Mental Vitality – 5 Strategies to Boost Mental Health and Capacity

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Overall, healthiness is the primary key to leading a happy, fulfilling life. However, health is much more than just physical wellbeing and is more of an all-encompassing topic. To be truly healthy means to be physically, socially, and mentally fit and satisfied. If you lack anything in any of these domains, your overall wellbeing will be strongly affected. While we do tend to focus intensely on physical wellbeing, our mental health often goes ignored. You don’t have to be profoundly unhappy or suffering from any significant impairment to start focusing on your mental health. Being mentally robust can help you navigate through even the most difficult challenges with ease. Psychological and physical vitality go hand in hand, and improving one can help you strengthen the other. With increased energy, you’ll find that you have more physical and mental stamina in daily life, and you can live each day to the fullest. If you’re willing to learn how to boost your mental vitality, keep reading below.

Muscle testing

Its common knowledge that physical treatments can often be incredibly invasive and leave the individual to recover for months. However, mental procedures can often be equally invasive and can leave clients recovering and adapting for a while afterward. Therapy requires the individual to forcefully delve deep into their minds and unearth information which can be incredibly upsetting. However, there is a non-invasive way to deal with any emotional and mental blockages you may be experiencing.

Kinesiology or muscle testing uses the principles of our body’s bio-magnetic energy to address any underlying issues. If you wish to strengthen your mind-body connection and increase vitality, manual muscle testing is an excellent option. Muscle testing is a popular way of diagnosing physical ailments. But can be similarly effective in dealing with mental health issues. Often, our conscious mind doesn’t answer why we act or feel a certain way. Various underlying, hidden issues influence our emotional state and leave us in a state of tension. Muscle testing is a non-invasive technique which can help relax and reprogram our mind and bring greater positivity in our life. With more positive patterns in our life, we can start processing our trauma in healthier ways and boost vitality.

Read all you can

There’s no surprise that reading is one of the most effective ways to keep your mind healthy and active. Just as we need to keep our bodies engaged to stay fit, we need to keep our minds busy maintaining vitality. Reading is the best way to expose yourself to new ideas, cultures, and influences, all in the comfort of your home. Reading isn’t just a way for you to build a better vocabulary but also a way for you to become more eloquent and convincingly express each idea. It allows you to create an informed opinion and learn how to think independently and critically.

Books are immortalized memoirs of history and can transport you ages back. They teach you to empathize with people you will never know and characters that will never exist. As we increase our capacity for empathy, we increase our social skills and mental skills too. Of course, reading doesn’t just help you understand others better, but it enables you to understand yourself better. The critical thinking skills you learn extend across all aspects of your life and help you keep your mind active no matter what your age.


Yoga is undeniably one of the most effective methods to keep your mind and body in full vitality. It allows you to build a strong mind-body connection and ground yourself in the present. It is, therefore, much more than just exercise. It has a strong spiritual and meditative influence and can help de-stress, relax, and reconnect with your body.

Through deep-breathing exercises and mindfulness-based practice, you can start healing your mind and body and calm your nervous system. Yoga is so effective in helping you release your tension that it is a practice widely used with veterans struggling with PTSD. Yoga varies in intensity. You can opt for gentle and relaxing forms to more challenging steps that make you break a sweat and hone your focus. With time, yoga will help you with physical and mental flexibility alike. It can give you increased focus and clarity and can sharpen your mind immensely. It can be increasingly beneficial as we age, as it can help us keep our mind and body young.

Eat brain-healthy foods

If you’ve switched to a healthy diet in the past, you’ll know just how much a bad diet can affect your body and your mind. Greasy, carbohydrate-laden foods may make you feel good momentarily, but what comes afterward is a wave of guilt and many adverse effects on your body. An unhealthy, sugar-rich, non-nutritive diet can sap away at your energy levels and make you feel bloated and stressed. It can disrupt your sleep and affect your appearance profoundly too.

Conversely, a clean, healthy diet can help you feel more revitalized than ever. It can restore your energy levels and let you look and feel your best. Generally, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugary snacks, and fried foods and replace them with foods rich in omega-3’s, fresh vegetables and fruits, and nuts. You can easily make rich, fulfilling recipes using clean and healthy ingredients and strengthening your immune system. Eating clean isn’t about starving yourself at all. Instead, it’s about picking the right foods and being kind to your body. Maintaining a balanced diet can help you sleep better, enhance your focus, and help you look and feel sharp.

Focus on music

When you turn your stereo on, you probably don’t think it’s doing anything for your mind. However, listening to or playing music is one of the most effective ways to boost mental vitality. Listening to music can help de-stress and relax after a tiring day. Furthermore, playing or listening to music can help increase memory function and maximize your learning capabilities.

Learning to play an instrument is an incredibly effective way of strengthening your mind-body connection. Even the simplest instruments can take years of classes to achieve mastery. In the process, you hone each muscle in your body to harmonize with the instrument to produce a symphony. Just being surrounded by music can help you heighten feelings of positivity and feel revitalized.



If you’re craving an emotional release from the stressors of day-to-day life, partaking in any – or all – of the strategies above can help you boost your vitality. Mental vitality is, more than anything, a positive state of being. These tips help you work towards overall wellbeing and help you sharpen your mental agility no matter your age. They can be easy to incorporate into your life and can boost your life quality immensely.





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