Health Benefits Of Mosambi (Sweet Lime)

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Sweet lime Quick Facts
Name: Sweet lime
Scientific Name: Citrus limetta
Origin It is native to South- and Southeast Asia and also cultivated in the Mediterranean Basin.
Colors Pale yellow to green
Shapes Subglobose, oval, 6.5 cm in diameter
Taste Sweetish to slightly acidic
Health benefits Aids in digestion, Relieves constipation, Prevents scurvy, Peptic ulcers, Respiratory problems
Mosambi or sweet lime is actually a citrus fruit located mainly in south-east Asia. Mosambi fruits usually are small green citrus fruit of round oval shape, that turns yellow whenever ripe as with most fruits. Mosambi is almost much like lemon in look, however it features a sweeter taste much like orange. Mosambi juice is extremely well-known in India as well as Pakistan and isn’t acidic regardless of belonging to the citrus family. The acid content in mosambi is recognized to eliminate toxins through the bowel tracts. Moreover, the fruit consists of dietary fiber which helps the roughage to act like a purgative cure for those struggling with bowel problems. Lime juice with a pinch of salt is usually suggested to individuals along with constipation problems. Mosambi juice could be valuable in case of diabetes as well, for this function, you are able to mix 2 teaspoons mosambi juice, 4 teaspoons amla juice as well as 1 teaspoon honey and take this before eating anything each morning for the best outcomes.

Essences and extracts from fresh limes are utilized in the host of cosmetic care products like soaps, hair oils, body oils, mouth washes, tooth pastes and deodorants. Limes are available in numerous varieties and also the shape and size of lemons vary with respect to the area. The aroma which lemons exhibit can boost the release of digestive saliva, which will help to absorb the food rapidly. The flavonoids in lime can promote the digestive system in addition to boost the digestive juices, acids as well as bile. The compounds in lime work on the peristaltic motion. So, this provides you a great reason to tuck into some piquant lemon pickle together with your food.

Being lower in calories and fat, mosambi juice works well for shedding weight. You are able to consume a combination of mosambi juice as well as honey to lose additional calories together with exercise. Because of its antioxidant as well as anti-bacterial qualities, this particular juice safeguards the eyes from infections as well as muscular degeneration. Washing the eyes with some drops of mosambi juice combined in plain or even salt water might help for treating infections just like conjunctivitis.

Sweet limes are extremely adaptable and could be incorporated into vegetable and fruit salads along with bakes and other dishes. A lime juice recipe comes in handy whether you utilize it to combine drinks or even marinade meats. Sweet lime juice is refreshing right after any stressful activity or on the dry, hot day to satisfy your thirst.

Health Benefits Of Mosambi (Sweet Lime)

Mosambi is actually a functional fruit having a sweet and also sour flavor. This unique fruit gives fantastic nutrients and vitamins. This particular fruit is broadly consumed in the form of drinks, jams, pickles, candies, snacks and sorbets. The juice of the fruit is additionally versatile and is also utilized in salads and also to marinate meat. A number of the health advantages of mosambi are given below:

1. Aids in Digestion

Mosambi features a high-content value of flavonoids which energizes the digestive tract by increasing secretion of digestive juices, acids and bile. Therefore, mosambi juice is frequently suggested to individuals struggling with indigestion, irregular bowel movement along with other gastrointestinal difficulties. Therefore, it helps with digestion simply by neutralizing the acidic digestive juices made by the stomach and eliminates toxins through the excretory system. The compounds present in this fruit are very theraputic for peristaltic motion. Sweet lime also helps in handling diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

2. Relieves Constipation

The acids in mosambi remove the toxins through the bowel tracts. Moreover, the fruit consists of dietary fiber, which helps the roughage to act like a purgative cure for those struggling with constipation. Lime juice having a pinch of salt is usually suggested to people with constipation problems.

