Know about the Java Almond

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Java Almond Quick Facts
Name: Java Almond
Scientific Name: Canarium vulgare
Origin Eastern Malaysia, Papua, Papua New Guinea (Morobe) and Indonesia – Alor, Nusa Tenggara Timor (Eastern Lesser Sunda Islands) and Maluku (Moluccas).
Colors Purplish black
Shapes Ovoid-oblong
Other common names include Java Almond, Kenari Nut, Chinese Olive, Wild Almond and Kenari Nut tree. It is an evergreen, dioecious and perennial tree which is inherent to Eastern Malaysia, Papua, Papua New Guinea (Morobe) and Indonesia – Alor, Nusa Tenggara Timor (Eastern Lesser Sunda Islands) and Maluku (Moluccas). It is introduced to India, Sri Lanka and in the tropics.  The tree grows to the height of 4 meters with greyish-brown bark and spirally arranged, imparipinnate leaves. The fruits are purplish black, ovoid-oblong in shape and measures 3.5–5 cm long and 1.5–3 cm wide. Seed inside the fruit measures 1–3 cm long by 1–1.5 cm across.

Traditional uses

It is used to treat cold, gonorrhea, gastrosis, immunodepression, rheumatism, ulcer and sores.

Culinary uses

  • Kernels are consumed raw, baked, roasted or smoked.
  • In Sri Lanka, kernels are consumed as dessert nut and made into bread in Celebes.
  • In Malaysia, crushed nuts are sprinkled over cakes.
  • Kernel oil is used as emulsion as an artificial milk for feeding infants.





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