Is Rhodiola Good for Weight Loss

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It may sound surprising, but WHO data shows that 62% of the adult population in Spain are overweight and 26.6% are obese.

Weight loss can often seem like a long, uphill struggle. We all know what we need to do, eat less and exercise more. However, this is often easier said than done and even after weeks of hard effort, you may still find that you’ve lost next to nothing.

While there’s no magic way to make the pounds drop off, you could try taking rhodiola to naturally and effectively speed up your body’s fat burning capabilities.

Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out more.

Is Rhodiola Good for Weight Loss?

Rhodiola has been proven to be effective in helping people to lose weight, as part of a weight loss program. Alongside exercising and downsizing your meals, taking rhodiola can bring you all of the following benefits:

Increased Loss of Belly Fat

It’s renowned as one of the most stubborn areas, resistant to a lot of weight loss attempts. However, taking rhodiola could help you to lose excess belly fat without any extra effort.

Studies have found that taking rhodiola can help to burn visceral fat, that is the most dangerous type of fat that tends to accumulate around our stomachs and thighs.

In this study, the group who took rhodiola saw a considerable reduction in belly fat compared to those who didn’t.

More Energy

When you take rhodiola, you could find that you have much more energy than before. Rhodiola is believed to improve energy levels, increasing alertness and reducing the impact of fatigue.

Having more energy means you’re more likely to stick to your exercise goals as well as moving about more in general. This in turn will burn more calories and further enhance your weight loss. 

Mood Boost

Rhodiola can also help to boost your mood and combat those negative thoughts that often accompany any weight loss program.

As Bethany Johnson from says, “If more people in Spain supplemented with rhodiola, this would help them to tackle the negativity and defeatist mentality surrounding their weight loss challenge, giving them more confidence and determination to achieve their goals.”

So, the next time that you stand on your scales and you’ve not done quite as well as you thought, you’ll replace the abyss of negativity and relapse with commitment to achieve your weight loss targets.

Lower Cortisol Levels

Today’s modern life is often extremely stressful. If you frequently feel stressed and unable to relax, you could be producing higher than healthy levels of cortisol, our body’s stress hormone.

High cortisol levels can cause your body to retain higher levels of fat, meaning your body could actually be resisting your weight loss efforts. Taking rhodiola can naturally reduce your cortisol levels and consequently increase your weight loss without making any other changes.

Improve Exercise Performance

Taking rhodiola can improve your athletic performance, no matter what your level of fitness. This enables you to exercise longer, burning off more calories, while feeling more positive about your physical performance.

Rhodiola can improve the uptake of oxygen into your bloodstream, as well as the production of red blood cells. This will help your body to use energy more efficiently. As we all know, the better we do something, the more likely we are to enjoy it.

The more you enjoy exercising, the more likely you are to keep up your weight loss efforts and the more calories you’ll burn, as well as toning muscles for a slimmer, more toned body.


Taking rhodiola is a safe and natural way to effectively boost your weight loss plan. When used alongside dieting and exercise, you could see a vast improvement in your weight loss without having to make any additional changes.




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