How A Diabetes App Can Make Managing Your Condition Easier

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The presence of smartphones has dramatically changed the way that people today live their lives. As its name suggests, smartphones have become “smarter” than ever. Its functions don’t just include texting and calling per se. Now, mobile phones are used to do almost anything on the Internet and through downloadable mobile apps.

These mobile apps can do a variety of functions. Many are used for recreational purposes, some educational. But, another significant benefit is in healthcare use. There are now apps created that can help improve the management of diseases. One of these, diabetes.

If you have diabetes, or if you know of a family member who has this condition, it’s worth reading through below. Here, you’ll learn more about how a diabetes app can help better manage your health.

1. Easier And More Accurate Blood Glucose Logging

 Before the diabetes apps came into being, the logging of blood glucose levels had to be done manually. This means writing it on a piece of notebook each time that you’re going to check your blood glucose value. In your next scheduled appointment with your doctor, you’ll report these values.

With this type of manual system, however, the risk of errors is high. When you’re on-the-go, it can also be challenging to remember your insulin values, for instance, or keep logging them in a notebook. In some cases, this can result in inefficiency. In diabetes, there should be no room for this as the treatment plan is always dependent on your regular monitoring.

Through diabetes apps, this problem is solved. Patients now have an easier and more accurate method of blood glucose logging. Even when they’re out and about or in their workplace, recording their glucose values won’t be as tricky as it’s now done electronically.

2. Better Meal Planning Options

 When you have diabetes, you’d know that you can’t eat everything. You’re going to have some limitations as to your food options. Generally, you’re prohibited from having too much intake of carbohydrates and sugars. With mobile apps, meal planning is more efficient. Depending on your current blood sugar level that you input, you’ll also be given ideas as to the best meal options for you.

Because you’re more confident that the food you take in is good for your health, you’re able to manage and control the rise (or fall) of your blood sugar levels effectively.

3. Effective Tracking Of Physical Activity

 Apart from controlling food options and having a strict diet, if you’re a diabetic patient, exercise and adequate physical activity are also very important. Especially when you’re on the heavier side, a modest weight loss is even sufficient for insulin resistance and improvement of physical health. But how do you determine that your physical activity is enough? With the help of mobile apps, this is possible.

Along this line, diabetes apps also enable you to achieve the following:

  • Track your physical activity
  • Discover new fitness regimen that may work better for you
  • Count your calories lost every time that you engage in a physical activity

4. Enables Better Adherence To Your Treatment Plan

 Generally, diabetes can’t be cured. Once you’re diagnosed, the only recourse that the patient has is through proper management. When your case is managed correctly, your diabetes also doesn’t worsen over time. This is very important to highlight as further complications with diabetes can lead to life-threatening diseases in the internal organs, and even death.

Through mobile apps, it’s easier for the patient to track and remember whatever medical regimen the doctor has set. This includes schedules for proper medication, insulin injections or pumping, and even doctor’s appointments. Yes, this can be done through a calendar. But, wouldn’t it be more efficient to have all of your diabetic care in one app, including schedules, medication, and food plan?

5. Enables Data Sharing And Social Support

 Mobile apps have their respective features. Some enable users to email and export data into files. With this data-sharing feature, it’s also easier for patients to have social support. There may be some apps that also enable you to chat or share information as a group with other diabetes patients. That way, the patient has support from other co-diabetic patients as well. Especially for those that get emotionally weary from the difficulties that they go through, now they finally have some form of support from others who are also in the same situation.


 If you already have a smartphone with you, then you shouldn’t be limited by the cost of obtaining one. In general, the only limitation to the effectiveness of these mobile apps begins with the lack of smartphone ownership.  If this isn’t the case, then you’ve got no excuse not to make use of apps that can help manage your diabetes. As you open up to that use, you’ll begin to receive the benefits mentioned above, and so many more.




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