What are the best places to learn swimming in Singapore?

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Swimming is considered one of the finest ways to stay fit and healthy. It helps you feel relaxed and better.  It maintains your heart rate which is important for cardiovascular fitness. Besides this, it also strengthens and tones your muscle and improves co-ordination and posture. Further, swimming maintains your body weight apart from a healthy heart and lungs. Swimming is an amazing physical activity as compared to others such as playing cricket, football, and basketball. Besides its effectiveness, it is also a fun activity to chill in the cold water pools.   

Swimming Tips for Beginner

  •    Ensure you know how to swim. If not, then take classes under the certified trainers to learn swimming.
  •    If you are beginner always prefer a safe and less crowded place.
  •    If you have just started swimming, then take care of your diet.  

If you are currently residing in Singapore, here are the best places to take swimming lessons in Singapore.

Top swim schools in Singapore:

AbleAquaticSchool:  It is the longest running swimming school in Singapore. They provide good exposure for swimming with highly skilled certified trainers, best swimming complexes and condominium pools across Singapore. It is suitable for babies, toddlers, special needs, Aqua Aerobics, and adults. It also encourages students with proficiency awards.

IsplashSwimSchool: Here learning can be fun because they have secure, convenient and enjoyable systems for learners. They conduct group swimming lessons in public pools and private pools as per individuals preferred timing and venue. Age is no bar here, and all age groups can have professional swimming lessons.

X lab pro:  It is located at Yishun. It firmly believes in physical and mental growth and promotes interaction and intelligence among children. It assists children to conquer their personal challenges. It accepts learners of all ages.  Besides, it has world-class facilities which include an indoor heated pool, sheltered Olympic size pool, and best-trained coaches.

AquaTech Swimming: It believes in the overall development of athletes to help them excels in their life. Here programs are available for the all age group to the Olympic level besides providing a safe environment. The team focuses on the passion, growth, balance, and excellence among learners.

Jurong East Swimming Complex: It is a public swimming complex which is managed by Sport Singapore. It has become a point of attraction because it is fully equipped with the latest facilities. It features competition pools, general pools, wave pools, jacuzzi, water slides, etc. Swimming is quite affordable here.

Final Verdict

There are many choices available. So, if you are interested, then it is always suggested you should choose as per your affordability and location convenience. Prefer the ones that give trial sessions for your personal experiences before joining.




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