3. Prevents Scurvy

Scurvy is really a disease brought on by the insufficient vitamin C. This ailment is described as bleeding, swollen gums, frequent bouts of flu and cold, ulcers within the mouth and tongue, and cracked lip corners. The sweet limes can stay away from the bleeding of gums. Combine mosambi juice with some drops of pure water and include a pinch of black salt on the mixture. This mix ought to be used on the affected gums for the immediate rest from bleeding gums. Halitosis (bad breath) could be eradicated simply by drinking lime juice and sucking on lime rinds.

4. Peptic Ulcers

The flavonoids contained in mosambi like Limomin Glucoside have got anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, detoxifying, as well as anti-biotic qualities that are extremely effective in healing oral as well as peptic ulcers.

5. Respiratory Problems

The oil extracts of mosambi have got anti-congestive qualities that clean and keep numerous respiratory problems away. Therefore, they are usually utilized in balms, inhalers as well as vaporizers.

6. Improves The Immune System

The regular usage of mosambi juice leads to a noticable difference within the overall heart functioning. Therefore, it makes certain proper blood flow and also plays a role in a significantly healthier defense mechanisms. Vitamin C enhances the immunity levels and also helps prevent cold.

7. Anti-Cancer Properties

The limonoids contained in sweet limes assist in combating various kinds of cancer. Limonoids are attached to a sugar molecule known as glucose, that is very easily digested.

8. Protects against arthritis

Vitamin C has demonstrated to have a protecting effect towards damage brought on by inflammation of tissues. Therefore, mosambi can in fact assist in conditions just like osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis in which the immune cells of the body cause inflammation of the tissues. It’s also pretty rich in folic acid which plays a part in assisting bone and joint health.

9. May help in weight loss

All weight watchers who would like to get into shape ought to include this particular fruit within their daily diet plan. Mosambi is a perfect snack that may drive away your hunger, reenergize you and satiate you. One medium-sized mosambi provides you with just about 86 calories. Additionally it provides a sense of fullness because of its high-water content and also pulpy nature.

10. Treatment Of Urinary Disorders

Mosambi juice is full of potassium helping for treating urinary disorders like cystitis. Cystitis is actually an inflammation of the urinary bladder, also referred to as urinary tract infection (UTI). Mosambi juice, boiled in water, ought to be taken in just a couple of hours right after cooling for fast relief in cystitis. Potassium helps the detoxification procedure for the kidneys and also the bladder, therefore avoiding different types of urinary tract infections.

11. Gout

The antioxidants contained in mosambi assist in eliminating uric acid as well as free-radicals through the body. Vitamin C works well for neutralizing the free radicals within the body.

12. Beneficial In Diabetes

Mosambi juice is effective for diabetes patients. To deal with diabetes, you are able to mix 2 teaspoons of mosambi juice, 4 teaspoons of amla juice and 1 teaspoon of honey and take this mix before eating anything each morning for the best results.

13. Good For Eyes

Because of its anti-oxidant as well as anti-bacterial qualities, this particular juice protects the eyes from infections as well as muscular deterioration. Cleaning the eyes with some drops of mosambi juice combined in plain or even salt water might help for treating infections just like conjunctivitis.

14. Relief From Motion Sickness

The tangy taste of mosambi offers rest from motion sickness. Consuming a glass of mosambi juice works well for eliminating heartburn as well as acidity. It calms the gastrointestinal tract and also decreases abdominal complaints.

15. Treatment Of Sunstroke And Dehydration

Mosambi juice could be a healthy option to carbonated drinks since it offers important vitamins and minerals. This particular wonderful fruit is extremely preferable for athletes right after a competition or even workout session. Mosambi juice along with other lime-based supplements prevent dehydration as well as muscle cramps. Limeade made out of fresh mosambi juice is utilized to deal with individuals struggling with sunstroke.

16. Benefits The Nervous System

Mosambi juice behaves as a coolant for the brain and also the central nervous system. Mosambi may be used to deal with brain fever and mental issues. It is just a wonderful sedative too.

