Yerba Mate Tea

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Yerba Mate TeaYerba Mate is the plant which is an inherent to South America, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay. The yerba mate is cultivated by drying the twigs and leaves over the fire and in hot water it is steeped to produce tea. According to “Yerba mate tea is considered as the drink of gods”. It possesses 15 amino acids, 24 minerals and vitamins, 11 polyphenols and plethora of antioxidants. It is also used as a substitute for a coffee. Guayaki website reports that the yerba mate possesses theobromine, xanthine, and theophylline Yerba mate tea upgrade the digestion, assist in weight loss and enhance the mental focus and clarity.

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate Tea

The ground leaves and stems are steeped to make a Yerba mate tea. It possesses the amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Some health benefits of yerba mate tea are discussed below:

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Huge amount of antioxidants is possessed in Yerba mate tea. In comparison to the green tea, Guayaki consists of 90% more antioxidants. Yerba mate boosts the immune system. It prevents the cancer, cleanses the blood and also slows down the signs of aging. It also treats the insomnia by reducing stress. The complications related to hyperglycemia are reduced in the diabetic patients.

2. Enhances the ability to focus

As yerba mate tea has caffeine, the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and polyphenols contained in this yerba tea helps to balance it. It also enhances the mental energy, focus as well as clarity.

3. Blood circulation

Yerba tea possess huge amount of iron which cleanses the blood and transports to the various parts of the body. It prevents from the clotting of blood and also enhances the proper function of the body. The anemia patients can drink this tea once a day.

4. Enhances Physical Endurance

Yerba tea assists to raise metabolism which uses the carbohydrates efficiently because it possess the chemical compounds and nutrients. The regular intake of yerba tea helps to burn more calories. The regular consumption of yerba mate prohibits from the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which helps to reduce the post workout soreness and also cuts the recovery time.

5. Aids digestion

The peoples of South America use the yerba mate tea treats the digestive ailments. Yerba mate facilitates digestion by increasing the bile production and other gastric acids. It also cleans the colon and eliminates waste and reduces the bacteria of the stomach that leads to the bad breathe. It enhances the natural movement of digestive tract which helps to aid constipation. The damaged tissues in the digestive tract are reduced. The study which was conducted at Catedra de Farmacologica in Buenos Aires shows that the yerba mate increases the flow of bile and also upgrades the intestinal tract.

6. Helps you control your weight

The native peoples of South America use yerba mate as a healthy diet and exercise. The stimulant qualities found in the yerba mate helps to feel full for long time. The regular exercise and adding yerba mate to the healthy diet enhances the metabolism which assists to burn more calories and also makes you eat less by controlling the appetite. It also possesses the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. The study which was conducted in Switzerland at The University of Lausanne reports that those who used yerba mate, they were successful to burn more fat in the body.

7. Kills cancer cells

The yerba mate tea possesses the anti-cancer properties such as ursolic acid, saponins, tannin, rutin, chlorophyll and chlorogenic acid. The cancer destroying properties of yerba mate tea helps to prevent the cancer.

8. Supports cardiovascular health

The regular intake of yerba mate tea reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. The fat and cholesterol are prevented from the artery walls by assisting them to pass through the blood stream with the presence of amino acids and antioxidants. It also forbids the blood clots and arteriosclerosis that leads to stroke and heart attack. The presence of amino acids and antioxidants helps to reduce the cholesterol level and fat in the body. It helps to prevent the blood clot which eliminates the hardening of arteries due to the buildup of cholesterol and fats.

9. Boost immune system

Yerba mate tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which helps to facilitate the immune system and also protects the overall health. A cup of yerba mate tea helps to prevent the common colds. It also helps to prevent the allergy symptoms.

10. Prevents onset of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is faced during the old age. The consumption of yerba mate tea controls the loss of bone mostly in postmenopausal women.

11. Beautiful skin

The intake of a cup of tea helps to maintain the circulation of blood in the body and skin. It also purifies the skin by the eradication of damaged and dead cells. According to the professionals, an intake of yerba tea is good for the health and skin.

12. Cures constipation

The consumption of tea helps to provide relief from constipation.

13. Prevents diabetes

The study which was published in Journal of American College of Nutrition reports that the intake of yerba mate tea helps to reduce the chances of growth of diabetes. The consumption of mate tea enhances the control of glycemic and lipid profile of diabetes mellius type 2 subjects, and when it is combined with the healthy diet, it helps to reduce serum lipid parameters of pre-diabetes patients which lower the chances of coronary disease.

14. Adds Lustre to the Dyed Hair

The hair is made dull due to the effects of hair dyes which could be eliminated by the use of yerba mate tea. The yerba mate tea helps to bring back the lustre and sheen of the hair.

15. Fights Bad Breath

Polyphenols is possessed in the yerba mate tea which helps to eliminate the bacteria growth in the mouth as well as stomach which leads to the bad breathe. Yerba mate tea has a smoky flavor.

16. Urinary tract infection

The urinary tract infections can be prevented with the yerba mate tea. The daily intake of yerba mate tea helps to treat the problem during the times of distress.

17. Reduce cellulite

The caffeine which is present in the extract helps to lower cellulite and provides the smooth and flawless skin.

18. Erases Stretch Marks

The extract of yerba mate tea helps to reduce the stretch marks after the pregnancy.

19. Powerful stimulant

Along with caffeine, theobromine and theophylline is also present in Yerba Mate. As it possesses caffeine, it is not recommended for the breast feeding and pregnant women.

20. Nervous system stimulant

The caffeine present in yerba mate tea provides more focus and alertness. The energy of the person is increased. The yerba tea is used for a substitute of coffee.

21. Aids in mental facilities

The intake of yerba tea helps to boost the mental functions. It enhances the memory, mood and alertness due to the presence of caffeine. It enhances the mood of the person by making them feel better and productive. The presence of theobromine, xanthine and theophylline assist to alleviate fatigue physically and mentally. It also reduces the stress and also improves the mood.

22. Improves bone strength

The study which was conducted on the postmenopausal women shows that those who drank 1 l of the tea regularly for 4 years, their bone density were increased by 9.7% than those who didn’t drink.

23. Low tannin content

Yerba mate possesses the tannin in lower amount. It has a rich and robust flavor with the earthy accents. The yerba mate tea if lightly steeped, the tea would be greenish/yellow in color and if it is well steeped, it would be brown in colour.

24. Includes 24 vitamins and minerals

Aluminum, copper, manganese, potassium, zinc, chromium, iron and nickel are the minerals which are found in yerba mate tea. Vitamin C, A, B2, B1, Niacin, B complex and B5 is also present in it.

Side effects of Yerba Mate consumption

The excessive consumption of yerba mate provides various side effects. This drink contains caffeine which results in the side effects such as:

  • Increase in anxiety and nervousness
  • Sleep loss
  • Stomach upsets
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Irregular heartbeats

It is unsafe to drink yerba mate tea on regular basis in huge amounts. It raises the chances of esophageal, oral cavity cancer or larynx. Due to the huge caffeine content, it is not recommended for the breast feeding and pregnant women as it leads to premature delivery, miscarriage and low birth weight. The heart patients should not intake the yerba mate tea for a long time because it leads to irregular heartbeats. The number of low-sugar episodes is increased in the diabetic patients with the intake of yerba mate. The yerba mate tea should be taken in limited amounts. One should consult the doctor by the chronic illnesses and pregnant women.






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