Health benefits of Lady’s Mantle

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Lady's Mantle Quick Facts
Name: Lady's Mantle
Scientific Name: Alchemilla vulgaris
Origin Whole of Europe and is naturalized in North America
Health benefits Digestion, Wound Healing, Skin problems, Menstruation issues, Anti-aging, After Childbirth, Reduce menopausal symptoms, Oral Health, Good for insomnia, Vaginal infection, Diarrhea and indigestion, Protect liver, Hair growth
Alchemilla vulgaris, common lady’s mantle, is an herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the rose family (Rosaceae). The plant is native to whole of Europe and is naturalized in North America. These perennial wildflowers, members of the rose family, are sometimes grown in gardens mainly for their leaves, which collect sparkling water droplets. The plant is commonly seen in unimproved or lightly fertilized grassland, on roadside verges and banks, in chalk down land and on mountain slopes. Lion’s Foot, Bear’s Foot, Nine Hooks, Leontopodium, Stellaria, common alchemilla, intermediate lady’s mantle and lady’s mantle are few of the popular common names of the plant. Alchemilla, the genus name, denotes a plant valued for its use in alchemy. The specific epithet vulgaris means common.

Plant Description

Alchemilla vulgaris is a clump forming, herbaceous perennial plant that grows about 45 to 50 cm. The plant is found growing in moist meadows, open woods, pastures and also on rock ledges in mountainous areas, roadsides, grasslands (usually unfertilized), banks and mountain slopes. It prefers a well-drained neutral or basic soil. It also grows well in heavy clay soils and succeeds in dry shade. The lower, radical leaves are large and handsome, 6 to 8 inches in diameter, are borne on slender stalks, 6 to 18 inches long and are somewhat kidney shaped in general outline, with their margins cut into seven or mostly nine broad, but shallow lobes, finely toothed at the edges, from which it has obtained one of its local names: ‘Nine Hooks.’ The upper leaves are similar and either stalks less, or on quite short footstalks and are all actually notched and toothed. Noticeable feature is the leaf like stipules, also toothed, which embrace the stem.


The flowers, which are in bloom from June to August, are numerous and small, only about 1/8 inch in diameter, yellow-green in color, in loose, divided clusters at the end of the freely-branching flower-stems, each on a short stalk, or pedicle. There are no petals, the calyx is four-cleft, with four conspicuous little bracteoles that have the appearance of outer and alternate segments of the calyx. There are four stamens, inserted on the mouth of the calyx, their filaments jointed.

Health benefits of Lady’s mantle

Lady’s mantle has been used since medieval times for its medicinal properties. Many also believed that the rainwater collected on the leaves of the herb had magical powers, but that of course, is not believed in modern times. This beneficial herb is used to cure many ailments even today. And, do you know that even if you do not find much about its hair and skin benefits, you can use it for youthful skin and great looking hair. Listed below are some of the popular health benefits of Lady’s mantle

1. Digestion

Drinking Lady’s Mantle tea may help to improve digestion and ease stomach cramps due mostly in part to its salicylic acid content. Consuming Lady’s Mantle tea may also help to prevent indigestion, bloating and diarrhea.

2. Wound Healing

Some herbalists and alternative medicinal practitioners use lady’s mantle for treating wounds, as it has styptic properties. So simple wounds, burns and scrapes can be treated very effectively at home if you can lay your hands on the leaves.

3. Skin problems

Lady’s Mantle has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties which help to treat various skin related issues. The anti-inflammatory property provides relief from skin redness, inflammation, and swelling. In skin problem such as eczema, Lady’s Mantle is very effective it reduces the itchiness and redness from the skin. Antioxidant content of herb helps to eliminate toxins and free radical from the body and by doing so it prevents oxidative damages in the body and delays the aging process.

4. Menstruation issues

Lady’s Mantle is one of the top traditional herbs for menstruation problems. Pure natural extract of Alchemilla Vulgaris consists of vaso-relaxant properties due to which it helps to relax the tension in the blood vessels and reduce the pain and cramping. Herb provides the strengthening effect on the endometrium (the uterine lining), and by doing so it can easily solve any problem related to menstruation.

