoles will help to improve the way your feet align. Though not instantly, you will notice a change. A few weeks should do the trick. It is always best to consult with a podiatrist if you plan on using it long-term, especially for people with other medical conditions.

5. They Lower the Risk of Foot Conditions

Some of the foot conditions are such as bunions and plantar fasciitis. With abnormal arches, you are at high risk of getting such complications.

If you have supination, you force your plantar fascia ligaments to stretch beyond their limits. Over time, these ligaments inflame, causing pain in your arches and heels. Wearing insoles allows the ligament to stretch accordingly. Insoles will hence relieve the strain on them. Due to this, the inflammation will have time to heal, and you won’t experience the pains anymore. 

It also prolongs the life of your feet and gives you less problems down the road. It is important to remember that humans on average spend a good amount of time on their feet with some professions require 12+ hours of walking or standing.

6. You Will Better Your Performance

Are you an athlete or a footballer? If you have supination, you know that you are at a disadvantage compared to your opponents with perfect arches. You are likely to experience foot injuries such as ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, to name a few. This is because your feet are experiencing more strain. You may end up experiencing pain even during a major event!

In contrast to people with neutral-arched feet, yours won’t absorb the shock properly. Injuries and an abnormal running posture can cause you to use more energy to achieve your goals. Insoles with good curvatures will offer you all the benefits those with arched feet enjoy. You’ll have a proper posture and use less energy. Thus, you will run better and faster. A lot of athletes do suffer from a variety of foot conditions so you’re not alone if you’re someone with supination. 

Parting Words

The many benefits you get from a pair of supination inserts that make them excellent for foot treatment. However, you have to consider a few factors before getting yourself some insoles. Some of these include sizing, arch type, foot control, and comfort. Some insoles have added features like heat-molding, while others have an interchangeable top layer. On the flip side, if you’re planning on buying shoes for supination, you need to take into consideration the price and performance of the pair you intend to buy. 

If you’re a runner with supination, it helps to also use some post-workout massage to keep your feet in good condition. Start by gently massaging your arches and then go further up the feet all the way to your calves and even thighs if necessary.




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