Blackberry seed oil facts and benefits

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Blackberry seed oil facts and benefits Quick Facts
Name: Blackberry seed oil facts and benefits
Origin It is native to Europe and United States. Historically, the berries are used for over 2000 years.
Colors Pale yellow to medium green
Blackberry is a fruit having versatility and belongs to the family Rosaceae that also includes dewberry and raspberry. This fruit have been recognized as an official fruit of State of Alabama and is also found in Pacific coast and North America. Historically, the berries are used for over 2000 years. Traditionally, the leaf, fruit, roots and bark are used by Greeks and Romans to treat the health conditions such as venomous bites and mild infection.The oil is extracted from Blackberry seeds with the cold pressed method. It is a great source of tocotriencols, tocopherols and lutein. It is a great source of Vitamin C and also possesses phytosterol beta-sitosterol. It helps to treat blotches, wrinkles, skin blemishes and large pores. It possesses about 205 of Omega-3s and 90% of unsaturated fatty acids. The extracted oil is pale yellow to green in color with mild aroma. It has impressive amount of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids with ample antioxidants. It helps to nourish and condition the hair by making it look healthy. Due to the presence of zeaxanthin and lutein, it supports the health of eye. Blackberry is native to Europe and United States.

Traditional uses

  • It makes the skin supple, adds elasticity and prevents the loss of moisture.
  • It adds shine and treats split ends.
  • It provides relief from itching, eczema, scaly and psoriasis.
  • It helps to treat blemishes, blotches and wrinkles.
  • It slows down the signs of aging and promotes the elasticity of skin.
  • It enhances the complexion and texture of the skin.
  • It assists in repairing process of the skin.
  • It helps to restore the softness and smoothness of the skin health.
  • It treats dandruff condition and treat split ends.


  • People allergic to black berry should not use it.
  • It should be used in moderate amounts.
  • Consult the doctor if experienced allergic reactions.

Other Facts        

It is used in skin care products such as lotions, lip balms, creams and hair care products.

Blackberry seed oil facts

Name Blackberry seed oil facts and benefits
Native It is native to Europe and United States. Historically, the berries are used for over 2000 years.
Names of Blackberry fruit in Other Languages Arabic: eullayq (عُلَّيْق);
Brazilian Portuguese: amora-preta;
Chinese: Hēiméi (黑莓);
Croatian: kupina;
Czech: ostružina;
Danish: brombær;
Dutch: braam  vrucht;
European Spanish: mora;
Finnish: karhunvatukka;
French: mûre;
German: Brombeere;
Greek: βατόμουρο;
Italian: mora;
Japanese: Burakkuberī (ブラックベリー);
Korean: geom-eunttalgi (검은딸기);
Norwegian: bjørnebær;
Polish: jeżyna;
Portuguese: amora Silvestre;
Romanian: mură mure;
Russian: yezhevika (ежевика);
Spanish: mora;
Swedish: björnbär;
Thai: Lūk bexr̒ rī̀ s̄ī dả (ลูกเบอร์รี่สีดำ );
Turkish: böğürtlen;
Ukrainian: ozhyna (ожина);
Vietnamese: quả mâm xôi;
Color Pale yellow to medium green
Extraction method Cold pressed






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