5. Anti-aging

Grow lady’s mantle plant in your garden, and you will have its ability to fight visible signs of ageing just an arm’s length away. Antioxidants in the herb can help to get rid of free radicals and ensure your skin’s elasticity is maintained for a long time.

6. After Childbirth

Long time ago, there was a legend related with lady’s mantle. People believed that the herb had the ability to restore a woman’s virginity. This folklore has made its way into modern times and the leaves are used even today on nursing mothers, mainly on their breast and stomach, to reduce the visible signs of childbirth.

7. Reduce menopausal symptoms

There are hormonal imbalances that occur during the menopausal stage in women’s. This stage brings many changes in the women body. Many Ayurvedic and allopathic experts recommend Alchemilla Vulgaris as a uterine astringent and uterine tonic. Alchemilla Vulgaris overcomes the symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, anxiety, irritation, and pain.

8. Oral Health

After a dental procedure, try rinsing your mouth with an extract of lady’s mantle. It will ease the blood flow and facilitate healing.

9. Good for insomnia

People who have been facing the problem of insomnia get stressed day by day. Insomnia is mostly stress-related disorder which makes the person sleepless. Alchemilla Vulgaris tea acts as a great treatment for insomnia patient. This herbal tea offers relief to your mind and releases the stress from the body. For making this tea you can just put Lady’s Mantle plant in one cup of water and boil them for 5-10 minutes. After that strain it and consume it 3 times a day. This will certainly improve your stress level and helps to have sound sleep.

10. Vaginal infection

Lady’s Mantle is quite effective for those women who have been facing the problem of yeast and fungal or vaginal infections. It also decreases the itchiness and white discharge problem. Due to its great therapeutic effect, the herb is used as a douche or applied on a tampon and after that inserted into the vagina. It has no ill effects rather than this it helps to cure vaginal irritation and infection.

11. Diarrhea and indigestion

Along with other females health issues Lady’s Mantle has been also used for stomach pain, indigestion due to its great astringent property. Lady’s Mantle helps to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea and prevents bloody stool discharge. The anti-inflammatory properties of Lady’s Mantle help in the treatment of piles and hemorrhoids.

12. Protect liver

Antioxidant properties of Lady’s Mantle prevent your liver from oxidative damages. Rich amount of polyphenolics and flavonoids content in Lady’s Mantle helps in liver protection and also removes the toxin from the body.

13. Hair growth

Herb also helps to repair scalp and promote the growth of hair follicles. The Lady’s Mantle hence helps to strengthen the hair follicles and promote natural growth and also protects the scalp from any type of fungal and bacterial infection.

Traditional uses and benefits of Lady’s Mantle

  • Lady’s mantle has a long history of herbal use, mainly as an external treatment for cuts and wounds, and internally in the treatment of diarrhea and a number of women’s ailments, especially menstrual problems.
  • Herb is alterative, anti-rheumatic, astringent, diuretic, emmenogogue, febrifuge, sedative, styptic, tonic and vulnerary.
  • Plant is rich in tannin and so is an effective astringent and styptic, commonly used both internally and externally in the treatment of wounds.
  • It helps stop vaginal discharge and is also used as a treatment for excessive menstruation and to heal lesions after pregnancy.
  • Freshly pressed juice is used to help heal skin troubles such as acne and a weak decoction of the plant has been used in the treatment of conjunctivitis.
  • Lady’s mantle alleviates the problem of Sleeplessness (Insomnia).
  • It is used as a mouthwash to treat oral problems like mouth ulcers, laryngitis, bleeding gums and sore throat.
  • Herbal tea prepared from Lady’s Mantle is an effective cure for cough and cold.
  • It promotes appetite.
  • Lady’s Mantle is an astringent in nature which is useful in curing diarrhea.
  • Its herbal infusion is helpful in treating gastrointestinal pain.
  • It is a powerful herb for curing colitis.
  • Lady’s Mantle is an effective herb for women. It helps in curbing the menstruation conditions like difficult menses and excessive bleeding. It counters conditions like fibroids and endometriosis in women.
  • It helps in arresting vaginal irritation and discharge.
  • It is an antidote for insect bite.
  • Lady’s Mantle is effective for curbing skin ailments like eczema, cuts, burns, and scrapes.
  • It is effective in countering rheumatic pain and spasm.
  • It curbs edema.

