Facts and benefits of Chaulmoogra

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Chaulmoogra Quick Facts
Name: Chaulmoogra
Scientific Name: Hydnocarpus wightianus
Colors Brown tomentose
Shapes Woody, round, 6–10 cm (2.4–3.9 in) across
Chaulmoogra is a deciduous as well as evergreen tree that reaches 10 m (33 ft) tall. It has brownish and fissured bark. Branchlets are minutely velvet hairy and rounding. Leaves are simple, alternate on 0.7-2.2 cm (0.28-0.87 in) long stalks. Leaves are oblong to elliptic-oblong, 8-23 × 3.5-10 cm (3.1-9.1 × 1.4-3.9 in), tip long pointed, falling off, base narrow and margins are toothed, hairless and papery. Flowers form in short cymes or solitary, in leaf axils. Flowers have white petals followed by woody, round berry about 6-10 cm (2.4-3.9 in) across usually brown tomentose and black. It has numerous seeds. The plant bears flowers from January to April. Flowers are greenish white and form solitary or racemes. Fruits are ovoid about 10 cm (3.9 in) in diameter with a thick woody rind. It contains 10-16 black seeds found in the fruit pulp. Seeds are angular, irregular and ovoid about 1 to 1 ¼ inches long and 1 inch wide with smooth, grey and brittle skin.

Health Benefits of Chaulmoogra

  1. Cures faintness

Apply seed powder on forehead for dizziness and faint sensation. It energies the body and also treat dizziness.

  1. Good for Diabetes

Take one teaspoonful of seeds powder thrice a day. It curbs release of sugar in urine. Stop the treatment if no sugar is released in urine.

  1. Treatment for tuberculosis

Add 5 to 6 drops of oil with milk twice a day. Or mix the oil in butter and use it to massage on chest. It is beneficial to cure chest problems. Use 1 gm of seed powder thrice a day for multinodular tuberculosis.

  1. Treatment for wounds and ulcers

Apply the grinded seeds on wounds and ulcers.

  1. Treat scabies

Grind castor seeds with peel and mix the powder in castor oil. Apply it to scabies. Grind Chaulmoogra seeds in cow’s urine and apply this paste two to three times a day on scabies. It provides relief from pain.

  1. Helps to cure cholera

Take 1 gram of seeds powder with water two to three times a day. It provides a great relief.

  1. Cures blood disorders

Fill five drops of oil in a capsule or mix it in butter. Take this every morning and evening half an hour after meals. It is helpful to cure blood disorders. Use the oil externally or mix it with 4 times of neem oil or butter and apply.

  1. Heals cuts and bruises

The seed oil is helpful to speed up healing process of cuts and bruises. It helps to lower pain, prevent bacteria, and cleanse area and speeds up healing process.

  1. Reduce eczema and skin rashes

Apply seed oil to soothe the skin and heal psoriasis, redness and rashes. The oil helps to soothe, calm and heal rash. Chaulmoogra seed oil has positive effect on eczema flare ups.

  1. Allergic dermatitis and reactions

Use chaulmoogra oil if the skin reacts badly to allergies such as stings, bites and other irritants. Apply the oil to alleviate symptoms such as blisters, redness and soreness. The antibacterial property helps to avoid infection that comes with sting or bites.

  1. Useful for Psoriasis

Chaulmoogra oil is effective to help with psoriasis symptoms. It helps to soothe red, patchy and rough areas and also supports healing. The antibacterial properties help to treat infection and skin starts to heal itself.

Traditional uses

  • It helps to treat various skin diseases and leprosy.
  • Use it both internally and externally in leprosy, rheumatism, secondary syphilis, phthisis and scrofula.
  • The oil provides relief from dyspepsia and bronchitis occurring in lepers.
  • Apply it externally in herpes, stiffness of joints, tinea, ulcers and various cutaneous eruptions.
  • Use the seeds externally for treating skin conditions such as scabies, hives, ringworm and leprosy.


The internal use of chaulmoogra seeds is very toxic. More than one gram of chaulmoogra seeds results dizziness, vomiting, headache and chest pain.












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