Bacon grease uses and benefits

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Bacon grease Quick Facts
Name: Bacon grease
Colors White
Calories 39 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Total Fat (12.23%)
Choline (0.33%)
Vitamin E (0.20%)
More facts about Bacon grease
Bacon grease is the bacon dripping when the bacon fat is heated. It is flavorful which is usually used for the cooking purposes. In Southern US and British cuisine, it is preserved and used to enhance flavor to the cornbread, gravy and salad dressing. It has high melting temperatures. About 38 calories are found in bacon grease. It contains about 40 percent of saturated fat. Though it has side effects, it is widely used in the cuisines of American South.

Nutritional Value

One teaspoon of Bacon grease grants 39 calories, 4.28 g of total lipid fat, 1.8 mg of choline, 0.03 mg of Vitamin E, 0.02 g of ash, 0.03 mg of Vitamin E, 0.1 µg of Vitamin D, 0.1 µg of Vitamin D3 and 4 IU of Vitamin D. It also contains 0.004 g of capric acid, 0.009 g of lauric acid, 0.056 g of myristic acid, 1.018 g of palmitic acid, 0.578 g of stearic acid, 0.115 g of palmitoleic acid, 1.763 g of oleic acid, 0.043 g of gadoleic acid, 0.436 g of linoleic acid, 0.043 g of linolenic acid and 4 mg of cholesterol.


It should not be used in excess.

How to use        

  • It could be used in cornbread and sautéed vegetables.
  • It is also used to dress salads and gravy.
  • It could be spread over roast.
  • It is used cakes and cookies.
  • It is used to fry bacon.
  • It is the flavorful oil.

Other Facts        

It could be kept in a refrigerator for a month.





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