Ayurvedic Health benefits of Lady’s Mantle

  • Douche: Prepare a decoction from Lady’s Mantle and use as a Vaginal Douche. It is very useful to reduce Vaginal Discharge, Irritation and Vaginal Infections. You can also mix Rose water.
  • Sore Throat, Aphthous Ulcers: Boil One tablespoon dried root in One cup of water. Gargle with this lukewarm water thrice a day.
  • Insect Bites: Apply a poultice of the leaves on the affected area. It can be used as a good first aid for snake and Insect Bites.
  • Diarrhea: Use One tablespoon root of Lady’s Mantle with One cup water to prepare a decoction. Take One cup a day.
  • Skin Health: Boil Lady’s Mantle herb in some water till it thickens a little. Use it as a lotion for Skin rashes, Eczema, Cuts, Wounds and such other Skin Problems.
  • Wounds: Rub Lady’s Mantle leaves on your open Wounds thoroughly to heal it.
  • Cuts: Take the leaves of Lady’s Mantle and rub it on the Cut. It stops the bleeding and heals your Cuts.
  • Gastroenteritis: Boil 1 teaspoon Lady’s Mantle dried root in a cup of water. Simmer it for 5 minutes. Strain off this decoction. Drink it four times a day to reduce the symptoms of Gastroenteritis.
  • Brain Tumor: Take half cup of Lady’s Mantle herb and mix it with one cup of lukewarm water. Strain it and drink twice daily for six months.
  • Cervicitis: Combination of Meadow sweet, Flax Seeds, Marigold and Lady’s Mantle is good in the treatment of Cervicitis. Take equal quantity of herbs. Grind them coarsely. Boil 4 teaspoons of ground powder in water on a low flame for 10 minutes. Add this water in your bathing water. Sit in the water in a way, so that the water enters the vagina. Stay as it is for 15 to 20 minutes daily. (Note: Do it till the problem persists.)


  • Prolonged use can ease the discomfort of the menopause and excessive menstruation.
  • Better you should avoid it during pregnancy because in some cases it may cause miscarriage.
  • During breastfeeding it’s better to avoid it or take under the supervision of an Ayurvedic expert.
  • Some researchers are concerned that consuming Lady’s Mantle is associated with liver damage.
  • Lady’s Mantle may worsen bleeding disorders and people suffering from such conditions should avoid Lady’s Mantle, particularly those suffering from blood clots, anemia, and high blood pressure.
  • Those scheduled for surgery should avoid consuming Lady’s Mantle two weeks prior and two weeks following surgery.
  • Those taking blood thinners and iron supplements should avoid Lady’s Mantle.
  • Over-consumption of Lady’s Mantle can cause damage to your liver.
  • Tannin content of Lady’s Mantle may sometime increase the risk of cancer due to its continuous use.

Preparation of Lady’s Mantle Tea

For Lady’s Mantle tea; a medium sized cup of water is boiled and a spoon of Lady’s Mantle plant is added into the hot water. This mixture is consumed 3 times in a day.

Lemon Tea Recipe for menstrual disorders



  1. Put the herbs in a dry and clean jar and mix well and close the lid tightly. Thus, each tea prepared can be used by taking from the jar.
  2. To make a cup of tea, you need 1 teaspoon of Lady’s Mantle herb.
  3. Mix 1 tsp. of water with 1 tsp. of lemon juice for about 7-10 minutes.
  4. If your period is approaching, start drinking tea a week in advance.
  5. If you have severe cramps, try drinking a cup of tea every day of the month. You can drink tea either warm or hot.

For Acne Treatment of Lady’s Mantle Tea Recipe

Combine the leaves of fresh Lady’s Mantle with the stems of flowers and put them in a juice extractor. Put the crushed herbs in a thin cloth and filter in the thin cloth. Add enough water to the drained Lady’s Mantle. Soak cotton in water and apply to the infected, problem-free area. Leave it to dry on the skin. (5-7 min) Lady’s Mantle tea will help to close large pores.

Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes. This treatment should be used on a regular basis for 3 to 5 months for effective results. You will get the result you want as a result of regular use.






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