Motherwort Herb (Leonurus cardiaca)

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Motherwort Herb (Leonurus cardiaca)Motherwort is the plant which is perennial and belongs to the mint or deadnettle family. The stem is straight up which grows from 50-120 cm tall. The stalk is hollow, square, branched and dark red. The flowers are pink or pare purple in color and leaves are light green. In July and August, the flower appears. Seeds are used to reproduce motherwort. The plant grows in humus rich soil. Motherwort treats the weaknesses, body disorders and heart palpitations. It treats the insomnia. The anti-inflammatory properties found in motherwort herb relieve the swollen tonsils which ease coughing by relaxing the muscles.

Heath Benefits of Motherwort Herb (Leonurus cardiaca)

The chemical alkaloid lenourine found in the motherwort herb is a mild vasodilator which relaxes the muscles. It assist in decreasing blood clotting, blood pressure and cleanse the fat from the blood. Some of the health benefits of Motherwort herb are:

1. Used as Heart Medicine

The diuretic property in the motherwort restricts the formation of artery calcification. It also cures the hypertension and Grave’s disease. Motherwort helps to reduce the blood pressure as it possess vitamin C and A. It is also used to treat the chronic cardiac and vascular disease, rapid heart rate, heart irregularities and reduce the chances of blood clots. It treats the heart beats caused due to anxiety, stress and tension.

2. Benefits of Motherwort as Women’s tonic

Since 100 A.D., the physicians of China report the use of motherwort for menstrual problems.

  • Benefits of motherwort for painful and delayed menstruation

Mother enhances the delayed menstruation. The regular use of motherwort tones the uterus and also lowers the chances of menstrual cramps in the future. King’s Dispensary approves that it relieves the pain and suppressed menstruation.

  • Delayed Labor and Afterbirth

It assists the delayed labor and eliminates the afterbirth postpartum. Professor John King and Finley Ellingwood reported that the use of motherwort eradicates the uterine secretions after child birth.

3. Relaxes Nerves

According to Kathleen Eich, motherwort soothes the nerves. It also reduces the high blood pressure caused due to anxiety if it is added to the diet. Leonurine which is found in the motherwort helps to soothe body muscles and heart.

4. Motherwort for skin disorders

Motherwort extracts helps to treat the skin ailments such as dermatitis and eczema. It also cures the shingles and excessive itching.

5. Treat itching and relieve eye condition

It is used to relieve the itching. Motherwort is also used to alleviate the eye conditions and also prevents the blood clots.

6. Good for Fevers and Other Respiratory Ailments

Motherwort prevents the fever illness like typhoid. It also treats coughing along with white sputum, wheezing and bronchitis.

7. For Edema and Kidney Stagnation

Motherwort enhances kidneys as it is a mild diuretic. It treats edema related with kidney insufficiency.

8. Increasing the appetite

Motherwort has got bitter taste which triggers digestion. It should be combined with other aromatic mints in a tincture and a few drops should be used before meals.

Other benefits of Motherwort

It is used to treat menstrual problems, loss of thyroid function, bronchial asthma, amenorrhea, hypothyroidism and intestinal gas.

Proper dosage for Motherwort Extracts

The doctor should be consulted before the consumption of motherwort. 2-4 g quantity of powdered herb is recommended daily.

Drug interaction

2-6 ml of dosage is confined in the tincture form. The patients in an acute condition should be given 1 tablet or 5 drops every 2 hours and the chronically ill patients should be given 10 pellets thrice in a day.

Side effects of Motherwort consumption

The side effects of motherwort could be prevented by avoiding the excessive consumption. Irritation on stomach, allergic reaction, uterine bleeding and diarrhea are the side effects of motherwort. Those who are undergoing the surgery should avoid the use of motherwort. It is not recommended to use this herb by the pregnant women because it promotes the internal bleeding and may lead to miscarriage.





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