17. Treats jaundice

Mosambi is certainly one fruit which professionals easily prescribe patients experiencing jaundice, a malady influencing the liver capacity. This is because of the fact that it provides a cooling impact which treats negative effects of jaundice just like fever and retching. Mosambi is really a light sustenance, which makes it very easy to process by our body also it additionally works well for the proper as well as healthy functioning of the liver.

18. Beneficial For Asthma

A drink made out of mosambi juice, cumin seeds as well as dry ginger powder offers immediate rest from asthmatic cough.

19. Relief From Tonsillitis

Vitamin C decreases the seriousness of cold and fever. A spoonful of honey combined with mosambi juice and also warm water offers rest from a dry, itchy throat and it has a calming impact on swollen tonsils.

20. Used to Prepare Various Medicines

Oil extracts from mosambi is utilized in manufacturing numerous medications (balms, inhalers, vaporizers and etc) dealing with respiratory problems due to its anti-congestive property.

21. Prevents from Infection

Its richness of vitamin C works well for enhancing immunity level that eventually assists body to stay away from various infections as well as disorders just like heart disorders, improper blood circulation, cold, flu and etc.

22. Prevents from Bone Problems

Sweet lime offers safety against rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammations as well as swellings therefore great for maintain the health of bones.

23. Regularizes BP and Cholesterol Level

It will help to maintain normal cholesterol level, blood pressure level as well as weight loss in case a glass of little warm water is taken along with mosambi juice and honey.

24. Removes Body Toxins

It contains higher level of potassium electrolyte that copes with proper blood flow all around the body therefore detoxifies kidneys, liver and bladder by eliminating toxins that eventually decreases occurrence of infections as well as urinary disorders.

25. Prevents Accumulation of Uric Acid

Its antioxidant nature helps prevent accumulation of uric acid and also bad effects of free-radicals within the body by eliminating all of the unneeded uric acids and neutralizing free-radicals.

26. Great for Your Lips

If you’re one of those who have got dark, dull and dry lips, you really need to hydrate them to help make them soft supple and pink. A wonderful way to do this is to use the super healthy Mosambis. Take the pulp of Mosambis; include a few drops of lime into it plus a tablespoon of honey. Mix it well and use in your lips. Allow it to stay for some time and then wash off with cold water. You will notice a positive change immediately. Also drink Mosambi juice to remain hydrated.

27. Best for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are usually confused with regards to making food choices. It is crucial for ladies to be mindful throughout those special months. Before making an effective list, you have to remember to keep Mosambi in your mind. They’re ideal for a healthy pregnancy and also consist of calcium that is quite definitely essential for the growing of foetus. So if you’re pregnant and therefore are reading this article, don’t overlook this excellent fruit.

28. Urinary Disorders

A sensible way to avoid urinary disorder is simply by consuming Mosambis on a regular basis. It features a high concentration of potassium which will help within the detoxification of the kidney and bladder. Not just that, this can cure all infections within the urinary bladder as well as neutralize the free radicals within your body. All that you should do for this is consume Mosambi juice on a regular basis.

29. Motion Sickness

Mosambi includes a tangy taste, that is very beneficial for managing motion sickness. You can get rest from acidity and heartburn simply by consuming a glass of mosambi juice. The gastrointestinal tract is soothed, and all sorts of abdominal issues are solved.

30. Body Odour and Sweat Cure

A bath made from mosambi juice along with water can be used as a soak for the body to avoid excessive sweating along with the body odour. It really is among the advantageous ideas that many individuals not aware about and something that you ought to definitely try.

31. Remedy for blackheads and under eye circles

Under-eye circles as well as blackheads are normal skin issues that one confronts with throughout the summertime. Rather than turning to face washes and beauty products, you may use mosambi like a remedy to clear all of the impurities from the skin. The citric juice of the mosambi fruit will work as naturally mild bleach as well as cleaning agent that brightens complexion besides clearing blackheads as well as cleaning pores.

Hair Benefits Of Mosambi

Numerous industries have acknowledged the advantages of mosambi and therefore are developing lime-based products.

