How To Keep In Shape After A Successful Weight Loss

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Need some tips on how to keep in shape after a diet? Successful weight loss stories are a common thing. Your effort is awarded a nice looking body. And now, it is up to you to keep it. But, this is considered the hardest part. If you get back to your old habits, you will have to say goodbye to your nice looking body. We have some helpful tips to share with you, so make sure that you don’t miss this post!

Watch out for the waist

The fat stored in the middle is the hardest one to get rid of. And it is very easy to gain it back. That’s why you should be careful with it.

Getting rid of muffin top means that you will have to be careful with the carb intake. Refined sugar and unhealthy carbs are a huge no. Refined foods have all their valuable nutrition taken away.

Don’t avoid fats. Just replace them with healthy fats. This means that avocado, nuts, seeds, and salmon should be part of your everyday menu. Also, make sure that you eat enough proteins. Protein-rich foods are low in calories but will keep you full for longer.

And we must not forget about the fact that the skin around the middle can be saggy after weight loss. Do exercises that target the core, such as the plank.

Avoid emotional eating

The big problem isn’t your hunger, but the mind. And we often soothe the negative emotions with food. But, this can only damage our health and figure. Excessive stress can make you reach the fridge and enjoy your favorite comfort foods.

You will need to stop overeating when you have an emotional breakdown. Once you see that the moment is coming, simply focus on something else. When you do this, the thought about eating food will cool down. There is one easy and simple method that will help you.

All you have to do is write a “5×5 list”. It should look like this:

  1. 5 close friends or family members that you can call anytime
  2. 5 activities that make you feel relaxed, for example: taking a shower, walking your dog, a quick run.
  3. 5 places that make you feel calm, for example, your parents’ home, your backyard,  local park.
  4. 5 quotes that motivate you
  5. 5 activities that distract you

Write 5 of each on a piece of paper. Stick it to the fridge and do one thing whenever you feel stressed. Your mind will be busy with that specific activity.

Use helpful apps

Smartphone apps are taking a big part in our everyday life. But, don’t think of them only as waiting time. There are so many helpful apps out there designed to help you with your healthy lifestyle. For example, you can find apps that remind you to drink water. There are also apps that track your calorie intake, make meal plans for you, and give you healthy recipes.




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