Apple Peel health benefits

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Everyone consumes an apple but some people discard skin. Removing the skin eliminates critical nutrients such as fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and folate. Apple peel helps to increase amount of brown fat in the body and lowers weight. Out body contains lot of brown fat since we are born which surrounds the main organs of the body and keeps it warm. Eliminating peel loses one third of the apple’s total fiber. It is helpful for heart diseases and diabetes.

Apple peel contains quercetin compound that protects brain cells from damage and prevent memory loss and promotes concentration. It regulates blood pressure by maintaining it in control. It maintains eye health and also lowers the chances of glaucoma. It prevents cavity and tooth decay. High content of antioxidants helps to prevent cancer such as prostate cancer and breast cancer.

  1. Prevent cancer

Study has shown that apple skin helps to lower the chances of cancer types such as colon cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer. It reports that apple skin possess triterpenoids which works great on eliminating cancer cells and inhibit the growth of cancer.

  1. Prevention of heart disease

Apple skin has some antioxidants which prevents oxidation of polyunsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats are the oxidation of fats that results in heart disease.

  1. Prevention of asthma

Study shows that apples help to reduce the chances of asthma more than other veggies and fruits.

  1. Control in weight

Average size of apple offers 5 grams of fiber. It offers 20 percent of daily recommended intake. Research shows that each gram of fiber intake. One could lose upto 20 pounds for a year.

  1. Regulation of blood sugar

Apples are packed with antioxidant that helps to lower blood sugar and make insulin response correspondingly. The enzyme is accountable for breaking down starch into simple sugar which is blocked and few simple sugars would be released into bloodstream. This leads the body to resistance against diabetes.

  1. Lung health

Apple with skin helps to improve the functions of lung. It reduces the chances of respiratory diseases.

  1. Treat teeth

Intake of apple helps to stimulate the production of salive in mouth. Saliva is a substance which is able to eliminate bacteria that lowers tooth decay. It gives healthier and whiter teeth.

  1. Stronger immune system

Apple peel has vitamin C which strengthens immune system. The body builds new bodily cells with vitamin A known as choline found in apple’s skin.

  1. Skin health

The intake of vitamin C has positive results in skin health. Apples with skin offer lot of Vitamin C.

  1. Eye health

Doctors suggest the intake of high Vitamin A for treating eyesight problems. Apple peels offer an adequate source of Vitamin A. Those who do not like carrot can replace it with apple.

  1. Helpful for anemia

People with low red blood cells in the body are prone to anemia. Iron is an imperative substance which helps the body for production of red blood cells. Its peel is a healthy food for anemic patients.

  1. Digestive health

 Apple peel is rich in fiber content. It offers two to third of the fiber of apple. The consumption of apple with skin makes the bowel movement easier and promotes digestive health.

  1. Treatment for hypertension

Study shows that apple peel and fleshy fruit inhibits enzyme known as ACE which causes high blood pressure and hypertension in the human body system.

  1. Cardiovascular health

Evidence shows that intake apple with skin combined vegetables to daily diet can lower the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Muscle health

Apple peel contains some natural compounds. It is usolic acid and is able to halt muscle from wasting, maintain pensioners strong and lowers chances of fractures.

  1. Source of antioxidants

Apple peels are rich in phytochemicals such as phenolic acid and flavonoids. It clears destructive molecules known free radicals. Free radical damage and attack the cells and may lead to development various diseases. Intake of diet with antioxidants to protect from harmful health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Impair cancer cells

Apple peels contains dozens of compounds called triterpernoids which is able to dismantle cancer cells and protect the body against  certain types of cancer such colon, liver and breast cancer.






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