1. Antiseptic & Antibacterial Properties

Because of its germ killing as well as anti-bacterial qualities, beauty therapies frequently use lime extracts for the hair and also the skin.

2. Treats Dandruff and Split Ends

An incredible method to deal with dandruff and also split ends is to apply Mosambis. You can utilize this in the hair pack or just consume this every day. Combine it with your fruit salad or even drink it down just like a juice. They make the hair soft, smooth, manageable and much less itchy. Because it hydrates the skin, you may expect this to be effective particularly throughout the months of winter.

3. Strengthens Your Hair

So as to strengthen the hair and encourage hair growth, we’d certainly suggest you to make full use of Mosambis. Those are the best fruits you could utilize for this function. Full of nutrition and health, it really is full of Vitamins. This particular fruit won’t enhance the all round condition of the hair but additionally strengthen it immensely. However, you ought to talk to your doctor before you make any move.

Skin Benefits Of Mosambi

Along with several health and hair benefits, mosambi is recognized as fantastic for skin. Because of its sweet fragrance and high vitamin C content, mosambi juice is frequently utilized in numerous skincare products and medicinal supplements to cure dry or rough skin, moisturizing, enhancing the skin tone, and promoting healing. A few of the skin advantages of mosambi are given below.

1. Mild Bleaching & Cleansing Agent

Mosambi juice consists of mild bleaching as well as cleansing agents which are great at eliminating pigmentation, acne, spots and blemishes and lead to a radiant as well as smooth skin.

2. Reduces Insect Bite Pains & Lightens Skin Tone

Mosambi works well for decreasing insect bite pains as well as lightening the skin in the case of skin pigmentation on the elbows, armpits and knees.

3. Detoxifies Body

The regular usage of mosambi juice detoxes the body and imparts an all natural glow and shine to the face. It cleanses the blood and reduces skin diseases.

4. Lightens Dark Lips & Softens Cracked Lips

Using mosambi juice around the lips 3 to 4 times each day decreases the darkness of the lips as well as softens cracked lips.

5. Enhances Fairness

Mosambi juice combined with chickpea flour increases the skin fairness.

6. Cures Pimples

Using grounded mosambi peel might help to get rid of pimples.

History of Sweet Lime

Although the Citrus genus has numerous points of origins which range from Indonesia to China, a 2004 report published in the “Agriculture Review” points to the hills of Meghalaya and Nagaland as the home of sweet limes (Citrus tanaka). Alternatively, the book, “Fruits of Warm Climates” points out a broader range simply by including India’s central and northern regions. The fruit itself is a hybrid of the Mexican lime as well as sweet citron or sweet lemon.

Today, sweet limes grow in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, tropical Americas, parts of Southeast Asia, and also the Mediterranean. It’s additionally a hobby fruit in parts of Florida and California.

