The Benefits of Formulating Your Own Health Drinks

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Product formulation is a complex process. From the research and development for taste, texture, and desired nutritional content, to figuring out if your desired drink will even be drinkable, there are a lot of steps in the process. It can be especially complicated if you want something with specific health needs in mind for bodybuilders, meal replacements, and even collagen drinks that don’t taste like Jell-O.  If you are one of those people who love to be in charge and have the freedom of choice, then blending your own health drinks may be a great choice for you. Additionally, it might be a great option if you want to create health drinks to sell.

The benefits are numerous and include control over a variety of ingredients, the ability to use simulation technology, immediate freshness and knowledge that you are in control, and the ability to create something that tastes great and has the nutritional content you need.

The Variability of Ingredients

The variability of ingredients is a huge benefit to making your own drinks. You can use any ingredients you like, and experiment with different combinations. This allows you to create drinks that are unique to your tastes and preferences, as well as many other factors such as what’s in season, organic produce, or local sources.

It also allows you to experiment with new ingredients and flavors without having to buy large quantities of something that might not work out so well. For example, if an ingredient doesn’t taste good by itself but does when paired with another ingredient then it might be worth adding it anyway just for the sake of trying something new.

The Ability to Use Simulation Technology

Simulation technology can help you improve the taste and texture of your health drinks without needing to create large batches of the product. Chemical process simulation is an incredible tool when it comes to product development. Not only can these programs help you develop something with the right viscosity, it can even predict how the ingredients might interact with your body. Even if you have the best ingredients, the drink may still taste bad if it doesn’t have enough spices or flavor enhancers. Simulation technology allows you to see how the ingredients will taste together so that you can add more of those ingredients or find other ways of improving the taste before actually making it. This saves a lot of time and money on product development.

Additionally, simulation technology helps ensure that your health drinks are nutrient-rich and vitamin-packed as well as delicious. It is easy for important nutrients and vitamins to be missed when creating a new recipe, especially when using different types of fruits and vegetables to create a unique flavor profile in each drink. Using simulation technology allows you to determine whether or not all necessary nutrients are present before beginning production on an actual batch so that no one misses out on any important nutrients while consuming their favorite health drink.

The Immediate Freshness of the Drink

Another benefit of formulating your own health drinks is that they are fresh. You can have the immediate freshness of the drinks, which is especially helpful for smoothies and fruit juices. The ingredients are all fresh and natural, so you don’t need to store them for a long time before making your drink. You can also make it in your own kitchen using a juicer or blender. It’s good for you because it contains only natural substances that are easily digested by your body.

The Knowledge That You are in Control

As a consumer, you have the ultimate power. You control the ingredients and their quality, how much of each ingredient is in your drink, and its taste. As a consumer of health drinks, this is a big deal. While there are plenty of pre-made options in terms of powders and liquids, you cannot control the freshness or quality of the product. By formulating your own, even for personal consumption, you get to be in control from start to finish. If you want a vegan drink, you can pack it full of nutrients, if you want something animal based, you get to choose which ingredients work best for you.

The Ability to Create a Unique Taste

If you love mangoes and passionfruit and want to concoct a collagen drink that has all of the amazing benefits of this incredible protein, you can put them all together to do it. If you love cranberries and oranges, you get to blend up a health drink that tastes like them. The beauty of making health drinks on your own is that you can create a unique taste. If you’re tired of the same old health drinks, try creating your own. You can use natural ingredients and herbs to give it a unique flavor. You can also use different flavors and colors to make it taste and look how you want it to so that it isn’t as boring as other health drinks on the market.

You Can Make it Organic

Finding ingredients that are grown in a truly natural way can be challenging. The label for organic foods is so flexible that in some cases it may not even mean what you think it means. Finding foods grown regeneratively can be an important factor for people looking for the highest nutritional content in their drinks. Additionally, chemical sensitivities may leave people wanting to consume more natural ingredients. Getting to make your drinks truly organic the way most people want is the perfect reason to make your own health drinks.

The Chance to Have Fun Making It

Your health drink will be a reflection of you, so there’s no reason to feel like you have to stick to an existing recipe. If you don’t like the taste of something, try changing up the ingredients or different combinations. You can also add things that are important to your life and lifestyle—for example, if you love chocolate and peanut butter, you could include cacao powder and peanut butter in your drink. Have fun trying out new ideas. You never know what could become the next favorite when your friends come over. Once you get them hooked, creating your own drinks line is just around the corner.




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