Red Angled Tampoi-Baccaurea angulata

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Red Angled Tampoi Quick Facts
Name: Red Angled Tampoi
Scientific Name: Baccaurea angulata
Origin Borneo
Colors Red-purple-pink-red brown (Fruit)
Shapes Obovoid, 5-6 angled, star shaped; 1 to 3 seeded berries; 5 cm by 2.5 cm (Fruit)
Flesh colors Whitish
Taste Pleasant
Calories 93 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Copper (288.89%)
Manganese (217.39%)
Iron (75.00%)
Zinc (52.73%)
Carbohydrate (16.85%)
Health benefits Treat arthritis, Assist growt, Hair and eyes pigmentation, Bone health, Absorb vitamins
More facts about Red Angled Tampoi
Baccaurea angulate commonly referred to as Red Angled Tampoi and Wild Carambola, is the fruit of Euphorbiaceae family which is native to Borneo. The fruit is edible which is also made into pickles, jams or added to various dishes. Red Angled Tampoi is a medium sized tree which prefers moist, well drained and fertile loamy soils. The tree grows upto 6-21 m in height. The fruit is about 5 cm by 2.5 cm in size, obovoid, 5-6 angled and star shaped. The fruit has thick skin with white flesh. Each fruit can have globose-ellipsoid, flattened, dicotyledonous, cream-greenish seeds of size 16-23 by 7-16 by 4-9.5 mm. Leaves are dark green, elliptic to obovate and 12-40 cm by 4-14 cm. The flowers are pubescent; pistillate; pale yellow-cream yellow-greenish and 2-2.6 mm across.

Nutritional value

100 grams of Red Angled Tampoi (pulp) grants 73.8 g of moisture, 93 calories, 3.8 g of protein, 0.2 g of total fat, 1 g of ash, 21.9 g of carbohydrate and 2.1 g of dietary fiber. The same amount provides 288.89% of copper, 217.39% of manganese, 75% of iron, 52.73% of zinc, 16.85% of carbohydrate, 7.60% of protein, 7.49% of potassium, 5.57% of phosphorus, 5.53% of dietary fiber, 5% of magnesium, 2.10% of calcium, 0.57% of total lipid fat and 0.11% of Vitamin c.


Health Benefits of Red Angled Tampoi

Red Angled Tampoi is a great source of copper, manganese, iron and zinc. It is also packed with various amounts of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and others which are beneficial to the health. Some of the health benefits are discussed below:

  1. Treat arthritis

Red Angled Tampoi is an excellent source of copper which provides anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to lower the symptoms of arthritis. Copper bracelets are used to cure these ailments. Copper is an aid for the arthritis. The water which is stored in a copper container helps to strengthen the muscular system when consumed in the morning. It increases the metabolism to perform the daily functions. (1)

  1. Assist growth

Copper is required for the normal health and growth. It helps to protect the nervous, skeletal and cardiovascular health. The deficiency of copper leads to the abnormal growth of tissues and organs and improper oxygenation of red blood cell concentration. The people of third world countries suffer from copper deficiencies. (2)

  1. Hair and eyes pigmentation

Copper is an essential component for the melanin, natural dark pigment which provides color to the skin, eyes and hair. Melanocytes produce melanin in the presence of tyrosinase which is a cuproenzyme that is obtained from the copper. The supplements of copper prevent the hair graying and also act as an antioxidant mineral. The intake of copper with zinc helps to maintain the eye color. (3)

  1. Bone health

Manganese is required for the normal development of human bones structure. It helps to aid the raise of mineral density of spinal bones. It is effective for the post-menopausal women. The women who go through menopause suffer from deficiency of manganese so the women should intake high amount of minerals to prevent fractures. Research proves that manganese helps to prevent osteoporosis and also slows down its process. (4)

  1. Absorb vitamins

Manganese assists the absorption of vitamins such as Vitamin E and B as well as the minerals such as magnesium. Manganese plays a vital role in enzymatic reactions that is essential for the absorption as well as utilization of the vitamins found in the food. One should increase the manganese levels if there is a chance of deficiency of some vitamins. (5)

  1. Thyroid ailments

Manganese is a vital component of thyroxine and essential cofactor of different enzymes. Thyroxine is considered as an essential hormone in the thyroid gland. The proper functions of thyroid gland and hormonal synthesis has various health benefits in the body such as loss in weight, efficiency of organ system, metabolism and appetite. (6)

  1. Forms hemoglobin

Iron assists in the hemoglobin formation. Iron provides the dark red shade to the blood and helps to transport the oxygen to the cells. Extra hemoglobin is essential as human beings lose blood through external or internal injuries. Women lose blood each month during menstruation due to which they are mostly prone to suffer from anemia. (7) (8)

  1. Muscle function

Iron is an essential element which helps to maintain the health of muscles. It is found in the tissues of muscles and supplies the oxygen which is necessary for the muscle contraction. Without iron, muscle loses its elasticity and tone. Anemia is indicated by the muscle weakness. (9)

  1. Regulates body temperature

Iron is an essential facilitator which is required to regulate the body temperature. It is able to manage according to the absorption capacity of body. The stability of body temperature means that the metabolic and enzymatic functions occur in the efficient and optimal temperatures and environments. (10)

  1. Skin health

The study shows that zinc is an effective cure for the acne and pimples. Zinc is able to encourage the functions of white blood cells which is vital in the process of healing and defends the body from the infections such as ulcers, canker sores, wounds and surgical incisions. It is essential for the collagen production which is a connective tissue that is essential for the regrowth and repair of skin. (11)

How to Eat         

  • It is good for making pickles and jams.
  • The skin of the fruit could be dried in the sun after consumption.
  • The skin is used to flavor fish soup as asam keping.
  • Baccaurea angulata is used to decorate the table.
  • The fruit is a great thirst quencher.
  • Sour to acid sweet arillode as well as pericarp is consumed fresh or added to various dishes.


  • Avoid excessive consumption.
  • The people allergic to Red Angled Tampoi should avoid it.






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