What Does A Sports Clinic in Singapore Treat?

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A physical therapist is a physician who is specialized in evaluating and recording the progress of patients. They help physically injured individuals improve their health conditions. Physios majorly deal with physical injuries. They take a patient through the process of rehabilitation and care. Within the physical therapy clinic, other activities such as education, consultation, and administration take place. Injuries are of different types, and this explains why there are different physiotherapists. An individual may have muscle, cardiac, bone, or brain injury. Physiotherapists help sports individuals in their daily life to ensure they perform their duties efficiently.

So, what are the treatments offered by the sports clinic in Singapore; 

Physiotherapy intervention

This involves the interaction between a patient and the physiotherapist. It is done by the physio on purpose to diagnose a problem and bring a change. The interventions are on balance and gait, peripheral neuropathy, fatigue, and pain. Focused physical therapy intervention is capable of helping individuals with late physical effects resulting from cancer. Nearly all physios are trained to treat sports injuries of all kinds. This can help sports individuals suffering from cancer improve their health conditions. This program is usually offered as individualized treatment.

Massage and stimulation

Physiotherapists help the sportspeople in the healing process. Massage is usually used after prolonged physical activity or exercise. Massage and stimulation help to reduce pain and boost energy levels. This form of therapy involves the use of hands to promote relaxation in the entire body. It promotes relaxation by eliminating tense muscles and increasing flexibility. It is considered as a fringe approach. Sportsmen such as footballers, volleyballers, and skaters are usually taken through this process during their recovery period.

Diagnose movement

Physiotherapists diagnose movement dysfunction and develop a treatment plan. Physiotherapists are usually trained and can diagnose a problem an individual is suffering from. Sportspeople are generally prone to physical injuries. These injuries can only be diagnosed by physios. The physios also know the appropriate solution to all injuries in sports. Once diagnosed, they offer treatment. A patient is given a treatment plan to follow.

Therapeutic teaching

Physiotherapists are trained to teach patients how to use therapeutic techniques during rehabilitation properly. Therapeutic exercise is the regular performance of planned physical movements. These movements are usually aimed at helping a patient to remediate. Remediation helps to prevent physical and emotional impairments. Impairments such as brain impairments can happen if a patient is not improved in the recovery process.  

Keeping health records

Physical therapists are a vital part of any clinic. Physios are trained on how to keep excellent and proper records about an individual. These records are used to check the health history of a sports person. This helps in the diagnosis and provision of medication.


Physical therapists are an integral part of the health care sector of sports. They assume leadership in the rehabilitation process. Because of the nature of injuries in sports, physios are trained to treat sports injuries through different techniques. They also play an essential role in developing standards for the provision of quality health care services. 




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