Some Ayurvedic Remedies With Mosambi Or Sweet Lime

  • For Swelling and Pain in legs and hands: Combine equivalent amount of mosambi juice and castor oil. Massage the affected area with this particular mixture.
  • To Lose Weight: Include some lukewarm water to mosambi juice. Now stir in the tsp of honey as well as drink it on empty stomach each morning.
  • In Diabetes: Mix 2 tsp mosambi juice in 4 tsp amla juice. Add 1 tsp honey. Take on empty stomach each morning.
  • For Strength: Drink mosambi juice for providing strength to the body, brain and heart. Children could be provided mosambi juice combined in milk.
  • For Constipation: Early morning daily, take mosambi juice combined with warm water.
  • For Skin diseases: Drink mosambi juice as it detoxifies the blood and benefits in diseases of the skin.
  • In Colds: Mix 5 drops of ginger juice in the cup of sweet lemon juice for immediate relief.
  • In Asthma: Mix 1 part mosambi juice along with half part water; include some cumin seeds and dry ginger powder and drink. It offers rest from asthmatic cough.
  • For Nausea & Feverishness: Mix equal amount of fresh mosambi juice and also tender coconut water and drink.
  • In Gastric Ulcer: Mix juice of mosambi as well as lemon and drink.
  • For mouth Ulcers And Bad Breath: Gargle along with warm water and drink a combination of mosambi juice along with warm water.
  • For Pregnant Women: Drink mosambi juice. It possesses a lot of calcium that benefits both growing fetus and also the mother to be.
  • For Facial Blemishes, Pimples and Black spots: Use fresh juice of mosambi on the affected areas at bed time. Wash along with warm water next morning.
  • In Diarrhea: Drink mosambi juice twice daily for relief.
  • For High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol: Consume mosambi juice since it decreases levels of cholesterol as well as lowers blood pressure level.
  • For Dehydration: Include a pinch or two of salt and a few sugar to fresh mosambi juice and drink.
  • For Bloody Amoebic Dysentery: Drink mosambi or sweet lime juice.
  • For Cracked Lips: Rub mosambi juice 2-3 times each day on the lips. It lowers the darkness of lips.
  • For Stomach problems, Nausea, Indigestion and Dizziness: Consume mosambi juice regularly throughout the day.
  • For Pimples: Use ground peel of mosambi on the face.
  • You can alleviate the back of your neck, your underarms, elbows and knees by efficiently rubbing the mosambi on it.
  • Ground mosambi peel can be handy in your face to eliminate pimples.
  • -Apply mosambi juice in your lips 3-4 times each day to lower darkness as well as cracks.
  • Mosambi juice will help with deal with split ends and also dandruff. Include a little juice along with water and wash the hair.
  • Mix mosambi juice along with chickpea flour to boost your skin tone making the skin look fairer.
  • Mix a bit of salt on the juice to deal with constipation.

How to Select and Store

Usually purchase fresh, bright colored, soft, pulpy and smooth skinned sweet limes or even mosambi from the market throughout seasons to prevent the usage of inorganic mosambi. Prevent purchasing bruised, wrinkled, spotted skinned as well as too soft mosambi from the market. It may be saved for just two weeks long at room temperature however in the refrigerator for 4 to 8 weeks long. Frozen juice of the mosambi may also be stored in the refrigerator.

How to Enjoy

You can use it in accordance with the taste and requirement of the person like fruit and vegetable salads, baked dishes, juice by adding pinch of salt, sugar or mint leaves like a refreshing drink within the hot summer, added like a flavor to the fruit pickles, chutneys, jams, candies, snacks, sorbets and etc. It’s also utilized to make some cosmetic products just like soaps, hair oil, body massage oil, face wash, tooth paste and deodorants.

How much Mosambi/Sweet Lime Juice to Drink a Day

As everyone knows that anything might harm the health anytime therefore safety measures are best to prevent health problems. Consume mosambi or even its juice every day yet within limit as well as in accordance with the body requirement as well as health condition to stay away from its negative effects or disadvantages.

Recipes of Sweet Lime( Mosambi)

Sweet Lime Orange Lemonade Recipe


  • Oranges 2 medium and ripe
  • Sweet lime ( Musambi) 2 medium and juicy variety
  • Lemon 1 medium
  • Sweet basil leaves 4 to 5
  • Mint leaves 4
  • Tender coconut water 3 cups replace it with sparkling water ( soda) or plain chilled water.
  • Water 1/2 cup
  • Sugar 1/3 cup
  • Ice cubes to serve
  • Mint leaves a few for garnish


  1. In a pan, mix water, sugar, basil as well as mint leaves.
  2. Heat till the sugar is melted. We’re just making a basic sugar syrup so be sure you dont over heat the mix.
  3. Once done, allow it to cool totally.
  4. Run through a sieve to eliminate any kind of impurities.
  5. Discard the leaves.
  6. Squeeze juice from oranges and sweet lime.
  7. Combine this together with the sugar syrup, squeeze lemon juice in the mixture, mix well and refrigerate for atleast 1 hour.
  8. To serve, add 1/3 cup of the citrus mixture, ice cubes and fill the rest of the glass along with tender coconut water.






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